in another episode of “as the west whiteland turns”

I received a message the other day with some new Right to Know requests in West Whiteland from my friend Tom:

The following pages contain right to know requests from
a West Whiteland trying to get personal information from a private
The first one was filed prior to the Wednesday 2/23/2022 board
The second was filed on Friday 2/25/2022 after I confronted
this supervisor in a public meeting about the attempted illegal
transfer of taxpayer dollars. This is a direct violation of my 1st
Amendment rights under the PA Constitution which guarantees

~Tom Casey, resident of chester county pa

To say I am aghast is a gross understatement. Appalled is more like it.

It begs the question if this elected official,, Supervisor Theresa Hogan Santalucia is familiar with five important things contained within the First Amendment? The five freedoms it protects are: speech, religion, press, assembly, and the right to petition the government, correct?

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

~first amendment

So when you speak at public comment during a public government meeting, is that not a form (depending up the situation) petitioning government for a redress of grievances? Should you not be protected from petty reprisals on the part of potentially aggrieved politicians?

I did Supervisor Theresa Hogan Santalucia a courtesy by covering up her personal home address, but because West Whiteland Township neglected to redact her email address used in one case, can one assume they want that out there?

Let’s talk about the email address. The Right to Know Request came in on her OFFICIAL West Whiteland Township email. It begs the question of harassing appointed officials, fellow elected officials, and private citizens does it not? Wow Democrats of Chester County, have you censured her yet? Are y’all O.K. with this? And who coached her to write this because I have heard her speak and this does not read in my opinion how she speaks does it?

Here are those bits of public comment that this politician probably did not like. Note you have to actually record them yourself, because West Whiteland seems distinctly sunshine adverse when it comes to maintaining recordings of meetings:

And these public comments are referring to:

Supervisor Theresa Hogan Santalucia is a supporter of PA State Association of Township Supervisors, right? Don’t they offer education on a number of topics? Like what is Executive Session and how can it be used? Or say the basics of how monies are dispersed in a 2nd class township? Or how you can’t use Right to Know Laws in your capacity as an elected official to throw shade on fellow elected officials and as potential reprisal against regular folk questioning government?

Ok that is all I have got. Seems mighty irregular to a mere mortal and a female like myself. People are entitled to relationships OUTSIDE the scope of politics and townships, even with plain old ordinary residents, right?

Also see Daily Local article I was polite and waited for it to publish so as not to scoop the reporter:

Mimi Gleason: ‘They fired me without warning’

By BILL RETTEW | | Daily Local News
PUBLISHED: February 28, 2022 at 5:08 p.m. | UPDATED: February 28, 2022 at 5:08 p.m.

On the article I will comment that the manager contract was not re-upped. It was not renewed. That is not as simple as saying someone is “fired” is it? However the real story in this article is Supervisor Theresa Hogan Santalucia, isn’t it?

Curious and curiouser…..we all continue to tumble down the rabbit hole in West Whiteland, don’t we?

just call me hester prynne…only b for blogger.

Hester Prynne. I bet most don’t know what I am referring to. Some will recognize the reference to The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. And before I get into the crux of this post, allow me to reflect on why many wouldn’t understand the Nathaniel Hawthorne reference. The Scarlet Letter as a novel is about shaming and social stigmatizing of Hester Prynne. But do students even read it any longer? Are they allowed to?

I wear my scarlet letter as B for blogger.

The Scarlet Letter is about 17th century New England. Today one could say the similar behaviors portrayed in this novel (written in the 19th century about life in the 17th century) is sort of life imitates art and art imitates life…and today it plays out nearly every day on social media somewhere. The masses used to whisper behind their hands to their pals in the market square, now they just vomit their word salad thoughts all over social media.

This novel by Nathanial Hawthorne also can be distilled down to a society punishing a woman for refusing to conform to what they determined the acceptable standards to be. Judgement of women. Nothing new there. It takes different forms as time progresses, but it comes back to Different = Bad and one of the Sheeple = Good.

You see these parents who don’t want masks, vaccines, and whatever else the flavor of that particular week is, they are also busy, busy, busy trying to ban books. The dumbing down of their children and turning public education into a circus side show act. So this book might no longer be taught, which is of course rather ironic because if you look at fiction today, even television and movies, where and what are the roots? No new breaking of ground, unless based upon fact, they take their cues from classic literature and plays. Just like current events take their cues from history, another thing they don’t want their kids subjected to — actual history.

