curious and curiouser….in caln

People are all up in arms in Caln Township. You see, Caln Township’s Commissioner Lorraine Tindaro seems to be having optics issues and why? Well apparently her husband Michael Bedrick has a child pornography issue?

Now the ick factor on this is high. And it is rather curious that I can’t find any news reporting on this and usually child porn is like breaking news somewhere whether it’s local paper or TV. And of course, the added spice to this whole recipe of curious is the fact that this guy is married to a sitting commissioner in Caln Township, Lorraine Tindaro.

I will note that this local political couple showed up in dockets with something having to do with the Chester County Democratic Committee that was later withdrawn? What was this about?

I’m going to share the post of how I found out about this:

And yes years ago in 2007 this guy was in a photo in a Philadelphia Inquirer article. But it’s important to note he actually wasn’t featured in the article he was just a caption and a photo.

Chesco Democrats looking to maintain momentum by Kathleen Brady Shea, Inquirer Staff Writer Published May 1, 2007

So I do think it’s curious that this wasn’t picked up anywhere, not even by insipid Patch.

I don’t know what to think of this Caln Commissioner, I never have. She never opens her mouth. She is innocent of these crimes perpetrated by her husband, isn’t she? She wasn’t charged with anything but as far as bad optics? It doesn’t get bigger than this. I actually feel sorry for Lorraine Tindaro because I just do. You marry someone, you love them, you dedicate your life to sharing it with them, and then this happens. Will she remain a commissioner or step away?

I remember the explosive effect on Radnor Township when now former commissioner and president of the board Phil Ahr was charged and sentenced because of child porn at a federal level in 2019 (read Department of Justice press release HERE.)

Phil Ahr’s actions affected his family, his community, the men and women he served Radnor with.

I am not going to pretend to understand why people like pornography at all. I’m not being a Puritan about this I just have never gotten it. And when it comes to child pornography, how can you take pleasure in watching a child somewhere being exploited like this?

So no, no media to date has covered this. And it’s like the big tomb of silence because I am sure Caln Township is trying to run as fast as they can from this at a municipal level, aren’t you?

We have to be clear that Commissioner Lorraine Tindaro isn’t guilty of anything other than bad optics. We also have to consider that she’s kind of a victim in this. I’ve been thinking about it and I do feel sorry for her, but I also have to wonder if because of the optics and because she’s a local politician, it might be better for her to step away and step down for any number of reasons at this time? She has served her community for many years correct? So maybe now it’s time for someone else to take her spot?

Anyway once again, curious and curiouser in Caln. People should be kind to Lorraine Tindaro even if it would probably be best IMHO if she steps away.

This world is crazy and sad. And this is really sad and disgusting.

This was a public photo found on Facebook dating from 2019. It came up on a search. You don’t really see many photos of the commissioner with her husband.

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  1. Thank you for making this public. The fact that he was basically excused from his pornographic exploits is inexcusable. If I recall, I had a neighbor who was convicted of possessing child pornography and was given a life sentence!!! I think you really uncovered something here. His sentence was reduced and many charges dropped. Is there something working behind the scenes thats allowing this guy to remain out there in the most dangerous way? Please look up Larry …. Cannot remember his last name 🤦‍♀️anyway he lived in Willistown/Malvern on Laurel circle in a house w his wife and step daughter, whom he also molested. The house was owned by his mother who lived on Davis until a couple years ago. This should help prove that this guy in caln is getting special treatment. Shameful!

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