when scrooge pens an op-ed in the land of fake news…or much ado about theatre

📌Beth Ann Rosica resides in West Chester, has a Ph.D. in Education, and has dedicated her career advocating on behalf of at-risk children and families. She enjoys drag queen shows and chooses to leave her children at home for those performances.📌

Do you just feel my eyes rolling to the back of my head? Yes, we all know her name. She is a frequent flyer at West Chester Area School District School Board Meetings and West Chester Borough Meetings and ran unsuccessfully as a Libertarian for Mayor of West Chester Borough. (Kindly allow me to digress a moment and mention that Dan Truitt is now head of Chester County Libertarians. ANYWAY, also wonder aloud if his East Goshen Supervisor wife Michelle Truitt’s gal pal failed politician Heidi Vander Waal has conceded yet? She lost a month ago, so what is taking so long? I really genuinely like both Truitts, but I marvel at whom they think is hunky dory, don’t you?)

Enough digressing, back to this weird thing about now they all hate theatre.

If Lewis Carroll were alive today, “curious” might be the word he would use to describe the People’s Light Theater performance of his world-renowned novel, Alice in Wonderland. 

The theater, located in Chester County is currently running a holiday, pantomime rendition of the classic. The website says the show is appropriate for ages five to 105 and includes a drag queen performer in the cast. Eric Jaffe, according to the theater’s casting page, “is a genderfull [sic] glamour monster and the recipient of the 2018 Philly Drag Awards, Best Host, Best Alternative Drag Queen, And Drag Queen of the Year as well as 2020’s Performer of the Year.” 

Just as curious is the fact that multiple school districts in Chester County are sponsoring field trips for students to attend the performance, including West Chester Area, Tredyffrin/Easttown, and Downingtown. Students as young as second grade and up to sixth grade attended the performance. 

~ beth ann rosica, theatre critic

So Beth Ann had to have an opinion. Hey that’s her right. But it’s also my right to say, West Chester Borough residents should count their blessings she is NOT mayor. We already know she doesn’t like drag queens, so this shouldn’t be a surprise. Above is a screen shot of her op-ed in Broad and Liberty.

Now as an educator one would have thought that Beth Ann Rosica would have at least been familiar of how theatre evolved from it’s early days when you know men routinely played the part of women because it was considered unseemly etc for women to be actors. Has she heard of William Shakespere, etc?

A panto is a traditional fairy tale complete with songs, dances, jokes, exaggerated characters and lots of audience participation. The British started this centuries ago and love a good panto. In fact, panto began thanks to actor manager John Rich, who introduced it in 1717. Panto or pantomime has an again centuries long theatrical history in western culture dating back to the dawn of classical theatre. Commedia dell’arte.

See above? Dan Leno and Herbert Campbell in Babes in the Wood, 1897, at the Drury Lane Theatre in London’s West End. And below? Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret of England in a Windsor Castle wartime performance of Aladdin…as in the recently deceased Queen Elizabeth II of England.

But then I saw Beth Ann’s little thing about leaving her “children” at home while she enjoyed drag shows. Very funny statement. Made me wonder if she had LITTLE kids. Umm nope. They are like in 8th and 10th grade now, right? Don’t you think they have seen/heard worse? Found an online interview. Note the screen shot excerpt:

This all started recently over a People’s Light current production. The production has rave reviews, truthfully.

People’s Light presents Jennifer Childs and Alex Bechtel’s Alice in Wonderland: A Musical Panto

Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer Nov 22, 2022

A bedazzled, sparkling drag queen Cheshire Cat. A Mad Hatter with a real set of pipes who gets down to “Everybody Dance Now.” A Red Queen and White Queen who resolve a rivalry by voguing in a Pose-style dance off.

This world-premiere Alice in Wonderland: A Musical Panto might—as its opening song suggests—cause Lewis Carroll to roll in his grave. Carroll lived and wrote in the Victorian era, but his timeless Alice has endured through each generation who invents her as an archetype. Who amongst us, children and adults alike, has not experienced the world as a strange and surreal place, full of both wonders and dangers? We all feel Alice-like at times…

The panto tradition brings us all along into Alice’s journey; we audience members get to cheer for Alice and the new friends she makes, boo at the villainous Queen of Hearts (the marvelous Mary Elizabeth Scallen), sing, clap, and even eat candy handed to us by the ensemble during the Mad Hatter’s (the amazing Alexis Tidwell) raucous tea party. It’s jubilant fun for all of the generations: the kids who were present were having a blast, but so were the many adults who came to the panto child-free.

A world of acceptance

Jennifer Childs’s script and Alex Bechtel’s music and lyrics reach just the right balance of silliness and irreverence, pop-culture references, and moments of real emotional depth. We want Alice not only to save the White Rabbit (the excellent Justin Jain) and escape the Queen of Hearts but also to learn that it’s okay to be uncertain. One of the show’s most poignant moments is the song “Impossible Things,” an intimate duet between Alice and her beautiful, glamorous, often absent Mom, AKA the White Queen (Altamiece Carolyn Cooper), when they finally come to a moment of understanding…Every aspect of this production is impeccably done. The artists working behind the scenes to support the excellent acting ensemble have brought their A game to this Wonderland: Rebecca Kanach (costumes), Sapphira Cristal (wigs), Pi Queen (makeup), Mike Inwood (lights), Robert Kaplowitz (sound), and Chris Haig (scenic design). Kudos to director Bill Fennelly and music director Abdul Hamid Royal (who plays piano, accompanied by Jimmy Coleman on percussion).

Every member of the performing ensemble brings energy and flair but I do want to especially recognize People’s Light veteran Tom Teti, whose understated Dormouse is simply the perfect balance to Jaffe’s ebullient Cheshire Cat.

If I haven’t convinced you yet to make Alice in Wonderland part of your family (biological or chosen) holiday plans, consider the potential for important conversations that this panto can open up between parents, grands, kids, teens, and adult friends: when do you feel alone like Alice? Stuck in the middle? In your biggest dreams, what do you imagine is possible for your life?

So when this started a few days ago as the latest issue of the collective idiocy, I sat back and though, well they can just not let their kids go, right? Nope, we all have to hear about it.

These people just never stop. Look you guys, it’s kind of simple: if you’re so upset about public education you can homeschool your children or you can put them in charter schools or religious schools.

The second thing is, this is a theatrical production. It’s not doing anything dirty to your children.

The third thing goes back to choice again. Just like you have the choice to pull your kids out of public school because you hate public school so much, you also have the choice not to send your child on a field trip. They will, of course remember that you did this and they won’t remember you and say mommy and daddy protected me. They will remember you and say mommy and daddy punished us, and made us freaks with the rest of the class.

If you don’t want to go, if you don’t want your children to go, that’s fine, but why does the rest of the world have to hear about it?

However, what you don’t get to do is to tell everyone else how to live their lives.

So I think people should go out of their way to make a donation to People’s Light. They are a wonderful theatre company and part of our extended Chester County Community. Tell the no fun collective I refer to as Stepford Wives for Totalitarianism that they can do as they choose with their own children and lives, but their choices should be everyone’s choices. This is about their comfort levels, not care for the community. This has all gone too far and now that they lost in yet another election, it’s like they have to manufacture issues to desperately try to stay relevant. But it does once again highlight all of their phobias and prejudices quite nicely.


Follow the links posted to support our beloved regional and in some cases, local theatre company.


I sign off saying, here’s hoping everyone can find the magic of the season in their lives.


but did benjamin franklin actually say that? well even if he didn’t the chester county gop will share it on facebook. they share everything!

Benjamin Franklin. One of my favorite founding fathers and actual patriot. Incredibly bright, and would not survive in the 21st-century in the age of social media because well he had a lot of human failings, didn’t he?

(But I digress, look at all the politicians running this year, after all.)

The thing I always love is when people misquote and misattribute famous people. This is no different.

