aj blosenski…it’s summer…trash can’t sit

A.J. Blosenski got bought out by a big nationwide company called Waste Connections and now it’s a long road of missed pickups. This is after a lot of us got dumped by Republic when they had a meltdown and White Tail just sucks.

We’ve been missing recycling, others straight stinky garbage, and yet even more are missing both. It’s a sheit show. You spend hours calling and get shoved to a voice mail for customer service that doesn’t return phone calls so do they even listen to the messages? I got through twice and essentially was lied to as to when pick up was actually occurring. The trash just sat.

We finally did get a pickup this past Monday but are still behind on pickups so you have to wonder are customer accounts being adjusted properly to account for these issues?

It seems like the once dependable A.J. Blosenski is experiencing merger pains because of their new parent company Waste Connections. It’s summer and while one wishes to be understanding, we’re talking about TRASH. East Whiteland Township looked into it for their residents and this is what they sent out yesterday:

AJ Blosenski Update

Please READ
AJ Blosenski Update – They are experiencing staffing difficulties and have brought on new staff which is undergoing training and certification. They expect to be back in full operation by August. In the interim, they are recovering missed routes as quickly as possible. (Recovering means they use overtime and reroutes to get to missed areas)

They are offering to drop off a larger recycle container to your homes ( 96 gallons) to hold larger amounts of recycles until pickup.

They have advised to have their customers contact them with complaints and requests for the larger recycle bin through their website, as their phone lines are jammed recently.

Contact https://www.ajblosenski.com and use the contact us link which is forwarded to several offices to insure a timely response.


Ok thank you East Whiteland Township for looking into this…one thing though – AJ Blosenski’s customer service form only works if you choose “General Inquiry” because the “Existing Customer” choice doesn’t actually have a comment box! The work around is the parent company Waste Connections customer service form:


It might be helpful if consumer affairs reporters looked into the refuse of it all. This is happening in many places. If a large company with MORE resources acquires a smaller company that once worked just fine and now doesn’t, something needs to be fixed.

Happy Saturday.

5 thoughts on “aj blosenski…it’s summer…trash can’t sit

  1. Good info and read. AJB has become awful. Generally miss at least one pickup a week. Now usually don’t even bother calling. Calling them is a waste of effort.

    I get that a company can be lousy and you take your business elsewhere. But this is more than that. AJB doesn’t credit the account when they don’t come. That seems to be theft. And I don’t believe it is the truck broke down or someone called out sick is the case usually. They decide they are not picking up on routes. So they skip the East Whiteland route (customer based, not Township account) and don’t credit accounts but never skip East Goshen routes because the Township would surely notice and demand a credit.

  2. If the new ceo didnt FIRE everyone thats been there dedicated to their job for a lifetime and even just years then their wouldnt be a staffing issue.

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