At the bottom are screenshots from some of the Downingtown Area School District people. I call them crazies because in my opinion what else can you call them? Rational, normal human beings? They hate everyone who is not in their limited world view, they judge everyone and everything the least bit different from them. They are brainwashed and led around by groups outside the area who simply manipulate them. These are people who as individuals are afraid to have opinions that differ from the next mom in the car rider line.

I am their sworn enemy (as in all of this ilk) most probably because I am at the most simple of trying to understand pretzel logic, just different from them. And I dare think and process differently from them. I don’t speak in emojis and weird text abbreviations so I don’t have to write the actual words, and form actual sentences. With these people, no matter who and where they are, they are the kind of people that Different = Bad.

The theory of Different = Bad is why someone else whom I don’t know (or care to know) posted a photo of me in a hospital gown from over a decade ago when I was about to start treatment for breast cancer after having one half of my left breast lobbed off during surgery. I still think that was supposed to ultimately shame me, and it did not. But it sure did piss off a lot of people I did not even know who either knew someone currently being treated for breast cancer or had been, along with breast cancer survivors themselves.

Of course, slightly different topic, but undoubtedly why they have such a hard time with sexual preference and gender identity. And I do not pretend to be an expert on either topic, or even understand all of the gender identity terminology (there is a lot of it and it is simply just new to me and I admit I am learning) , but I do know that these people deserve love, understanding, and respect. And I have quite a few friends whom are with same sex spouses and partners, always have had. They are just my friends and I love them. People like this are also giving someone whom I don’t know in West Chester the business because she must find their views on same sex relationships and gender identity lacking. That screenshot is included with the ones I am referring to. Also interesting to note is one of the commenters is the wife of a big builder in Chester County, so it makes you wonder how will their customers react to her perspective? And is it just me or does it feel exceptionally distasteful?

The bottom line is I can’t control their behavior, I can only control my own behavior, but they don’t seem to grasp that in reverse. I thought I left this petty behavior behind with the days of eminent domain in Ardmore. I mean do these people from their beige, beige worlds really think this is the first time anybody’s called me out by name? Or that people don’t know my name?

Heck, I had two business owners in Ardmore once upon a time write a letter to the editor of the Main Line times that was published. It was literally a pre-cancel culture letter talking about how horrible I was… and naming me, just another community member, by name.

This is their big “Aha” moment. Only I haven’t been hiding. If I was hiding, I would not be signing my name to each post.

These people and people like them are doing this to others all over our communities. They do it everywhere. They think that their behavior is justifiable and decreed by God in the heavens above. Their God must be different from mine as theirs is rather hateful. Oh and on the topic of God, I do indeed mock faux Christians. You see, when you know the real deal actual Christians, you know the difference between them and the ones who perform exorcisms at school board meetings in bad pearls.

And then there are those who harass small businesses about their mask policies as a privately owned company and they video them as they are harassing them. Neat trick when one of the people who makes videos of these things has a mother who owns a very popular business in Downingtown. A business I might add that suffered catastrophic damage during Ida and we all (myself included) supported them when they reopened. Sadly, some of my friends and I will no longer feel comfortable patronizing that business at least for the time being. No that isn’t a boycott, it’s personal choice for the time being. That business was not judged for their masking policies were they?

These people like to essentially project their behaviors onto everyone else. And again I ask you how they don’t understand how their kids learn bullying and other bad behavior they blame school districts and everyone else for?

It’s time to take back our communities from these people. Stand up for yourselves, they only have the power we allow them to have, don’t they? They are mean, they say mean things, they do mean things. They live little lives they try to project upon all of us, every day. It is O.K. to say you think they are wrong. No one needs any of these people as friends, and the fact I say that is yet another thing they don’t like…..bless their hearts.

Well, I must Hester Prynne along now and wear my scarlet letter B, so below here are the screenshots and have a wonderful sunshine-y day. Don’t let the little bitches get you down.

happy anniversary devon horse show!

Devon Horse Show is celebrating their 125th birthday! It’s a great milestone considering all the hoopla the past few years, right? (You still have to imagine what we didn’t hear about and continue to not hear about, don’t you?)

And yes, technically it is year 126. COVID19 etc. caused the actual anniversary year to get canceled.

But oh my gosh and by golly, those platinum ticket prices are extraordinary, aren’t they? It’s being held at Merion Cricket Club? Better be some gold plated filet mignon, eh? Can they pay in bitcoin?

