cluck off.

So bless her heart, she really thinks she is the Queen of Willistown or something?

Here allow me if the typeface of screen shot is too small:

Wow – so much for privacy when you fill out the form to reply?
Guess when it’s your blog, you can do what you want and say what you want ….

after one replies to your blog, my reply form says at the bottom:

Email (required)
(Address never made public)

I can’t reply to your rambling rantings- because that’s poking a sleeping tiger I see! And as others have told me – you delete what you don’t like.
But isn’t it funny how sometimes when people say things that they aren’t – they really are?
“No Offense, but….”

All the things you said about yourself are your words – not mine – and are making the situation worse. But guess you think it’s your calling in life to comment on other peoples problems and tell them to “cluck off”. Just who I would want for a neighbor.

The truth can be twisted many ways – adding an “s” to neighbor makes people reading think no one likes ROO but me, when in reality the other neighborS like having a ROO. I’m done with your “anonymous” blog – reply all you want, but know I am trying to figure out a solution – we don’t need your gasoline on the fire.
PS – Please try and Get the facts – Roosters crow in the Barn too – it’s the start of the day wherever they roost, and has been that way since the start of the world – they don’t “wait to crow until they’re let out in their runs.”

~rooster mommy 6/22/23

I’m very confused because when you write to a public website (blog, newspaper, magazine, etc), you expect people can do whatever they wish with said comment and data ? It’s like if you comment on a public social media page you’re not private there either.

And yes, if I wish to delete a comment because it is my website I can. There is no law that I have to publish comments and give anyone a platform. Given Rooster Mommy’s run on comment this morning she seemed like she wanted said platform? I showed where the comment came from earlier and now because it is germane to the conversation and they were in essence outing themselves, correct?

Regarding deleting comments, when it comes to what I delete, it’s my choice to delete comments I feel are repetitive or spam or for whatever reason. It’s not an inalienable right to leave a comment on any website, just like with different kinds of social media pages and groups, if it’s not yours, you are a guest. Get over yourselves.

So she is “done” with my blog? Bless her heart that doesn’t mean anything to me and I’m not anonymous. Who is she to my life? Does that mean I will never serve cocktails in a follow car when Radnor Hunt is out doing their thing? I love watching the various hunts go by on occasion depending where I am, but I don’t need to be a follow car.

And I actually have done my research about roosters and she actually doesn’t have a barn she has a configuration of sheds. And the people who told me about how they kept their roosters quiet were rather specific, and they said when it’s dark their roosters feel like they should be quiet. When they see light, they crow. So maybe I am not farmerette in the dell over here about roosters, but that is what I was told. I also wouldn’t have roosters if I did not live on a farm with some acreage around it because I think that would be unfair to my neighbors. And maybe she thinks she has neighbors who love her rooster but maybe they don’t in fact love the rooster, they just don’t want to deal with her?

She doesn’t live on a farm, she lives in a suburban neighborhood, and she is making it more difficult for people who wish to be responsible, chicken owners in suburban neighborhoods because they look at situations like this and then wonder if somebody’s going to get a rooster.

Truly, the misplaced sense of entitlement with some people these days is astounding. Especially when you have the use of the Royal “we.” That just makes you laugh out loud.

Yeah ok we’ll never be besties who go for spa days. I can live with that.

Cluck off.