You see this quotehas been both misquoted and misattributed since January 6, 2021. And the Republican Party of Chester County‘s champion for governor is Doug Mastriano or as I like to call him, Monsteriano. This man is no patriot. Far from it. He took part in the January 6, 2021 insurrection. Yes, he took part in the assault on our Nation’s Capital. Oh and apparently until July 2021, he was registered to vote in New Jersey.

Registered to vote in New Jersey for all those years? While he was a Pennsylvania State Senator? So does that mean Monsteriano has been double dipping and perpetrating election fraud?

Rolling Stone: Doug Mastriano Was Registered to Vote in New Jersey Until … Last Year
SEPTEMBER 16, 2022 12:39PM EDT

What’s happening in Pennsylvania? Dr. Oz is not their only major candidate from: Doug Mastriano voted in NJ year before running for PA governor |

Monsteriano is voting in New Jersey, running for Governor in PA, being a State Senator from PA, and all the other stuff and this is the guy that the Chester County Republican Party thinks is the second coming of Christ? I would say that’s crazy and you can’t make that stuff up, except this is definitely a case of the truth is stranger than fiction.

But back to Monsteriano and other Trump babies misquoting and misattributing Benjamin Franklin.

I will start with a great article from the Washington Post: https://wapo.st/3Skb2id

Washington Post RETROPOLIS

‘A republic, if you can keep it’: Did Ben Franklin really say Impeachment Day’s favorite quote?

Here’s the history behind the quote.

By Gillian Brockell December 18, 2019 at 6:36 p.m. EST

These are the times that try historians’ souls.

The Founding Fathers had a big day on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, as members of Congress debated articles of impeachment against President Trump.

George Washington was frequently invoked — of course. Thomas Jefferson got the nod from Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) and Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-Va.). Rep. Katherine M. Clark (D-Mass.) brought up Abigail Adams. And Rep. Al Green (D-Tex.) even referenced a deep cut from George Mason.

But none of the founders had the day Benjamin Franklin had. As the story was told and retold on the House floor, Franklin was walking out of Independence Hall after the Constitutional Convention in 1787, when someone shouted out, “Doctor, what have we got? A republic or a monarchy?”

To which Franklin supposedly responded, with a rejoinder at once witty and ominous: “A republic, if you can keep it.”…..So, did Franklin actually say that?

Well, maybe.


With some changes.

The quote doesn’t appear in any of Franklin’s writings, nor in the transcripts of the convention debate, nor in any contemporaneous newspaper accounts.

According to quote trackers Bartleby and the Yale Book of Quotations, it first appeared in 1906 in the American Historical Review. But that doesn’t mean it comes from the 20th century; the Review was publishing for the first time the notes of James McHenry, a Maryland delegate to the Constitutional Convention. This is what he wrote: “A lady asked Dr. Franklin Well Doctor what have we got a republic or a monarchy. A republic replied the Doctor if you can keep it.”…

. It was a “lady” who asked him, not just “someone.” But the location of the alleged exchange, outside Independence Hall, does not appear here.

Zara Anishanslin, a history professor at the University of Delaware, recently wrote in The Washington Post that even more details are known than that. In fact, in McHenry’s original notes, he included the footnote, “The lady here alluded to was Mrs. Powel of Philad[elphi]a.”

Mrs. Powel is Elizabeth Willing Powel, a prominent society figure and the wife of Philadelphia Mayor Samuel Powel. Like Franklin, Powel was known for her wit and knowledge. She often hosted convention delegates and their wives in her home….Though the anecdote didn’t become well-known until the 20th century, it must have gotten at least a modicum of attention in the 19th century…..Franklin’s witticisms often carry an ominous tinge — and were often edited. Another of his famous quotes from that era comes just after Washington had been elected the first president.

“The first man put at the helm will be a good one. Nobody knows what sort may come afterwards,” he said.

But that isn’t the full quote. He continued, “The executive will be always increasing here, as elsewhere, till it ends in a monarchy.”

Oh and one other salient truth about this anecdotal quote is that it probably took place in Mrs. Powell’s home, it definitely didn’t take place on the street outside of Independence Hall during the Constitutional Convention. They make it sound like some wizened crone hobbled up to him and asked him a question.

So we also never, ever want the truth to get in the way of anything with the Republican Committee of Chester County and their social media wonks. I will note however that the post about the drag queen event in West Chester they had up seems to have disappeared? Interesting, yes?

Oh and look what else the Republican Committee of Chester County is posting:

But hey we know that the Chester County Republican Committee isn’t racist, transphobic or homophobic, or everything else phobic right?

What we can say is they post early and often in bad taste and so does the Chester County Coalition of Republican Women. Please see next example:

And I have to share one of their welcome to Stepford comments:

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, we are a country operating without a president according to them. And regardless of their crazed conspiracy theories, to show such blatant disrespect for the newly deceased Queen Elizabeth II is appalling.

And every organization affiliated end/the Republican Committee of Chester County does this crazy stuff. It’s like they have no filter. And that is what’s terrifying about what they have turned the Republican Party into. And they do a disservice for any decent Republican anywhere. They also provide a rare opportunity for Pennsylvania Democrats.

TTFN readers.

“Our new Constitution is now established, everything seems to promise it will be durable; but, in this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes.”

~benjamin franklin (an actual quote)

don’t you just love the sweet smell of politics?

“ Good manners is nothing they’ve ever suffered from“
~ Joe Biden Philadelphia 9/1/2022 in reference to the

MAGA megaphone types trying to shout down a U.S. President
Democracy. It is our birthright and like our freedoms, isn’t subjective. #VOTE

Ahhh September in an election year! I am starting with a screenshot from the Presidential address from Independence Hall last evening. And here is the Reuters video of speech:

So I actually listened to this speech last night. I wanted to hear what President Biden had to say.


That was a speech, and it went on in spite of the MAGA megaphones trying to shout down a U.S. President. And that is a conversation ALL of us need to have. It’s not just what MAGA Megaphones and their ilk have to say. WE ALL HAVE A VOICE AND WE ARE A DEMOCRACY….unless of course they really do wish to delve into socialism, communism, dictatorships, totalitarianism.

These people who have bastardized the Republican Party and U.S. politics, think the ONLY rights that matter are THEIRS.

These people who have bastardized the Republican Party and U.S. politics, think the ONLY voices that matter are THEIRS.

The objectives of these extremists can be seen everywhere as we as Americans prepare for midterm elections. Republicans as in the party of Lincoln, Democrats, Independents. We all need to come together and shut this crap down. It will take more than one election, start here with midterms 2022.

These people use dirty tricks and other chicanery to try to advance their message, and quiet the voices of others by always wanting to shout the other person down. They tried to do it to me today on Facebook.

Facebook is always amusing on whom they decide to tag for spam and fake news. Today they did it to me. On something that ACTUALLY HAPPENED, no less.

To follow is a slideshow of screenshots from the post and the video I included that Facebook deemed I am not sure what. Fake news, essentially. Here are the screen shots of original post, comments on said post, and a video to follow that was taken by Stepford Wives for Totalitarianism the day the Conestoga High School anti-masker students walked out encouraged by adults who would face no repercussions like suspension, etc. The video was filmed AS IT HAPPENED. As in live, not fake news.

Now before I post the video, allow me to say that these were all of the screen shots I collected earlier today. So I think I captured all of the comments, but am not positive because this was one of those posts that people kept saying they couldn’t see comments, although no comments were deleted or hidden, and then they couldn’t see the post, so I got what I could and moved on with life. Facebook does this all of the time, no matter what the topic. Their algorithms are fakakta.

Here is the video which they said was fake:

Yup a video that was even REPORTED ON BY MAINSTREAM MEDIA was fake news. Seriously, what a hoot, right?