But there is limited availability, so best snap up those tickets. $450 for the big kids and $400 for young friends under 35 ? Young Friends tickets are usually more reasonable in price with more of a price gap between them and regular tickets, traditionally. Guess the Molly Mark-up who set the price gouging here is hoping for lots of corporate tables at $10,000?

Who would have thunk it: Academy Ball prices for a horse show gala and it’s not even white tie. It’s just plain old black tie. And as of now, we all know what happened to the Academy Ball, remember? Sadly went the way of the dinosaurs for now, didn’t it ?

And Wayne G? Buddy, Merion Cricket always offers valet for events.

For these prices, here’s hoping Devon Horse Show & Country Flailing has planned a nice matching platinum sponsored forensic audit covering the last couple of decades of finances and spending, eh?

If I were on the committee for this gala event, I would not hold it at Merion Cricket Club. For an event like this, it is out of the element of the actual horse show and horse. And rather pedestrian, even if lovely for a party.

If I were on the committee, my first choice would to put up tents in the oval and have this gala AT the horse show. That provides so many more options, like bringing the extra special VIP guests to the party via carriages, which would meet them slightly away from where valet would be (so as to not spook the horses since people seem to have forgotten how to act around horses when in a vehicle). Or I would hold such an event at The Radnor Hunt, which is the perfect setting as well for such a gala. And in that case, it would also benefit another beloved equestrian location/tradition. That is win-win.

I would also adjust the ticket prices. It might be a gala, but better to adjust down so not to offend supporters in a time where the economy has been up and down.

Have a swanky party Devon, and one last question: are horse show boxes for the upcoming season the party favors?


it’s simple: save wildflower farm.

I make no secret about how I feel about the nasty NOFIMBY neighbors of Castlebar Lane in Willistown.

NOFIMBY = No Farm(s) In My Back Yard.

These people treat their neighbors horribly. They have waged a campaign of terror against the Heenans. The Heenans crime? They came to Willistown with a dream: to create a beautiful small farm and grow flowers.

I have written about this several times now. Truthfully, I am somewhat astounded at how hate for their neighbors drives these NOFIMBY neighbors. How their hate for farms in a township that grew on farms seemingly drives them. I mean what is the public supposed to interpret from their actions? Apparently they would prefer a townhouse development or some other form of plastic mushroom development instead of a FLOWER farm?

Of course I am also astounded that I still don’t see Willistown Conservation Trust coming to the defense of Wildflower Farm, aren’t you? But given how many great swaths of land are in play in Willistown in general these days, I wonder what they are doing? How can they stand idly by and not truly take a stand for small farms at least?

But I digress.

Wildflower Farm needs our help. Please write to Willistown’s Township Manager Sally Slook at

Please tell Willistown to amend the zoning so farms and agricultural uses of land are protected. It also can’t hurt to tell the township that you specifically support Wildflower Farm and the Heenan family specifically.

I will also point out that Willistown Township has been very supportive of Wildflower Farm. This crap is NOFIMBY neighbor driven IMHO.

See this piece in Vista: Neighbors Continue to Sow Seeds of Discontent in Malvern Couple’s Wildflower Farm




Here is what the Heenans would like all of us to know:

the “lady” doth protest too much, methinks

This post is all about the desperately seeking relevance of others. Apparently another veiled attempt to Lady Whistledown by a nouveau blogger who appeared during the last election season.

Usually this Stepford Wife for Totalitarianism steps out of her beige, beige world to harass school board candidates, chat about school board meetings, and school board members in general. She has her limited worldview of politics, usually in the Downingtown Area School District. Truthfully, I had forgotten she existed. I will admit I think I only read one of her posts. She doesn’t really make sense to me as a writer, so I don’t read her. She panders to her base, and that’s fine. I am not her base.

It must be a slow “news” cycle for her as I am her latest target. I know she’s very excited about her post, so glad I could help her out.

Why me? Probably because my blog has readership. Probably because if she thinks she can take me on she will have her “following” increased.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? Truthfully with her? It’s just kind of dollar store flattery I suppose.

Apparently as per her, I am not allowed to defend my friends or even ever myself. I am also supposed to just let every threatening, harassing, bullying, and even obnoxious comments (probably from her friends) just exist . Daily comments that would send her and her ilk running to their schools screaming and flapping at school administrators about cyber bullying and bullying…. and I ask again (laughing) where do they think these kids learn it?

A Facebook group in Havertown which I never knew or cared existed shared the post. That was pretty funny. I don’t and never have lived in Delco, but my Delco friends saw it and sent it to me (laughing.)

