original 1989 scout report on ebenezer and an update

Dan Baker photo 1989

In 1989, Dan Baker lived in East Whiteland Township and was an Eagle Scout. He adopted Ebenezer, AME and her ruins on Bacton Hill Road for his Eagle Scout project.

Recently, Dan shared via Bertha Jackson, (who is an AME church historian) additional thoughts and a few photos from his project. Both his original project report, and this update are embedded in this post.

In addition, there was a very recent presentation given by my friend Tia Manon at East Whiteland Township. This was part of the presentation. Tia has ancestors buried in the cemetery at the ruin of Ebenezer AME. She still searches for another ancestor named Perry Ringgold/James Williams. He has two names because he was a slave who gained his freedom on the underground railroad. So he started as Perry and ended up as James. Apparently he may have shown up in Mount Pleasant. I said I think the Mount Pleasant section of Wayne in an 1880 census but he’s listed as white so we’re not sure if he was trying to pass or it’s not him.

From July, 2016 (I placed the article):

https://www.poconorecord.com/story/news/state/2016/07/17/community-wants-to-save-historic/27489162007/ (click to read)

I can’t even explain to you how it makes my heart happy that other people have taken up the mantle of Ebenezer. Of course, back when I started researching the AME church didn’t really admit that they owned it still, and then research led to the old deed, which apparently has never been changed in Chester County. So the AME church does now seem to acknowledge that they still own this amazing historic resource, which is good. I just wish their national church would maybe recognize this site a little more and help out with local efforts.

Dan Baker photo 1989

Once again baby steps forward. I know some people don’t understand why I love this abandoned site so much. I just do. I still remember the day that I discovered the ruined wasn’t an abandoned farmhouse, but a church and when I saw my Civil War soldier, Joshua.

Then I found recently online drone footage over Ebenezer :

It goes with a project from an archeology student at the University of Pennsylvania. Her name is Sarah Caminito. I am not sure if she graduated or not.

(click to view)

Ebenezer AME also has her own page on Find A Grave.

So hopefully Ebenezer will regain her proper place in history and forever preservation will occur. I want to hope, sometimes I am afraid to hope.

My friend Tia will be writing about it and when she does I hope to share her thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by.

Dan Baker photo 1989

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