there is right and there is wrong. this is wrong. time to say “enough already”

NO. This is WRONG. Hassling a small business over their policies is wrong. It’s not OUR business it’s THEIR business and when we enter THEIR business we are a GUEST.

If we don’t like their policies, and that includes businesses which never required masks or encouraged people to take them off, we don’t patronize them we quietly go elsewhere but we don’t try to ruin them because they feel masks are still prudent.

People like to talk a good game about supporting small town America and her businesses, so trying to DESTROY a business over their mask policy which is within their rights is wrong.

I am not a rock climber, so I don’t patronize Downingtown Rock Gym personally, but I respect their right to try to do what is best for their business, their employees, and their patrons. If you are a climber and a rational human being, I encourage you to support their business.

Our forefathers granted us freedoms and fought and bled and died for them so we had the freedom of choice among other things. And freedom of choice does not mean destroying a business because you disagree with their masking policy, it means just going someplace else.

And I have been told this person has family members with businesses in Downingtown and is that correct? How would this person feel if people started posting about those businesses in this manner? It would be wrong too, so not encouraging that AT ALL, but asking HOW it would make them feel?

COVID19 has been long enough and terrible enough for all of us, no matter what you feel about masking and shots, and some of the people who have felt this the hardest are small business owners.

We need to respect small business owners and what they choose to do with masks versus no masks until COVID19 is but a nasty memory.

Business shaming over mask requirements is wrong. Plain and simple.

Enough already.


4 thoughts on “there is right and there is wrong. this is wrong. time to say “enough already”

  1. I’m tired of people trying to push this as a political agenda. Its a health agenda. OUr forefathers fought and bled because they didn’t want to pay taxes!

  2. I agree with you about being a guest of whatever establishment we enter. What is wrong with people? Was nobody ever taught by parents that when you cough or sneeze you cover your face. Just one more thing my parents taught me about respecting others. I will tell you right now, if anyone sneezes or coughs in my direction without covering their mouth, they will be told off in a hurry. I am done with ignorance!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This is just like an old-fashioned mafia shakedown. “Do what I tell you or you’ll regret it, I’ll put you outta business.” Nothing but thugs.

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