I will note that everything I write seems to be a big hairy deal in their book. And they use such flowery, pretentious, and supercilious language to describe it. Like big hair and Aquanet in an aerosol can, a bit out of fashion as a writing style. They really should just try to have their own voice instead of pretending to be something that they think people will read. But to each her own, right?

One of their big issues is they think that someone’s IP address is “private.“ No, not really. And when you write to a website like a blog or a newspaper or a magazine or a television station or anything , information is all logged. Along with whatever email address real or fake you use. If I choose to disclose when the nasty comments come in, that is in fact not doxxing. I didn’t seek their email address, name, IP address out they provided it.

Of course, in my mind this always begs the question if I am such a horrible human being, why do they read this blog? If they are the adults they represent themselves to be, then they have the free will to scroll past anything they don’t want to read/like to read, correct? My blog isn’t exactly required reading is it?

But, as always, if you are the least little bit unique or more independent minded than what these types of people are comfortable with, you are just bad. There’s no point in even arguing with them because their arguments don’t make sense to anyone but themselves, anyway.

This blogger and her pals see themselves as arbiters of taste, Lily White angels of democracy, their truth, and the American Way… or something like that. They are literally the living embodiment of a bully and a hypocrite but they project that on me? Come on now, really?

Ok whatever blows her skirt up. She can say I am a terrible person, but not a narcissist. That is pretty funny, actually, because I definitely am not. I also don’t think everyone who disagrees with me is bad. Of course it is impossible to reason with people who have skewed visions of basic reality. It’s really fine for them to live in their bubble, they just can’t expect all of us to move in and live in that bubble with them.

I can look in the mirror every day and I will be able to look the Lord in the face on judgment day with a clear heart. I don’t need this blogger to approve or disapprove of me. Essentially I’m just click bait so she gets readers to her Uwchlan vicinity blog. She capitalizes “This Author” like she is Jane Austen, George Eliot or a Brontë. She isn’t. She is just another tarted up bullying b*tch, and truthfully people like that have a shelf life, don’t they? (But I will give her the bump she craves.)

However, if this one is calling me a “harpy”, I must be doing something right, yes?

Kiss 💋 kiss 💋 haters,



life and war

I love vintage Ukrainian Christmas ornaments. The ones I have are Mercury glass. They are different from the Czechoslovakian, Polish, and German ones that I have. They are very vivid in color and so pretty. The ones I have that are my favorites are pinecones and owls. And their glass is thicker.

Recently I received some ornaments I ordered from the Ukraine – Chernivtsi which is the other side of the Ukraine from where Putin has started to invade – Kyiv.

Those poor people in the Ukraine. I feel these are last ornaments I will have direct from the Ukraine for quite a while.

More war. The world doesn’t need that.

Pray for the Ukraine.

it’s about the west whiteland meeting this evening 2/23/2022…

Ahh West Whiteland. They are so shall we say…..strange about RTK (right to know) requests, like they are sunshine adverse? Maybe they don’t understand what the public can ask for? Also SO strange about recording meetings and retaining recordings of said meetings which also lends itself to transparency, n’est-ce pas ?

Sunshine is becoming a big issue in this municipality I think. Take this public comment I am about to share. TRUST me when I tell you to listen…

Oh and the emails referred to in the first recording? That came up in a RTK (right to know)? These emails:

One more comment of note:

Tonight there was also discussion about recording meetings. And discussion about retaining recorded meetings versus just kind of getting rid of recordings. It was an interesting discussion. I will note (for the record) that I told the acting manager (Pam) in their zoom reorg meeting in January That East Goshen does You Tube Meetings (West Goshen uses You Tube as well but forgot to mention), East Whiteland does Municipal Meeting (which Phoenixville also uses) and Municipal Meeting also loads to You Tube.

What I didn’t say to Acting Manager Pam is I never understood when Mimi Gleason came to West Whiteland after being in Tredyffrin WHY West Whiteland didn’t get a PEG channel? EVERY municipality is entitled to one. They are the Public Access Channels. They have different channel numbers depending upon whether it’s Comcast or Verizon. Tredyffrin has a channel, I have watched it on FiOs. And if they didn’t want a PEG channel, it is not so difficult to pay Municipal Meeting to do it or have a You Tube channel.

In my opinion, municipalities in general don’t like recorded meetings. It’s like their proverbial slip is hanging out from their proverbial dress. They can’t hide contentious meeting topics behind bland written meeting minutes. BUT if most school districts I know can record their meetings and mostly broadcast live over places like You Tube, I daresay West Whiteland can git r’ done, right?