Chester County high school shuts doors for a day after ‘threatening statements’ made over masking

by Maddie Hanna
Updated Feb 14, 2022

After about 50 students staged a walkout Friday to protest having to wear masks, Conestoga High School in Chester County — in the top-rated Tredyffrin/Easttown district — closed its doors Monday after administrators declared it could not operate in-person safely.

In a statement on Sunday, the Tredyffrin/Easttown School District said it was working with police to address “threatening statements directed toward other students, including racist and homophobic slurs and insults” that broke out on social media after the protest…..

On Friday, the band of Conestoga students opposed to masking chanted “USA” and “Freedom!” in the school’s atrium before walking out of school, slamming doors and yelling on their way out of the building, according to the high school’s student newspaper, The Spoke. A father who has been a leading critic of masking in the district said Monday that his son helped organize the demonstration.

The Spoke also reported that “pro-mask and pro-science students” had planned a sit-in for Monday.

~ philadelphia inquirer, february 14, 2022

In-person education returns to Conestoga High after threats over masking policy

By FRAN MAYE | fmaye@dailylocal.com | Daily Local News
PUBLISHED: February 15, 2022 at 10:07 a.m.

BERWYN — Conestoga High School returned to in-person education Tuesday after it had briefly switched to virtual learning following threats that were made by some parents over a student masking policy.

Over the weekend, interactions among students on social media devolved to include harmful speech and potential threats to the school, the district stated. The social media threats forced officials at Tredyffrin-Easttown School District to switch to virtual learning, in an abundance of caution. Local police were notified, and following a sweep of the school, no threats were discovered.

“We followed our established threat assessment procedures and at this point, we have resolved any potential threats, and will apply the Code of Conduct as appropriate,” said Dr. Richard Guisick, superintendent of schools. “We are continuing to investigate other matters that have been reported to school officials.”

The school opened Tuesday on a two-hour delay, to provide time for staff to prepare additional support for students as they returned to school. There was an increased police presence at the school Tuesday.

Guisick said school officials will address the student body as a whole during homeroom to review expectations and provide reassurance that support is available. Counselors were on hand to provide support to students with concerns.

“Harmful speech, including racist or homophobic speech, has no place at Conestoga, or anywhere in TESD, and will not be tolerated,” Guisick said in a statement.

On Friday, about 50 students staged a walkout to protest the school’s mask-wearing policy. All students must wear masks in the school, as required by current policy.

~ daily local February 15, 2022

So I am always amused by Facebook follies.

Why has I posted this again? Because Sarah Marvin was one of the parents who sued Tredyffrin Easttown School District over students wearing masks as a result of COVID-19. She’s an anti-masker and I am not sure but I also think she is one of those vaccine choice folks, and my problem there is simple: mumps, measles, or polio anyone?

Yes I am being repetitive. Some of these disrupters filed a lawsuit against Tredyffrin Easttown School district. Sarah Marvin, Andrew McLellan, Alicia Geerlings and David Goveranti specifically filed a lawsuit against T/E School District in the Pennsylvania Eastern District Court alleging that the mask mandate is unlawful. They hired a big name Philadelphia white shoe law firm, and then put up a bullsh*t Go Fund Me asking people to defray their costs. Sorry not sorry, it was offensive that they did that since every taxpayer was already paying the price for them disrupting meetings taxpayers pay for, and would be paying for the school district to defend themselves, etc.

Anyway, I had posted because now that Sarah Marvin is running for office, her part in the anti-mask debacle is being massaged. What was in the court filings seems different then what is now being put out there, OK? And for someone who runs on a platform of “common sense” and I assume that means fiscal common sense too, well what about the costs to taxpayers she and her anti masking crew amassed between being disruptive at meetings, manpower over so many Right to Know forms, and the anti-mask litigation?

I have the filing in two forms, here is the second one:

I have been watching the campaigns unfold, and the anti-masking stance has indeed been politically massaged to try to make the crazy seem more palatable, more mainstream. To follow is a slide show. One slide is from court summary in first court thing posted, second is Ms. Marvin today/yesterday on the topic, and the third is from her political website.

I chose to show the video of the student walk out because to me it speaks of parents grooming kids to their political objectives, instead of letting kids be kids. In my humble opinion, Sarah Marvin is one of those people. So guess what? I don’t think she would be able to legislate fairly in Harrisburg. She is part of those who have divisive agendas. No thanks. It IS that simple in my mind.

Needless to say I like to oblige political candidates in their quests for personal glory (yes, that is indeed sarcasm), so as per the request of Sarah Marvin who is running for State Rep in the 157th, I put the screenshots up here. Yes really, she said it was OK. See below:

Now I am happy to oblige Ms. Marvin yet I find her perspectives confusing…and again, the company she keeps? See next thing. A real, honest to God, fake news interview.

Here are some other video snippets of things that actually happened. Some kind of gathering with the Man from Oz. Can we say the Stepford Wives for Totalitarianism AKA the MAGAettes (not to be confused with maggots although perhaps related?) It says the location was Berwyn, was this actually filmed in a public school somewhere?

Remember our little guy has a past (CLICK HERE)

Here is some of what Facebook allows regularly:

Below are some additional thoughts on candidates for State Rep in Chester County Gail Newman and Sarah Marvin .These little reels are elsewhere on social media as well. Neither woman is equipped to equally represent any Pennsylvanian intelligently.

I am not sure I have anything else for you. We will get who we vote for, so no time for voter apathy this November. Send these people packing, and we will need to keep sending these people packing every election until they stop.

Our rights are at risk. Our rights are not subjective. They worship at the altar of Trump. Yes he was President, because enough people drank the Kool Aid. We’ve been paying for Trump ever since in this country. He is a desperate man hoping to incite civil unrest and perhaps yet another riot in Wilkes Barre. Watch this event tomorrow, Saturday at 7 PM – Trump, Mastriano, Oz and I am quite sure a lot of familiar faces from this area.

Donald Trump is working to have ANOTHER January 6, 2021. Why? Because he is a malignant narcissist who wants to rule us like an oligargh of evil. These candidates who suck up to him or adopt his brand in any way, shape or form? Not for us. Mastriano, Ciarrocchi, Sarah Marvin, and Gail Newman are all a BIG NO. We are designed as a democracy with a two party system. Two parties which require BALANCE. We have a lack of balance and need to get away from extremism in politics. We need moderates back. On both sides of the aisle. None of these candidates are actual moderates. Check out the Lincoln Project if you don’t believe me.

Let’s all focus on pink fuzzy bunnies like Facebook actually wants. Thanks for stopping by to my little den of iniquity.


support freedom of events at the chester county commissioners meeting july 14th.

The rallying cry of local fake conservative extremist groups this summer is drag queen bingo. They object to a fundraiser which hasn’t even been formally announced yet. I wrote about it last week. (CLICK HERE.) this event is not compulsory for anyone. If it’s not your jam, you don’t have to go. You can stay home. It’s pretty much that simple.

So now all these multi phobic individuals are taking their insanity to the Chester County Commissioner’s meeting this week.

There is a county commissioners meeting Thursday July 14, 2022 10 AM at
313 W. Market Street West Chester. It should be the 6th floor, but just ask inside the building. You can also Zoom it. (If you follow the embedded link it should take you into their page on the website so you can access this information)

Don’t let these people be the voice that decides what is right for everyone in our community, and that’s what is at stake every time they start about something . They always want to be THE voice, to project THEIR twisted belief systems and phobias on all of the rest of us. I don’t know about you, but they don’t speak for me, they don’t support me, they don’t pay my bills. They are welcome to their little twisted views in their little twisted sub-communities of equally twisted people. But they do not, and should not, speak for anyone anywhere. They represent what is ugly in this country.

They don’t understand that a drag queen bingo fundraiser or drag queen story time for kids at a library isn’t a threat to society or democracy that THEY actually are. Every day, these people say they represent the freedoms that our forefathers fought and bled and died for, yet every day they try to undo all of those things.

