back to trash….

OK a trash update. I was asked about this yesterday when I spoke to one of the Waste Connections managers and they asked me how I felt about moving to one day of the week trash pick up. AJ Blosenski currently picks up regular trash on Mondays and Thursdays and recycling is only Mondays. So if I’m reading this letter correctly, they are going to one day a week. The day is to be determined starting at a point in July.

To be honest, I am ambivalent about one or two days of trash, because when we had Republic Services it was only one day a week.

However, if we are going to one day a week, there should be an appropriate reduction in everyone’s bill because we were paying before for two days a week for regular trash.

So that’s the update everyone and I know that they are working with East Whiteland Township to clear the backlog of missed pick ups and other than that I have no new trash news to report today has been all about roosters 🤣

2 thoughts on “back to trash….

  1. I hope you aren’t betting real money that AJB will make an appropriate reduction since they will be picking up trash only half as often as they have currently agreed to do (of course, though, they are not doing it). No chance they are going to do that –two reasons, one they are obviously not too interested in operating in a fair way, and, two, if that was their intention they would have put it in the letter.

    Thanks for dealing with this when you are not too busy with the roosters.

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