But back to the other gloriousness that is West Whiteland Township. They have two truly wonderful supervisors: Rajesh Kumbhardare and Brian Dunn. They are all about the people they were elected to serve. And they are nice people. And whether she likes me saying so or not, the last Supervisor, Theresa Hogan Santalucia is just questionable. And that is being polite. She is a politician who is not a public servant. So who does she serve? Is it all self-interest based, or does she have another master or mistress? We know she doesn’t like sidewalk chalk, does she?

So how is it as a Supervisor she doesn’t know you can’t just order up the finance people to pay out money? After learning this, can you say OH HELL YES FOR SURE WEST WHITELAND COULD DO WITH A NICE FORENSIC AUDIT? (Oh sadly, hell to the yes.)

So as a Supervisor does Mrs. Theresa know how Right To Know requests work too? Just wondering.

Sadly, West Whiteland to me is a township in crisis. Here’s hoping the good guys hang in there, right? And good guys aren’t just two supervisors, they are the residents who care as well.

Oh and West Whiteland? You need your marketing people to come up with a better slogan. It’s NOT Exton which is the crossroads of Chester County, it is West Whiteland herself. Saying “West Whiteland: The Crossroads of Chester County” is more accurate and sounds better. Please just don’t say it with a giant LED obnoxious billboard.

Thanks for stopping by.

there is right and there is wrong. this is wrong. time to say “enough already”

NO. This is WRONG. Hassling a small business over their policies is wrong. It’s not OUR business it’s THEIR business and when we enter THEIR business we are a GUEST.

If we don’t like their policies, and that includes businesses which never required masks or encouraged people to take them off, we don’t patronize them we quietly go elsewhere but we don’t try to ruin them because they feel masks are still prudent.

People like to talk a good game about supporting small town America and her businesses, so trying to DESTROY a business over their mask policy which is within their rights is wrong.

I am not a rock climber, so I don’t patronize Downingtown Rock Gym personally, but I respect their right to try to do what is best for their business, their employees, and their patrons. If you are a climber and a rational human being, I encourage you to support their business.

Our forefathers granted us freedoms and fought and bled and died for them so we had the freedom of choice among other things. And freedom of choice does not mean destroying a business because you disagree with their masking policy, it means just going someplace else.

And I have been told this person has family members with businesses in Downingtown and is that correct? How would this person feel if people started posting about those businesses in this manner? It would be wrong too, so not encouraging that AT ALL, but asking HOW it would make them feel?

COVID19 has been long enough and terrible enough for all of us, no matter what you feel about masking and shots, and some of the people who have felt this the hardest are small business owners.

We need to respect small business owners and what they choose to do with masks versus no masks until COVID19 is but a nasty memory.

Business shaming over mask requirements is wrong. Plain and simple.

Enough already.


restoration in progress?

Now given that people seem to bitch about everything, they may bitch about this post too. But this is a cool old house in Malvern Borough, and it looks like repairs and restoration are happening. I think that is awesome if so.

A lot of the old houses everywhere just rot, so when you see this it gives you hope that people still care about old houses. Thank you to whomever is bringing this old house back to life.

survey says?

Study for March, and done for decades, right?

There is that moment when you think certain factions must be exhausted, they can’t possibly find anything more to complain about. But now it’s an academic survey (or two, right?)

I made the mistake of asking what the big deal was. I saw this on a Facebook page. The folks on the page made me notice an academic survey was an issue that I didn’t know was an issue in the first place…..back down the rabbit hole…you know the drill they want people to know it’s an issue, but only if you agree with them….

What REALLY made me notice was WHO had ratcheted up this issue in the first place:

Ada Nestor is like West Chester’s own Marjorie Taylor Greene.  Except she tanked in her election. She wanted to be on the West Chester Area School Board. Appears to be desperately seeking relevance she is still at it. Here is an #AnonymousAda refresher (screenshots courtesy of WCASD Constituents) :

So of course because I asked what was so bad about the survey they posted which is anonymous and seemingly optional I should probably post the screenshots taken of it:

The study for March in the letter screenshot OPENING the post is not for the survey in the screenshots, it’s another one done by The University of Michigan. It’s part of the Monitoring the Future Project.