I don’t object to people living their lives however they are most comfortable, I object to THESE people in these EXTREMIST groups telling all of us how we should live, and how we should collectively believe their twisted gospel. And remember, politicians like Guy Ciarrocchi support these people/groups and panders to them. As a related aside, this is also why it is so important that people vote this coming November and understand who the candidates really are and their platforms.

Our rights are not subjective.

You can also contact the commissioners via email and phone, but if you do have time to go and support the library and people planning this event and a small business called Stolen Sun Brewery please go.

Phone: 610-344-6100

Marian Moscowitz
Michelle Kichline
Josh Maxwell


all hail the karen revolt of the summer of 2022! new target: drag queens, small businesses, bingo, libraries.

Bless me Miss Troy and Aunt Mary Pat for I have sinned.
I borrowed a snippet from you because it was just too apropos.

Oh my goodness, school board meetings are off for the summer, whatever with they do in all their Karening glory? Oh simple: try to close down libraries, ban drag queens, and destroy a local business.


Over the idea of a Drag Queen Bingo family event to raise funds for a local library at a local Chester County business….in September.

Yesssss. Seriously.

They have moved on from playing doctors at school board meetings regarding COVID vaccines and banned book lists (Angry Jesus made them do it), to flat out trying to control every aspect of the world outside. They are at this point EVERYTHING PHOBIC so we will leave it at that (or add it to the list of homophobic, transpohobic, queerphobic, lifephobic.)

Oh my gosh, am I being sarcastic? Why yes, yes I am.

How did this start? Well someone posted in a group called No Left Turn In Education Downingtown School District PA. Phew. Try to say THAT six times fast! And seriously such a cumbersome name they can’t even have a catchy acronym…

That is where it started. Here are all the screenshots gathered just from that group. Yes, there will be more, much more to follow:

Oh good lord, be still their tiny little minds. Of course, not to be over-shadowed, the Stepford Wives for Totalitarianism had to get in on this news. Bless their tiny little minds and man slave members:

Yes, I committed sacrilege and the Stepford Wives for Totalitarianism screen shots are out of order, but actually in order/out of order they all read the same: WE ARE EVERYTHING PHOBIC AND YOU MUST BE LIKE US. But hey, before this half of them were selling Lu La Roe, Slipada Jewelry, Isagenix so what did I expect? And did you know according to them you can take kids to strip joints?

They also contacted Congressional candidate and politician Guy Ciarrocchi who gave a non-answer reply. They tried to tag him so he must not be in that group any longer, but he was once, wasn’t he? Guy would be wise to stay out of it. They also contacted Doug Monsteriano who will undoubtedly jump up and down and foam at the mouth with glee.

Oh and then they drag God into it and send a pleading note to the library association orr something. Oh and my favorite? They compared Drag Queens to Strippers. And do you think they are going to be super provocative at an event where kids were present IF the event occurred?

I have to ask do they even know what drag queens are about? Why is a gender bending art form such a threat? Drag performance rag and related entertainment, it is also used as self-expression and a celebration of LGBTQ isn’t it? So is that what it’s really all about? Once expressing queerphobia?

One of my favorite comments about this? Here:

How many of them probably grew up listening to David Bowie, Elton John, Queen, hair metal bands like Poison, etc. did any of that *POOF!* turn them gay? Why are they so confused by this???

~ Chester County PA resident

Even one of their Trumpublican heroes, Rudy Giuliani dressed in drag in a skit with…wait for it….Donald Trump in 2000. You know their Messiah of bad politics? But hey, Donnie motorboating Rudy probably IS family friendly in their eyes, right?

Oh but there is another country…err group to be heard from. The Chester County Coalition of Republican Women. (Seriously, these nut bags specialize in tongue twister group names huzzah!)

Again, if the screen shots are out of order, oh well. It all makes about the same amount of nonsense no matter what the order. But it begs a question: is the photo they posted yesterday of the new chair of the Chester County GOP collecting male underwear family friendly? Is he making Making the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of underwear a reality for all?

So now that all the folks are lathered up, wouldn’t it be a delightful sociological and psychological exercise to find out WHY they are REALLY upset? Are they afraid little Johnny will want to wear his sister’s clothes and play dress up in mommy’s heels after such an event? Or are some of the Stepford Wives afraid of their menfolk getting titillated and wanting to wear their frilly undies or something?

Who does this hurt? Why is it a bad idea to try something to make people laugh, be happy, and raise money. It’s like when they all flipped out about drag queen story time at Tredyffrin Library a few years ago.

And then other than targeting libraries and it’s not enough they want to ban books like yesteryear (but hey, Roe vs. Wade got overturned so everything old and bad is new again and look out for lynch mobs, right?)

Before I move onto the small business these people wish to destroy, allow me to post another favorite comment on this debacle of close mindedness:

They have way too much time on their hands to be worried about drag queen bingo. I’d be more worried about what their kids are exposed to in their homes…hate.

~ Another chester county resident

So how is the above a “review”? It is not. It is a petty assed way to do a small business harm. This dear readers is the other target of these small minded fearful of the world people: Stolen Sun Brewery in Exton. Why? Because if this library fundraising event occurs, this would be the location. Incidentally, they hold bingo events here, anyway. It’s one of their things. So now these freaks want to leave bad “reviews”, harass them and picket them? For trying to do a nice thing and help a beloved community non-profit raise some funds and have fun with their patrons?

Here is the “review”:

The comment that says “If you aren’t interested in an event, don’t go. It’s really that simple.”

And it is JUST that simple. What’s so terrible about Drag Queen Bingo? These events are fun. Now the Stepford Wives for Totalitarianism and related groups are getting in on this and it begs lots of questions. So these fine capitalists here want to close libraries and put local businesses out of business? Are Puritan shoes and chaste dresses going to be in demand for fall?

The Stepford Wives for Totalitarianism have ramped up their efforts in yet another thread about this….ironically they see nothing wrong with their drag queen phobic and everything phobic behavior. I even see some names poking up in this who really need to keep their heads down. Next on their hit list will be the county commissioners who had to listen to their diatribe about masks. Drag Queens are the new mask issue, apparently. And one of my favorites of the inane is “Why Marie” who says she wants to throw up. Why Marie why do you want to throw up? Because you are vomitorious, perhaps?

Enough already. Aren’t you tired of the everything phobic? Now they want to put Stolen Sun out of business? And the Henrietta Hankin Branch Library? They want to shut them down too? And ummm yeah so how many of these upstanding ‘Mericans have adult beverages in front of their kids? Doesn’t that mean they aren’t “family friendly” either?

Stolen Sun is a great business and yes a brewery. A brewery is not a bar. They are also a coffee roaster. Are these freaks anti-coffee too? They do serve food, and have a kids menu too.

Part of the campaign is now leaving fake Google reviews which people can report with a mere click of a button. I will show you the fake review I found below, and other reviews this person left. Seriously, is there something in the water in Downingtown?

Do they think they will be serving kiddos beer in sippy cups at this event or something? Do they realize that West Chester University (for example) has hosted Drag Queen Bingo and Drag Queen events no problem/no fuss? They all love places like Dave & Busters which host Drag Queen Bingo Brunches or something? Historic Christ Church Neighborhood House in Philadelphia hosted Drag Queen Bingo no problem in June. Friday July 15th there is Drag Queen Bingo at McShea’s in Narberth. Are they going to go protest there too? Or call McShea’s and be nasty? (Actually if they tried to rock McShea’s, it would be worth grabbing the popcorn and seeing McShea’s put them in their place.)

These people needs to get over themselves. Leave small businesses alone. Leave libraries alone. Keep their paranoia and prejudices at home and stay in their small minded comfort zones.

Most of all, they do not have the right to project their ugliness on everything and everyone.

