conundrum anyone?

I love Willistown, don’t misunderstand me, but the way things happen and the way things are done sometimes makes a person wonder about life’s little conundrums, doesn’t it?

One of the weaknesses and Willistown has to do with their zoning department. They have made a few missteps there and will leave it at that and that includes personnel. I’ll be polite and not point them out, including from past mistakes.

I started wondering about zoning there again when Wildflower Farm opened. They invited the zoning officer to come make sure they were doing everything right. And then we all know what happened there after that, yes? It was a couple years of round robin and when it’s zoned a farm but it’s not supposed to be a farm yet it is a farm, right? And this was over growing flowers. It was not all the NOFIMBY neighbors was it?

So there is this agricultural zoning, right and there are 2 acre lots, correct? A couple of years ago there was this hullabaloo about chickens that really wasn’t about chickens at all it was about roosters. And roosters can be a pain in the ass if you’re not on a really big property because they’re noisy birds it’s in their nature to crow.

But when you’re living close to other people, it would be common sense to make sure your rooster stayed inside until a reasonable hour every morning, and I know people that do that they keep them in large pens, and they even keep them in areas where they put covers/curtains over things, so the roosters still think it’s dark outside. It actually works. I was talking with someone who has had to do it and another person remarked how this is the time of year where they have to figure out if they have hens or roosters and if they have roosters, they get rehomed to larger properties.

So there is this rooster in Willistown again. He kinda starts before 5 AM some mornings, and before 6 AM other mornings. He also wakes up other animals where he lives as well as neighbors. Goats and chickens don’t bother me particularly, but wow donkeys are also noisy!

Maybe the rooster owner is a heavy sleeper. Or maybe the rooster is far enough away from their bedroom window that they don’t hear it. Next I have to ask are they actually a farm or they just a residential property? Because in this township it does get confusing, doesn’t it ?

Willistown actually has a rooster ordinance and this stood out:

adding a new §139-97.D, as follows:

139-97.D The keeping of guineafowl, peacocks, or roosters is prohibited except in the RU Zoning District on lots of ten acres or greater when associated with a farm use pursuant to §139-12.D. Any structure or building for the housing of guineafowl, peacocks, or roosters shall be no less than 500 feet from any occupied structure on a neighboring lot. Non-conforming animals may not be replaced and the non-conformity must be resolved no more than 5 (five) years from the date of enactment of this Ordinance.

So if this isn’t a 10 acre property why does it have a rooster at all? I would hate to say this is a case of it depends who you know, but is this a case of it depends who you know? I will note someone else said this ordinance with the 10 acre thing didn’t actually pass and apparently roosters are allowed on 4 acres or more in this RA or RU zoning? (I get confused because it seems like both are in play here and I could be wrong about that but that’s what it seems like?) And this is yet another slightly weird thing here?

And again, I really love Willistown, but there are all these conundrums aren’t there? Come on, Willistown level the playing field maybe like maybe you need a new zoning officer again? Willistown seems to go through zoning people don’t they?

Since I wrote this post I have been accused of bullying and told to “stay in my lane”. This is about a loud rooster. Not about disliking chickens, donkeys, goats, other farm animals, etc. Or any people in particular. And as always, I am only golden if I have an opinion on what people want me to have an opinion on?

Chickens are a weird thing on their own in PA as a whole. Some municipalities want to forbid them but instead ignore them. Some municipalities just say no altogether. Some municipalities limit the numbers of chickens depending on property size. I actually have an opinion that loud roosters are what stirs the pot against chickens in municipalities.

I like chickens and their sounds and their laying songs, and have neighbors all around who have them but guess what no roosters, so it’s all very pleasant. I also happen to like goats. Donkeys I have no real opinion on other than they always sound indignant and like goats they smell kind of rank at times. I have friends that have all of these animals, but interestingly enough, never roosters. Hope that clears things up.

The last time roosters came up it wreaked havoc in this township, didn’t it? So excuse the hell out of me wondering WHY there is Groundhog Day over roosters again? And is it wrong to feel for people who don’t wish to be woken up super freaking early every day? Isn’t there that reasonable expectation of quiet enjoyment thing?

Cock-A-Doodle-Do y’all. Never a dull moment.

11 thoughts on “conundrum anyone?

  1. Have you ever heard the term “grandfathered”?

    And seriously? Now you’re going to be the mean girl poking at people who have never and will, most likely, never have an iota of impact on your life?

    By the way, how close is your house that you can hear this donkey or rooster? Have you talked to all neighbors impacted by what you perceive to be an unbearable situation? You do know that hundreds of thousands, even millions, of people own roosters and donkeys and don’t seem to be any worse off.

    This is so not any concern to you, so why would you insinuate yourself into such a situation. By the way, has anyone talked to the owner of these horrific monsters? And what? No shot at barking dogs or clucking chickens or screaming foxes that are attracted by clucking chickens?

    You’re better than this…stay in your lane that serves us all well and keep spotlighting the greedy and abusers of power rather than bully someone you don’t know over someone else’s petty grievance…let them fight their own fight!

    • “Stay in my lane”? I am only convenient when I am a good little girl?

      Who am I bullying exactly?

      I am talking about a loud rooster. And weird shit that goes on in a township.

      I am not “bullying” anyone and it’s pretty amusing that you can tell me how to think yet I can’t have an opinion.

      Maybe you should adopt said rooster and solve the problem?

      • Why are you getting involved? It had nothing to do with you…only immediate neighbors would be affected, and they should be the ones working this out as neighbors should do.

      • I’m sorry, why are YOU getting involved?

        It’s actually a big discussion in a few areas of Willistown and elsewhere right now if you did your homework . It has even come up at some meetings this spring.

        This is a viable topic and IMHO it is because of ROOSTERS a lot of the times the chickens get bad raps in municipalities.

        Oh, also regarding your concept of “grandfathering“ wouldn’t it be grandfathered as an allowable use If there had been roosters on said property that I haven’t identified since the property first came into existence and that’s not the case so how would grandfathering work again?

        I wrote ONE piece about something that interests me. I am not taking it on as a local issue. Truthfully, you seem far more interested in this than I actually am, and that’s fine, just pointing it out.

        I’ve never had beef with you, and I don’t care to but I think we’re done here.

  2. Interesting how so many people move to the country, then want it to be all their way! So many should just stay in town. They screwed that up and now are trying to change anywhere they move to.

    • If you actually made sense, you’d be brilliant. Roosters are annoying unless you’re on a pretty large property. It’s a valid conversation and it’s a conversation that existed before all the interlopers came into your neighborhood apparently.

      • I believe there’s a reason that the ordinance you have quoted has “DRAFT” stamped on it.

      • Gosh don’t you have anything else to do? Like adopt your pal’s rooster? You might not like my opinion, but it doesn’t mean I’m wrong and it doesn’t mean I can’t have it. But for every comment you leave, you draw more attention to the issue which means that they will probably look at your pal a little more closely. So that’s on you with your unquenchable desire to have the last word.

    • I’m with you Stevie! I remember what it was like 20, 30 years ago. Very peaceful and bucolic.

  3. I have 2 roosters and love hearing them in the background of all the other noises. Too bad there is not a noise ordnance about “crotch rockets” that go down our country road at 3a.m. and you feel your heart stop.

    • If you do, I think that’s great. Not everybody feels that way and you’re a considerate neighbor. I agree about the motorcycles, and thank you for being pleasant to converse with on this topic

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