save the joseph price house in west whiteland NOW!

I have written about the Joseph Price house in Exton so many times at this point I’ve lost count. I decided to drive by today because I was out in that neck of the woods and I’m glad I did. I am not happy about what I saw, however.

The fact that it didn’t get hit by a tree limbs that I could see from the road in the recent storms is nothing short of miraculous. However, there are tree limbs littering the property. But that’s not as unattractive as the boat and dead cars and trucks that you can see a little but which are in the back.

I did not go on the property. I took photos and video from across Clover Mill Road. there is no way that this property has anyone living in it. I don’t even think it’s secure and I think West Whiteland needs to act.

⚠️Correction: I wanted to get this video out there, and it has been a federally listed historic resource since the
early 1980s not the 1960s⚠️

West Whiteland has a property maintenance ordinance now and I don’t know what the old guys who are the owners of this place still according to county property records are thinking, or what the magic pot of gold is they think they’re going to receive, but they are leading a valuable historic resource rot and I think that’s criminal.

So basically, this is a federally listed historic asset, and has been for decades. These two dudes who have owned this property for quite a while, think they’re sitting on a pot of gold. And I know that there are people who have tried to buy this property to save this house, who ended up walking away from deals for whatever reason.

I believe this house can be saved, but I am afraid if it is not saved now somebody will bulldoze it someday, and all that will be left will be photos from over the decades.

Save the Joseph Price House. #thisplacematters

3 thoughts on “save the joseph price house in west whiteland NOW!

  1. Drove by it today from a different angle than I usually do and all I could think of was “demolition by neglect” . I think it’s pretty much beyond saving at this point. Very sad. Must have been quite grand in its day.

  2. Hello Chester County Blogger! Thank you for all your posts on the Joseph Price House. We live just north of the borough of West Chester and go by this stately mansion whenever we go to Exton to shop. It’s painful to see the continuing deterioration. So who do we contact? West White land Township?

    • I think the historic commission could probably help you but part of the problem here are the owners, and they seem to entertain the occasional dance of selling to people, but never follow through.

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