Anyway, #SupportSmallBusiness and patronize Stolen Sun they are good people and defend your local libraries. And leave drag queens alone. It’s not their fault you’re terrified of them.

Rant over. For now. God don’t like ugly, and these people epitomize ugly.

Kiss kiss haters.

look kids, it’s ronnie and he’s pretending today! he’s telling everyone about holocaust remembrance day….oh the irony….

So yesterday, Ronnie the Realtor switched back into his Stepford Wives for Totalitarianism superhero costume of Ronnie The Rep. (See yesterday’s post HERE.)

A day later, Vogel may indeed be running for 6th Congressional District
Michael P. Rellahan
PUBLISHED: April 27, 2022 at 5:25 p.m. | UPDATED: April 27, 2022 at 5:57 p.m.

A day after he announced the suspension of his campaign for the 6th Congressional District’s Republican nomination, candidate Ron Vogel is said to have decided to re-enter the race, butting up against Chester County GOP officials who objected to his candidacy because of controversial social media posts attributed to him, sources said.

On Wednesday, a representative of Vogel’s campaign confirmed to a MediaNews Group reporter that Vogel had changed his mind about suspending his campaign for the seat, and would continue running, even after saying Tuesday that his candidacy would not be in the “best interests” of his family and the Republican Party.

“That’s correct,” said Matt Braynard, a paid Washington, D.C., strategist with the Vogel campaign, in a brief telephone interview when asked if Vogel had decided to remain in the race. Braynard said a statement would be issued detailing Vogel’s thoughts, but as of press time, nothing had been received…It was upsetting to party leadership who had hoped to put the controversy surrounding Vogel and video and text messages attributed to him that contained elements of anti-Semitic messages, sexism and racially tinged language, first reported first by the MediaNews Group, in the rearview mirror….The dramatic announcement of Vogel’s suspension of his campaign came after concerns were raised in Republican Party circles about his candidacy. Past social media posts linked to Vogel featured former Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and racially tinged messages to friends, brought his past into question, and elevated worries about his campaign, those associated with the party said.

Daily Local/Michael Rellehan

So last evening Ronnie hung with his besties the Stepford Wives for Totalitarianism:

Today, however, Ronnie is remembering holocaust survivors but is he actually just pandering because his DC consultant undoubtedly knows that the head of the PA Republican Party is Jewish?

Well Ronnie, I have to ask if you know what people can’t forget about YOU?

Ronnie wants people to see images like:

Yet, more people seem to think things like this are more what he’s about:

So Ronnie are you listening to Rammstein on Holocaust Remembrance Day? Asking for the 6 million European Jewish people who died at the hands of the Nazis.

Ronnie is still around because the Chester County Republicans as in party leadership are allowing him to be around. They said censure, it’s time for censure. Has anyone asked Lawrence Tabas ? Mr. Tabas is the head of the PA GOP and a lawyer living in the Philadelphia area. He’s always been a good guy so hopefully he is appalled by this situation?

This is a lesson to both parties in Chester County. You can’t just run every person who is interested in running and you have to vet the candidates.

I vote for Ronnie the Resigner. As in NO MORE Ron the Rep candidate. I will further note that he is deleting comments on his page already. That is not something politicians can do. I have to ask is he is also blocking people at this point on his campaign page? The only comments he allows are his drooling sycophants.

Ron Vogel is being advised by Matt Braynard. A former Trump guy, literally.

Matt Braynard is a guy who pop-pooed January 6, 2021. Or more simplistically, really, it was okay . That event was not okay. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

Washington Post: Matt Braynard, former Trump campaign aide, nabs spotlight with Capitol crusade

By Ellie Silverman and Rachel Weiner
September 17, 2021 at 8:00 p.m. EDT

The last time Matt Braynard held a rally in D.C. to defend those arrested for storming the Capitol on Jan. 6, about 100 people showed up. But now Braynard is taking his protest outside the site of the insurrection, leading to heightened law enforcement and widespread media coverage.

He has the attention he has long sought, putting Washington on high alert for a rally he himself estimated hundreds, not thousands, would attend. But he doesn’t have the broad support of the far right as he seeks to position himself as one of its leaders.

Some of the members of Congress most outspoken in supporting Donald Trump and spreading false narratives around the Capitol attack are not attending. Trump himself told the Federalist the rally was a “setup,” adding people who showed up would “be harassed.” He didn’t mention Braynard, who briefly worked on his 2016 campaign.

Braynard, who as of last fall ran some of his efforts from a Northern Virginia apartment, has his own consulting firm and has worked for years in Republican polling and data analysis. But he has found a more public role supporting false narratives surrounding the 2020 election.

“He has taken it upon himself to try to embody the far right’s greater desire to rewrite the history of January 6 in a way that is more flattering to themselves,” said Jared Holt, a resident fellow at the Atlantic Council’s digital forensic research lab who researches domestic extremism.

After Trump lost reelection in 2020, Braynard began inserting himself into the former president’s universe, supporting both his false claims of election irregularities and those inspired to attack the Capitol to stop the supposed fraud.

So now you know, that’s who’s running Ronnie with campaign Tourette’s. And once again those who are in charge of the Chester County Republicans are allowing people from outside our area and even our state to interfere in general. It’s not just elections it’s everywhere.

So it makes perfect sense that Ronnie would be courting the Stepford Wives for Totalitarianism. They are birds of a feather if not anything else. The question for everyone in Chester County and the 6th congressional district is are you going to allow birds of a feather to take over our lives?

Our country was founded to run on a two party system. In my humble opinion both parties are freaking dysfunctional right now. But the Republican Party has the highest level of dysfunction because they are allowing themselves to be controlled by people that are literally not actually Republicans. Those people are the ones who are the actual RINOs or Republican in name only.

Eventually friends of mine who are Republicans are going to reach out to me and tell me how wrong I am. But I’m not. And I understand full well their frustration with the way the Chester County Republican Party is run out of West Chester. But supporting candidates who actually do not share their values and who will do more harm than good is worse than doing nothing at all.

Just say no. He won’t represent the plurality, he will represent mob mentality.

pi (π) day and other fun tales

Yesterday for Pi (π) Day, I made a dinner pie. I made a chicken sausage pot pie with a mashed potato top crust.

Now that we have the pleasantries out-of-the-way, let’s dive into the Stepford wives for totalitarianism. They don’t love me this week because I kind of object to their gender phobias when it comes to kids in school along with everything else they are phobic or rabid about.

There is an issue going on in the Great Valley School District. It was highlighted by a website.

📌If you are the parent of a child questioning their gender identity in the Great Valley School District, their teacher is not allowed to tell you.

In fact, under district policy, the teacher is required to keep that information secret from parents. And the teacher must also call your child by the name they choose and refer to them by the pronouns they wish.

“It seems to be a very disturbing thing to me, keeping this information from parents,” a long-time Great Valley school teacher told Delaware Valley Journal. DVJournal is withholding the teacher’s name at their request, to allow them to speak freely without the fear of backlash.📌

I don’t have a child who has dealt with gender or questioning their sexual identity. But I am not closing my mind to it, just because we didn’t experience it. Our child did have a classmate in high school who did work through gender identity. The school and the class were very supportive. I know it was hard for this kid even with support.

I have friends whose kids are figuring it out. Two identify as non-binary. They are both lovely kids, one of whom I first met when they were a toddler. These are kids who are lucky because their families are supportive, and their schools seem supportive.

I also don’t pretend to be a person who can get all the pronouns and how they relate straight. I screw them up all of the time because it’s not something I’m familiar with. It’s beyond my realm of personal experience, and I don’t see the world that way. However, I’m not going to criticize anyone who sees things via different gender identities and or sexual preferences. And learning about it doesn’t make me a bad person, because to some if you are tolerant with regard to these issues or try to be understanding that makes you the enemy. But a lot of these people are the same ones who don’t want special needs kids mainstreamed, either.

