rooster crowing issue continues in willistown

RoosterGate discussion is back. On June 8th, I wrote about the irascible, irritable rooster, waking everyone up in a neighborhood any time from 4 AM forward, usually around 5 AM in Willistown. I will note I am not making this my raison d être, but I am following up.

Well shockingly, it’s now 11 days later and after all the grief I took and the crap I took via comments and private messages, etc. about I was being mean and bullying the person who owned the rooster, which, of course is completely ludicrous as I’m expressing my opinion, but hey whatever have another cocktail. (And yes, holy run on sentence Batman!) And anyway, anyway, would you believe that the owner of said rooster has not done anything to remedy the issue?

Call me crazy but instead of sending people to chastise and harangue me for writing about said rooster, wouldn’t you try to do something so it wasn’t waking your neighbors up every day?

Yup. Rooster still free crowing and waking up neighbors. I guess this person with the rooster really needs attention or something right?

So now we get to see if Willistown is going to be an ostrich again over this issue and for how long. I say bring the popcorn.

Now amusingly enough in 2017, a woman for Michigan on Facebook offered to give away her rooster because it was that loud and obnoxious. See screenshots below ⬇️

And by the way, just so rooster owner fans are clear, I have an opinion on this. And that’s why I wrote about it. And I think it’s being a crappy neighbor to do this to people. I don’t have a thing against chickens, goats, or donkeys, other than I will say, billy goats and donkeys smell.

I will say I don’t particularly like roosters. And I’ve seen people do things like dump a bunch of roosters in front of my friend’s barn door years ago and make it their problem to rehome them. They were absolutely gorgeous birds, but they didn’t belong at my friend’s farm.

I have another friend who adopted a rooster with a broken beak, found wandering the streets of a not so nice section of Philadelphia, whom I suspect was either a bait bird or somebody trying to make it a fighting bird. I think that showed great compassion, but sad friend knows how to keep a rooster and has enough land to keep a rooster. And this bird was pretty traumatized, so I don’t even know if it knows how to crow.

And I just think in Willistown it goes back to it’s really rude and inconsiderate to not try to deal with this especially when you now know that your neighbors are upset. The rooster owner isn’t getting woken up just the neighbors. I think if the rooster owner was getting woken up, there wouldn’t be a rooster there. But is there actually zoning to be a rooster there in the first place and of course that’s also a moving target because it’s Willistown.

One inconsiderate rooster owner can cause issues for every single person who want to keep chickens in a municipality. And I think that is wrong. I was thinking about that this morning as I was working in part of my garden where I could hear the laying songs of the hens that my neighbors through the woods keep. Whenever I hear the hens singing their laying songs it’s a very comforting sound because they’re so happy.

Here’s hoping said rooster owner figures it out. Cock-a-doodle-do y’all.

12 thoughts on “rooster crowing issue continues in willistown

  1. the poor old rooster is just trying to do his part to assure that all you night owls get up and enjoy the best part of the day.
    get with it.

  2. Roosters crow. Many parts of Williston are farms or mini farms. Roosters are allowed in Willistown. You don’ like it? Move to Phiily or Delco.

    • How about STFU? This isn’t a mini farm it’s suburban neighborhood. Would you like me to name the street because obviously you’re being sent by the person who has the rooster. And the thing is this there are roosters that are problems and a few places in Willistown right now

      • Then file a complaint with the police. If they don’t find a problem, my previous comment holds. Welcome to Willistown. 🙂

      • OK, you are the village idiot and you’re rude as hell and I don’t have time for you and I’m banning you and I do send the comments to the township. And you assume I am the one that is experiencing the rooster issue. I am not, but I know the people who are.

      • You know honey we all know you’re not to the Manor born. I would say it’s more likely your husband did well. And your lack of reading comprehension overall is staggering but not surprising . My neighbors don’t have roosters. I was writing about a rooster issue

  3. Roosters crow. Many parts of Williston are farms or mini farms. Roosters are allowed in many areas in Willistown. You don’ like it? Move to Phiily or Delco.

    • Oh, are you going to try wear me down by repeating your same comment time after time like the village idiot? I have zero time for your nonsense .You are going to be banned from commenting

    • Oh my Carol residential neighborhoods are vastly different than farms where roosters love to live. A rooster crowing at 5am outside a neighbor’s bedroom window is not the least bit romantic.
      May there be no fireworks going off where your horse lives even though it is LEGAL

  4. Willistown did not approve the rooster ordinance.
    I took a look at Willistown’s Code to see if there were any amendments to the rooster ordinance and the rooster ordinance was not there.

    I looked at the 2019 meeting minutes. I could not find where the supervisors had approved it but there is a public comment from Mr. Kerr in the june 17, 2019 meeting minutes asking supervisor Handelin she changed her mind about the rooster amendment. She stated that she felt that it had problems structurally and it could not be amended. Roosters can roam free for now.

    • Yes, but the thing is supposedly there’s like a 4 acre minimum for roosters? And that’s one of the biggest problems with Willistown they say they’re going to do things and then they don’t follow through and now you have this. And no one would care if this rooster was roaming if he just didn’t wake people up.

  5. Time to start the day with a few facts – and not just ramblings.
    1. When Mr ROO was rescued, he was disoriented and unfamiliar with his territory and crowed early. He has since started around 6:45 – and is a “country alarm clock” for almost all of us that can hear him. He can’t crow non stop- it’s a 2 second crow, and another but not non stop. The rooster has been doing this since the start of the world.
    2. When the person was bothered – instead of calling the owner, they called the police – as “anonymous” so the owner thought it was the original complainer from years ago who was trying to get her land to build another Mc Chateau. Then the person being bothered went to social media – who not only didn’t have their facts right about the situation, but they blasted the fine police and people of Willistown. So to answer your question – who needs attention? I may be old school, but what happened to calling someone and discussing ways to make things better?
    3. The Rooster is put in his little barn every nite. The owner of MR ROO has done many things to muffle the crow- like stuffing towels in the window cracks, covering the door with a towel and 2 comforters, and is looking into other ideas.
    4. You don’t live in Willistown – we do !
    For reasons like we can grow our own food and flowers, crack an egg for breakfast and share eggs with people who care about what’s in their food. @ 35% of this area is under some kind of conservation easement, deed restriction, or parkland. You all come here to enjoy our views and walk our trails. And another fact – There are many levels of “residential” neighborhoods. The area where this rooster is on is almost 3 acres, has a 14 acre property, 8+ acre property and 10+ acre property in a stones throw. The rooster is not free ranging and right outside her window. Do you want to know how far away her window is?The only person complaining may be having trouble sleeping because of other problems in their life, and may need to evaluate the real cause of not being able to sleep? As I write this at 7:30 am, I can hear chain saws and leaf blowers, but was awakened by just birds loudly chirping – Long before the rooster crowed to announce the start of a new day.
    Could I close my window- sure, but then I would miss the best part of the day – for me- When the phone is not ringing and people don’t need my help ….
    A cup of coffee, a rooster crow – starts my day the best way.

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