dear developer, try harder in east whiteland

Remember, I wrote a post recently about a developer buying the Clews and Strawbridge site and wanting to plunk down yet more god damn apartments on Route 30 and in East Whiteland?

So that screenshot you see above is the letter that the developer is dropping by the businesses on Route 30 in East Whiteland seeking support. Well, I shouldn’t say the developer personally because then you would see him and his vanity plate on his car… nope he’s sending minions.

I just love developer minions, don’t you?

This means that we need to keep writing East Whiteland Township and keep voicing our opinion, and going to meetings. Because if they thought getting their rezoning and everything was a done deal, they wouldn’t be sending minions would they?

Thank you developer minions for amusing me.

1 thought on “dear developer, try harder in east whiteland

  1. Chester County does not need more development and the traffic it brings. There are still places that are best kept secrets but they are slipping away, chipped away piece by piece by sprawl. Developers like to accentuate positives. They Promise this and that but the unintended consequences and the negative impact that sprawl brings far outweigh any imagined progress. Developers are about profit. Period. They care not for our county’s beauty.

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