However for any of these children school can be a very hard place. Home can also be a difficult place. I remember years ago back to when I was in high school. I had friends who are gay who were afraid to come out as such back then. It was very hard for them to feel accepted in this world and to learn to speak their truth. None of us ever loved them any less. As their friends we supported them and we figured when they were ready to tell the world, they would. And eventually they did.

The problem I have with this whistleblower teacher is they don’t even understand these kids nor do they seem capable of trying.

This whole informing the parents issue has missed a rather large point. Legally speaking, certain occupations are mandatory reporters (ie medical personnel in an ER must report a dog bite, teachers must report abuse.) They want teachers to be required to report gender issues? Perhaps consider that FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act ) exists to protect students privacy? The relationship is between the student and the teacher is it not?

Also if they (a teacher) did report gender issues to the parents and it led to any type of abuse at home then the school district could be held liable in a civil case. And if a teacher doesn’t actually know how mandatory reporting works, that’s a little frightening.

So now that they have their Pyrrhic victory over masking in schools they have moved on to basically thinking it’s OK to belittle people who are still wearing masks because they are still uncomfortable after the two years of living with La Vida COVID. They are also working on their book banning list, which also has a lot to do with their fear over gender identity and the sexuality of teenagers essentially.

To these parents who live in this fear is it because you think you will be less of a person somehow if you have a kid who has a different gender identity or sexual preference? Are you saying it’s bad to be gay or to identify as other than the traditional male/female? Or are you just saying it’s bad to be different from what you are or understand?

I have to be honest and say I don’t understand these people. We all try not to judge them but they feel free to judge us and tell all of us that their rights supersede ours always. And we are supposed to just sit there while they spread misinformation and prejudice?

At this point because my views are uncomfortable for these people, I take a daily flogging or stoning. I am a bad woman, I am evil, I’m nasty, I am unhappy, I have problems. Essentially they bully and harass me every single day. But I am the one who is doing the bullying and harassing if I stand up for myself or something I believe in. (Pretzel logic.)

OK we all have problems. No one‘s life is perfect, but honestly? I’m not an unhappy person and it is quite all right if I do not think the way everyone else does. It makes me an individual. I am not mean, unhappy, or troubled because my thought process does not mimic the Sheeple.

I am also not going to apologize for posting about a dysfunctional national group trying to infiltrate every school district and community in our area in hopes of controlling them. Most of these people in these groups are not from our area. And for all the locals that belong to their local “chapters” they don’t even realize that they are the ones being indoctrinated and literally brainwashed. If you look at those groups the national group keeps a hand in every local chapter. These people worry about control and undue influence and they are perfect studies of the topic.

We are put on this earth as individuals, capable of independent thought. We live in a messy world and given all that we are facing globally now, I kind of can’t get over these people who are literally concerned about what the neighbors might think if their children don’t identify exactly as little mini me versions of who they are.

I remember a time when everyone used to be able to coexist a little better. We didn’t always agree, but it wasn’t a death star battle if we did disagree. And again I remind these purported adults, that when they complain to their school districts about bullying in their schools, this is where it comes from: THEM.

Try to go out and enjoy the sunshine today.

just call me hester prynne…only b for blogger.

Hester Prynne. I bet most don’t know what I am referring to. Some will recognize the reference to The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. And before I get into the crux of this post, allow me to reflect on why many wouldn’t understand the Nathaniel Hawthorne reference. The Scarlet Letter as a novel is about shaming and social stigmatizing of Hester Prynne. But do students even read it any longer? Are they allowed to?

I wear my scarlet letter as B for blogger.

The Scarlet Letter is about 17th century New England. Today one could say the similar behaviors portrayed in this novel (written in the 19th century about life in the 17th century) is sort of life imitates art and art imitates life…and today it plays out nearly every day on social media somewhere. The masses used to whisper behind their hands to their pals in the market square, now they just vomit their word salad thoughts all over social media.

This novel by Nathanial Hawthorne also can be distilled down to a society punishing a woman for refusing to conform to what they determined the acceptable standards to be. Judgement of women. Nothing new there. It takes different forms as time progresses, but it comes back to Different = Bad and one of the Sheeple = Good.

You see these parents who don’t want masks, vaccines, and whatever else the flavor of that particular week is, they are also busy, busy, busy trying to ban books. The dumbing down of their children and turning public education into a circus side show act. So this book might no longer be taught, which is of course rather ironic because if you look at fiction today, even television and movies, where and what are the roots? No new breaking of ground, unless based upon fact, they take their cues from classic literature and plays. Just like current events take their cues from history, another thing they don’t want their kids subjected to — actual history.

At the bottom are screenshots from some of the Downingtown Area School District people. I call them crazies because in my opinion what else can you call them? Rational, normal human beings? They hate everyone who is not in their limited world view, they judge everyone and everything the least bit different from them. They are brainwashed and led around by groups outside the area who simply manipulate them. These are people who as individuals are afraid to have opinions that differ from the next mom in the car rider line.

I am their sworn enemy (as in all of this ilk) most probably because I am at the most simple of trying to understand pretzel logic, just different from them. And I dare think and process differently from them. I don’t speak in emojis and weird text abbreviations so I don’t have to write the actual words, and form actual sentences. With these people, no matter who and where they are, they are the kind of people that Different = Bad.

The theory of Different = Bad is why someone else whom I don’t know (or care to know) posted a photo of me in a hospital gown from over a decade ago when I was about to start treatment for breast cancer after having one half of my left breast lobbed off during surgery. I still think that was supposed to ultimately shame me, and it did not. But it sure did piss off a lot of people I did not even know who either knew someone currently being treated for breast cancer or had been, along with breast cancer survivors themselves.

Of course, slightly different topic, but undoubtedly why they have such a hard time with sexual preference and gender identity. And I do not pretend to be an expert on either topic, or even understand all of the gender identity terminology (there is a lot of it and it is simply just new to me and I admit I am learning) , but I do know that these people deserve love, understanding, and respect. And I have quite a few friends whom are with same sex spouses and partners, always have had. They are just my friends and I love them. People like this are also giving someone whom I don’t know in West Chester the business because she must find their views on same sex relationships and gender identity lacking. That screenshot is included with the ones I am referring to. Also interesting to note is one of the commenters is the wife of a big builder in Chester County, so it makes you wonder how will their customers react to her perspective? And is it just me or does it feel exceptionally distasteful?

The bottom line is I can’t control their behavior, I can only control my own behavior, but they don’t seem to grasp that in reverse. I thought I left this petty behavior behind with the days of eminent domain in Ardmore. I mean do these people from their beige, beige worlds really think this is the first time anybody’s called me out by name? Or that people don’t know my name?

Heck, I had two business owners in Ardmore once upon a time write a letter to the editor of the Main Line times that was published. It was literally a pre-cancel culture letter talking about how horrible I was… and naming me, just another community member, by name.

This is their big “Aha” moment. Only I haven’t been hiding. If I was hiding, I would not be signing my name to each post.

These people and people like them are doing this to others all over our communities. They do it everywhere. They think that their behavior is justifiable and decreed by God in the heavens above. Their God must be different from mine as theirs is rather hateful. Oh and on the topic of God, I do indeed mock faux Christians. You see, when you know the real deal actual Christians, you know the difference between them and the ones who perform exorcisms at school board meetings in bad pearls.

And then there are those who harass small businesses about their mask policies as a privately owned company and they video them as they are harassing them. Neat trick when one of the people who makes videos of these things has a mother who owns a very popular business in Downingtown. A business I might add that suffered catastrophic damage during Ida and we all (myself included) supported them when they reopened. Sadly, some of my friends and I will no longer feel comfortable patronizing that business at least for the time being. No that isn’t a boycott, it’s personal choice for the time being. That business was not judged for their masking policies were they?