Also see:

Monitoring the Future (MTF) Public-Use Cross-Sectional Datasets

The Monitoring the Future: A Continuing Study of the Lifestyles and Values of Youth annual surveys were designed to explore changes in important values, behaviors, and lifestyle orientations of contemporary American youth. The surveys began in 1975 with 12th-grade students only. Eighth- and 10th-grade student surveys were added in 1991 under the title Monitoring the Future: A Continuing Study of American Youth (8th- and 10th-Grade Surveys) and, in 1996, the designation “12th-Grade Survey” was added to the titles of the subsequent 12th-grade surveys. When examining the issues covered by the series, two general types of tasks may be distinguished. The first task is to provide a systematic and accurate description of the youth population of interest in a given year and to quantify the direction and rate of change occurring over time. The second task, more analytic than descriptive, involves the explanation of the relationships and trends observed. Each year, large, distinct, nationally representative samples of 8th-, 10th-, and 12th-grade students in the United States are asked to respond to drug use and demographic questions, as well as to additional questions on a variety of subjects, including attitudes toward religion, parental influences, changing roles of women, educational aspirations, self-esteem, exposure to sex and drug education, and violence and crime – both in and out of school. In each grade, students are randomly assigned to complete questionnaires with a subset of topical questions in addition to a set of core questions on demographics and drug use. For a guide to the questions asked each year in each questionnaire, along with their subject areas and variable names, users may refer to the question indexes under the For Researchers section below.

For more information, visit the Monitoring the Future Web site .

Years Produced: Annually. Note: the 1975 data is not available. Data available from NAHDAP are the annual cross-sectional datasets

For more information about the MTF Restricted-Use Data, see Monitoring the Future (MTF) Restricted-Use Cross-Sectional Datasets

I actually discovered this on my own. In spite of what Ada thinks (or when she demonstrates a lack of thinking which apparently is like breathing), I was curious and wanted to check it out. But if course she has to go all super toxic and say people went to me with their panties in a bunch? Oh come on now. Really? Has she elevated me to a God status??? How amusing.

Once again we have to ask these Stepford Wives for Totalitarianism why is everything nuclear warfare instantly and why do their rights matter more than everyone else’s? Ada acts a very angry woman and you read what she writes about “they” will “wish” they had voted for her and this “war hasn’t even started yet.”

Can we have an anonymous quiz about these people and how all they are interested in is personal glory and tearing up communities over their bullsh*t?

I still do not get what the big deal is. If you don’t like it, your kid doesn’t have to do it. But what is wrong with the questions? Too personal? Kids shouldn’t know what politics their parents discuss? It’s bad to say your parents are immigrants? Parents do not want to be outed as grooming their kids to be their little soldiers instead of being free thinking human beings on their own?

How I look at this survey is life today is very different than the Donna Reed lifestyle of the 1950s. The study is anonymous. It is data gathering but NOT FOR the West Chester Area School District. It’s sociological research. Again I remind these people, that someday people will study in school what we are living through right now. I wonder what future generations will think of the modern years of democracy at risk? What will they think of how a global pandemic was treated? Do none of these people have any intellectual curiosity whatsoever? How will history relate this time in our lives right now?

I am actually trying to get information from Research Professor to gain a better understanding of the March survey because I don’t see the survey as a big deal to have another Waterloo over. But I bet given the ruckus Ada is making they don’t want to speak with anyone. I am happy to share what they tell me IF they even respond.

Anyway, sign me tired of these people and their constant haranguing of everyone and everything. They are tearing our communities apart, and I resent that. I remember the days when you could disagree and have a conversation and actually work together to get things done. With these people, it is like a community cancer. All they do is destroy. They aren’t about anything other than just getting their own way and being the loudest voice in the room. It’s why people won’t run for office from either political party, it’s why they are leaving office. From the most local level, to Washington D.C.

And then there are the two screenshots to follow. And it makes you wonder.

Above are comments left somewhere (not sure where) that were deleted seems to explain one of the surveys and why it occurred, so why were they deleted? Two separate surveys in WCASD and they have made a mountain out of a mole hill with reasonable explanations?

The one I posted screenshots of I am told was made by a student at Rustin from an AP class so it was a student peer study then? It was voluntary and anonymous but not required so what is wrong with a STUDENT project?

The Michigan study is separate and in March and has been done for decades. It’s about drugs and alcohol- so they combined the two surveys without having all of the facts, when it’s two separate things?

Aren’t all of you tired of these people destroying our communities? Aren’t you tired of these people foisting their ugliness and vitriol on everyone?

I know of course because I wrote this, they will start the next round of nastiness towards me and whomever else disagrees with them. But I can’t help but wonder how history will reflect upon them?

Try to have a peaceful weekend.