restoration in progress?

Now given that people seem to bitch about everything, they may bitch about this post too. But this is a cool old house in Malvern Borough, and it looks like repairs and restoration are happening. I think that is awesome if so.

A lot of the old houses everywhere just rot, so when you see this it gives you hope that people still care about old houses. Thank you to whomever is bringing this old house back to life.

4 thoughts on “restoration in progress?

  1. I enjoy your blog. I may not always agree with you, but on this one…100%. All of these self appointed arbiters of right and wrong with their “us vs. them” mentality telling everyone they need to be angry is nothing if not undemocratic. How can we ever expect our governments to function as intended when we can’t even be civil to our neighbors? Or maybe it’s the other way around. One despairs.

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