These people like to essentially project their behaviors onto everyone else. And again I ask you how they don’t understand how their kids learn bullying and other bad behavior they blame school districts and everyone else for?

It’s time to take back our communities from these people. Stand up for yourselves, they only have the power we allow them to have, don’t they? They are mean, they say mean things, they do mean things. They live little lives they try to project upon all of us, every day. It is O.K. to say you think they are wrong. No one needs any of these people as friends, and the fact I say that is yet another thing they don’t like…..bless their hearts.

Well, I must Hester Prynne along now and wear my scarlet letter B, so below here are the screenshots and have a wonderful sunshine-y day. Don’t let the little bitches get you down.

like alice down the proverbial conestoga rabbit hole….

Student humor or taking back their power?

Today started about a TikTok I shared. Above is an image from it. So this woman contacts me at 6:50 AM. Here was the opening salvo:

My 6:50 AM pen pal. Conestoga mom

Let us start with 6:50 AM. Who contacts anyone at 6:50 AM unless it is an emergency and you were calling family or 911?

Homophobic image of minors.


Homophoblic and misleading?


Blames me for photo.

I did not take the photo.

It was in an article I did not write covering mask wars at Conestoga months ago. I guess everyone who writes looks alike or something, but really? Oh no wait…you have to blame me, it’s me. I think you can’t get into your Facebook groups of choice unless you hate me, right?

Savvy Main Line Article. Not a Chester County Ramblings article. Details, Details.

So there was this back and forth with this woman, accusing me of something I did not do….over a photo I did not take in the first place. It took one of my readers to tell me where I had seen the photo used before it appeared in the TikTok thing. It looked familiar, sure, but I didn’t take it. I wasn’t at any of those meetings. As a matter of fact, I have never been on the property of Conestoga High School or the Middle School that hosted that summer meeting – Valley Forge maybe?

Yes, even when I was in high school, I was never, ever on a campus of a school in the Tredyffrin Easttown School District. I went to a couple of events at Radnor (there used to be this wrestling tournament over Christmas vacation that back then friends of mine wrestled in and another thing may have been a play), I went to something at Harriton (a soccer game maybe and that was where we went for SATs), and I took summer school math at Lower Merion High School the summer I was transitioning to Shipley because the math wasn’t enough coming out of Welsh Valley and I had to take an extra class. As a matter of fact one of my former Welsh Valley classmates who was transitioning to Baldwin was in the same class.

This was the Tik Tok I shared that upset her, but hey why go to TikTok when you can blame me, right?

The student Tik Tok.

You will notice I have chosen not to identify this woman. as of now. She contacted this blog in an unsolicited manner, so I could if I wanted to. Just like I have all of the screenshots with her name, only I am choosing to share just one at this point. Without showing her name. She tells me among other things “I know you have posted the original photo because that’s on your blog.”

Wuuuut? No it was on Savvy. It is actually a photo owned by that author’s company. They made no secret of taking photos and covering that whole debacle and MANY others were taking photos that day, except for me, because I wasn’t actually there.

Then I shared these stills because I just didn’t get why I was to blame:

Here is a screen grab FYI of the OTHER TikTok:

The Conestoga alum Tik Tok (don’t know him)

So one thing I also did ask this mom accusing me of being homophobic etc. this morning if she knew why the gentleman heard in the audio recording taken at Conestoga in the OTHER widely circulating TikTok was even in a practice room or locker room or wherever not public space it was that he was addressing these kids in? Was he a coach or a parent volunteer helping the coach? Did he have permission of all of the parents and the school to speak to these kids in such a manner? Were kids given the opportunity to leave who may have felt uncomfortable? I mean why would there be a recording if not as a cry for help for adults to remember they were kids there not little soldier bots?

She chose not to answer the questions about that. Of course if she does know something or if any parent knows something about this or any of the other crap going on at Conestoga, they should tell the school, do the right thing. However, it appears the school district is NOT happy about that and they issued a release or incident report they called it:

Here is the verbiage verbatim:

CHS Incident Report, 2/15/22

We have become aware that on February 11 a parent of a member of the wrestling team entered the boys’ locker room after school without any authorization by or the knowledge of the wrestling coaches or any school administrator. This parent then delivered a speech to the team members to discourage mask wearing in schools.  The District is banning this parent from being on any District property and has reported the incident to the police.

As always the safety and security of our students is paramount.  Entering the locker rooms by anyone other than authorized students or staff is prohibited.  We have enhanced security in this area and have reinforced appropriate procedures with all coaches.

~ TESD 2/15/2022

Now I said to this woman and this morning to my readers on my Facebook page that I felt the kid with the TikTok blip of a video with the photo shop was reacting to the crap that students have been putting up with at Conestoga. To me it screamed a kid taking back their power and/or a cry for help that it’s gotten THAT untenable. Adults tell me the atmosphere at Conestoga is bad. I have to wonder aloud can’t you see where kids who are just tired of this crap and want normal school days for once, might wish to express themselves?

The anti-masking often anti-vaxxing parents are also among those who want to ban books, expecially books which speak to teens exploring their sexuality, etc. So I went back to that TikTok video and read some comments:

So to ME, not knowing the players but reading this is YES a kid taking back his power but it’s not him who did photoshop? Ok, so once again, NOT me. Should the kid who photoshopped taken the photo from Savvy? Maybe not, but totally get their frustration with all the craziness. But it is easier to attack me with everything, like take today’s love note:

These comments come in every day from these people. Yesterday I was snobby and elitist. A few days before that I was a dirty liberal and a community. Today I am the hunchback of Notre Dame, miserable and nasty. Also ridiculous, fat, and nasty and “everybody hates me” , and I can’t write. And people wonder why I think the Stepford Wives for Totalitarianism and their ilk are pretty much just basic, bullying bitches? (Semi rhetorical and the answer is because they are.)

➜ ➜➜➜➜ And they wonder where kids learn about bullying and then they complain about that too don’t they?

And these people? They crave attention, they want the spotlight, only when it happens and it isn’t what they want exactly, then what? Quick answer: always nasty.

When the Conestoga walk-out was happening, the self-righteous “conservatives” publicized it all over including here:

Ok sure you hear about these things quickly if you have friends with kids in a district, but you also hear because these people tell everyone. They post public photos and videos. They belong to extra special groups that have more leaks than the Titanic.

And let’s touch on last night’s media coverage of the Conestoga virtual day due to threats:

Snippet of CBS 3 report – not full reportfollow this LINK for full report.

CBS 3 and others covered it. 6ABC. The Inquirer.

I will say it again, that no kid should be threatened or harassed the way the CBS3 report indicates. But the kid interviewed by CBS 3 who purportedly led the walk out? Should he have been attacked? NO and NONE of these kids should be attacked.

Kids shouldn’t be bullied, period.

My sources tell me Conestoga High School is in crisis. From what we see that is leaked out via media, it is a school in crisis. And it is but one of many schools experiencing this. Downingtown district, Great Valley, Radnor (and Radnor even has lawn signs.) Radnor has like three Facebook groups now: Reimagine Radnor, Unmask Radnor, and Radnor Parents Union.

When does the madness stop? When do those who have been driving this train off a cliff take responsibility for their actions?

Every day, it is something new with these people. It’s old, we’re all tired. Your rights do not supersede the rest of the population. You all don’t like me? That’s on you. You do not get to tell me how I should think.

These alt groups? THEY created this. THEY groomed your kids to do the craziness at Conestoga. THEY are grooming kids in other districts. THEY want attention but if they can’t control the narrative with their skewed and limited world view, THEY freak out. THEY project – everyone else is mean, racist, homophobic, and so on and so forth. I realize people like this are as old as time itself, but wow it was nice not knowing they existed in the days that were pre-internet. And they could also just behave differently. But they act self-important, overly entitled skitzoid tornadoes. Take the meeting from January where these people were even rude to kids speaking.

