when politics gives me pause

Octorara School District. It’s way out there in Chester County. And something I am struggling with is one of the candidates there and it’s not because of them per se or that I know them personally as I do not, it’s because of what their day job is and I don’t see how you can be a politician and a police officer.

And truthfully, I never would’ve paid attention, except their candidates page seems to be using the day job as a marketing tool for the political campaign, and I’m just not sure how that sits with me.

I’ve had family in law-enforcement over the years. I’ve had many friends in law-enforcement. Many of them had businesses on the side and side gigs but none of those side gigs involved being an elected official and a school board member is an elected official. A school board member is a politician.

And this one seems tied up with that contrarian person and their litigation if not formerly but by association? And then it seems like somebody sending weird letters to the contrarian person and I guess the police/ school board guy and why would somebody do that? That is WRONG no matter what you think of their politics. Doesn’t whomever get those things are always found out? And then you wonder, is it a political tactic that those letters are happening or is it somebody really doing something bad? Either way, it’s horrible and it’s wrong. These people have families.

I guess what I’m also asking is this anonymous letter thing is psycho by design? I’ve actually been the victim of things like this in the past and I remember when the postal inspectors came to pick up the questionable mail back then. What was sent to me went through all sorts of tests at I believe, a federal lab. It was no joke. These things are taken quite seriously and investigated thoroughly.

I am not now, and never have been anti-police, but it gives me pause in this situation when I stop to wonder how does their belief system affect their work potentially? I’m sorry if anyone thinks I think too much, but how do you not think about this?

I just don’t see how you can be both a politician and an officer of the law. I just don’t. I would also note what else gives me pause is this is someone who is also endorsed by Klanned Karenhood.

Anyone endorsed by that Stepford Wives for Totalitarianism you have to look twice at no matter what your politics are because the only way we’re going to get anything done in this area, in this county, in this country, in our individual municipalities and school districts is if we find a way to meet in the middle and those people aren’t about meeting in the middle. And the largest objection I have for them is they are based out of Florida they are NOT a group that is from Pennsylvania, these are people from outside our state, wanting to mess with where we call home and I think that’s wrong. They are an extremism group by their very nature aren’t they?

So there now to all of these candidates who wonder why I have such a problem with these endorsements understand why, even though they should be intelligent enough to already know why.

Anyway, if anyone has thoughts on the topic, I’d be willing to hear them. If anyone attacks me for posting this, I will file a police report.

I am asking legitimate questions I am not slamming anyone. But at the end of the day my feeling remains the same: police officer by day, and politician by night doesn’t work. Also, how do we know night job doesn’t bleed into day job?

Sign me pondering. Thanks for stopping by.