I think all adults and the students deserve better. In all of these schools. I completely expect that as soon as I hit publish, more of you will come at me with your basic, bullying drivel. You put things out into the public, and you don’t like anyone who doesn’t agree with you. You call people fascists and communists and it’s actually hysterical because you all should check yourselves: you are the ones behaving as such. You spout big thoughts like civil rights, freedom, patriotism. You seem to fail to understand the people who suffered an died so you could have the freedom to behave like jackasses. No one can educate you, because you are never wrong. That’s on you.

But you don’t get to tell the rest of us how to think, nor do you have the right to try to make us capitulate to your will. That is actual freedom. Not hunting those who disagree with you like big game.

Public education has limits, but people like you limit it more.

I will close with a little something from the Conestoga student paper. A screenshot from their Instagram. I am sure these kids are taking heat too. I would say “just stop” but you can’t, can you? If it isn’t masks, it will be something else. But enough already. Your ilk is turning all of our communities into three ring circuses and nothing gets done. And the greatest of bitter ironies is you are actually hurting the kids you claim you are protecting.

the new feminists? or just more basic bullying b*tches?

The feminists I understood and understood what they stood for.

I am amused and bemused by the women who have popped up living their best social media lives. They all want to be influencers. But what is an influencer exactly and why really should we care?

I call them the new feminists. I do that VERY tongue in cheek so that I do not offend actual feminists who have fought for the rights of women.

You see them everywhere and they’re always talking about empowering women. A lot of them are involved in multi level marketing schemes versus things you can buy in the store. A lot of the time their multi level marketing schemes means buying a piece of them. Even in a feather tutu in a laundromat.

I have zero issue with someone who tells women they should practice self care. I will get that out of the way now. But women who practice endless narcissism and pretend to be Mother Theresa? Yeah, no thank you.

Feminism used to be something I understood. But today? This new wave of I don’t know what they are other than bobble headed follow the leader Stepford wives? I don’t get them. They fashion themselves as new feminists and they only are capable of saving the world and our society. But hey it’s ok they are completely and utterly self focused, which is why I don’t understand how they think they are helping anything?

They feel they are all so liberated fighting for “civil rights”. No not civil rights, that is their code for anti-maskers/anti-vaxxers. They are literally puppets being controlled by people, sometimes but not always other women, who have started these “liberty” groups out of state. Or “conservative” groups. A lot of these groups have websites and ask for their devoted to support them. No one ever talks about these groups NOT being non-profits, most not even a 501(c)(4) which is a civic action organization and also not tax deductible.

These women want to educate you on the United States Constitution. Too bad they don’t get inalienable rights aren’t subjective. Their rights do not supersede my rights or anyone else’s. They want you to know always that their rights matter more.

Then these women want to tell you what it is to be a true conservative. Or even Republican. They can’t buy a clue and these are also the ilk who vote how they are told, so how are they trail blazing new feminists in the first place? The answer is of course they are not. What they don’t know at times is actually dangerous. Stepford Wives for Totalitarianism. They don’t like that description, naturally. Probably because they do not understand what totalitarian means.

Here is the definition:

Relating to a system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state.
“a totalitarian regime”

(I put it in pink to make them more comfortable)

These women who claim to be about sisterhood and lifting women up will be the first to turn on you, especially if you are a woman. I will use myself as an example as I am a favorite hate target.

With me they say I am a horrible person, and they love to tell me I can’t write yet they hang on every word I write like a human gaper delay. (Sorry not sorry using that phrase again – it popped into my head recently and there it sits.)

Also with me? They have a lot to say with the fact I went to private school. I will always be unapologetic and grateful to my parents for giving us an opportunity that is not exactly reasonably affordable today, and was still not exactly so back then.

I find it tremendously amusing these hyaenas like to say I must be suspect because my blog’s Facebook page profile photo is a photo of an owl that I took. Well d’oh if you actually knew me, you would know I like owls, so an owl? Not a surprise. I have a skewed perception of freedom and my writing (as per them) is negative and a reflection of my soul. Yes, yes, they are also budding theologists. (Bless their fuzzy hard hearts for caring about my immortal soul.) They like to say I am anonymous, but am I really?

These women scream and shout quite literally at public meetings, yet I am am “miserable” . One in particular likes to finish her thoughts with “I’ll wait”. Even when performing exorcisms while wearing odd necklaces at school board meetings. She is apparently done with women around here and their faux white rage and projecting their mental crisis onto others….and needs a man to check it. I love when people project their issues onto others, don’t you? If she’s done with us lowly females around here, why not go back to wherever she came from?

Maybe these types think my “ramblings” offer no substance. That’s fine. They aren’t who I know, nor are they whom I want to know. That is that whole inner narcissist thing they ascribe to. And of they are so adult, why is it they can’t tune out what they don’t want to read? Oh and they say they want “face to face combat” and what does that even mean?

As per them, a pink “vagina” hat will never stand up against a “freedom fighting patriot.” Well sorry to disappoint, most will tell you I don’t wear a pink pussy hat, and actually don’t wear pink much. But if you want to belittle and mock women who actually get up and fight for the rights of all women, even them, well that is something else entirely. And what do you know from actual Patriot? Added irony? Look at their timelines on social media and they are all sweetness and light and posed family portraits. Yet, they want to be brawlers and call you out behind the gym for sitting at their lunch table or something.

Most of the time I tune these women out. But it has gotten to the point that what they are doing is affecting our daily lives again. Theatrics at school board meetings that include truly vile behavior. Grooming children to do their dirty work while they egg them on. All taxpayers pay for their crap. What am I talking about?

The Stepford Wives for Totalitarianism have been busy grooming kids to their adult politics – take Conestoga High School last week and their “anti mask ” walk out. As in Tredyffrin-Easttown School District. I am told the adult you hear egging these kids on in a video circulating wants to run for State Representative now and was involved in the anti-masking lawsuit that fell flat in that district? So now they are grooming kids to perform THEIR desired act of civil disobedience? The exact same parents who clutch at their strands of sub-par pearls (there are pearls and there are pearls) and spit verbal knives if their plans are interrupted by anything other than their adult agendas, and are “the keep kids in school” crowd…yet now they are grooming children and pimping them out for their own misguided political objectives including walk outs? And are their objectives actually their objectives or were they told it should be their objectives? And more of these “walk outs” are planned locally.

And these parents grooming kids to do this is not cool. By all means teach your children to stand up for what THEY believe in. That is very different from grooming them to do your dirty work which could affect their futures. Do you not think colleges look at these things? You do you, let them do them. Masks might be now, they aren’t forever.

If it’s not anti-vax and anti-mask, they are screaming at school boards calling them pedophiles and want to ban books that make them personally uncomfortable.

These new feministas want to call me a progressive liberal. They practically spit it out like they are calling me an adulteress or something. I use “weird wording” and produce “vile word vomit.” And I am a pissed off entitled child. (Do you hear me laughing? Because I am.) They lament I am not more like bloggers they like to read. Funny thing is if they don’t like what I write, why read me? Why the obsession?

These new feminists are the women who are going to drag us back to the eras women fought to get us out of: not being able to vote, no freedom of choice with our bodies or sexuality at all. You see we aren’t entitled to that because THEIR rights, THEIR wishes are more important than ours. Yes I call some of them narcissists but a lot of them truly do not have the intellectual capacity to be narcissists. They are just plain old vanilla camp followers and basic bullying bitches.

Life goes on and society regresses often as much as it progresses. I don’t pretend to have the answers. But we are regressing dangerously as a society right now at the hands of those who wish to “save” us.

Heard this great line in something I was watching on Netflix:

Life is the balance between your dreams and your truth.

I have probably vented my spleen enough for one evening. Thanks for stopping by.

Song added for no other reason than I hadn’t heard this in forever and love it.