sex lies and videotape…and more tall tales in willistown now seem like an unhealthy obsession with two supervisors by a certain resident?

The title of this post pertains to the craziness of Willistown, not AQUA.

Is this gentleman (using that term loosely) safe to be around in the community? He seems dangerously obsessed with Willistown Township Supervisors William Shoemaker and Bob Lange.

Personally I think he is underneath it all, a man with a big case of the green-eyed monster. This man is jealous of those men. He wants to be those men, down to the generational land they live on. I am allowed that opinion. But those men he will never be.

The obsession over these two supervisors in Willistown is unhealthy. The behavior stalkerish and creepy A.F.

I mean how many god damn times do we have to discuss a $250 campaign contribution that was not accepted? Really, is he still saying Bill Shoemaker sold out his township where his home is and family land for $250? Dude you are like a quackery version of Dynasty episode. Or what about the mythical party where supposedly Bill Shoemaker was at the home of Aqua’s chairman? For that especially, who cares and I guess the Pied Piper of Willistown who also hates chickens doesn’t get invited anywhere? Lord love a duck, no scratch that, he might hate them too. Oh and that never happened, this party dinner thing, did it?

This man wants to imply Bill Shoemaker is dirty. He wants to imply Bob Lange is dirty. Ok, so he doesn’t have to like them, we don’t have to like him. But these constant posts and harping on a non-issue? BIZARRE. UNHEALTHY.

Of course I laugh that this is the wagon the sewer folks have hitched themselves to. The pied piper of misconstrued facts and personal animus and he is NOT even on sewer is he? What is his end game? Run for supervisor? Run someone else for supervisor?

Like I have said all along, I have no problem with people protesting sewer sales. It’s all how it is approached. And for Willistown, having this as someone involved, creates a lack of credibility for those residents who are fighting this. We are judged by the company we keep, and in polite society, that still counts for something. It’s time to leave this man some rubber chickens.

Willistown, this really needs to stop. It’s all just too much. And truthfully sad. The ugliness is seeping into all of your corners. Is that really what you all are about? Ugliness? I mean damn people, is it PFA time in Willistown?

enough already.

Every day, something is attempted.

I told you all my readers and others that I wanted to take a couple of days to myself. Hence the post “gone fishing“.

Why did I write the post? Simple, I am sick of the assorted crap and adult kindergarteners who are more ill-behaved than actual kindergarteners in need of a nap.

I still am sick of the assorted crap, only today a different line is being drawn in the sand: zero tolerance of the trolling, doxxing, cyber stalking, real stalking, and harassment of me.

I have experienced it all, hence the nice graphic above. Cyber-stalking, doxxing, trolling, cyber-bullying, hate speech, public shaming, intimidation, and threats. I have a file, law enforcement is quite aware.

I am a blogger. I also am actually a writer who has had professional bylines. Therefore, when they the stupor fans say I am hiding, I have to ask “how hard have you looked?”

Because I choose NOT to interact with these inane and nasty types of people, I am “hiding”. Choosing not to interact with assh*les is not hiding, it is valuing myself more. It’s self-care after a fashion.

Why does anyone have to have a conversation with keyboard warriors if they choose not to? The answer is you do not. And then there are the ones who say they’ve never met me or interacted with me. That is pretty funny, because oh yes quite a few of you have. Yes, you never know with whom you speak and spout your crazy face to face, do you? Of course the other amusing thing is so many of these keyboard warriors are so incredibly weak and dare I say it, almost soft-spoken in reality. I find that fascinating.

Because of my interactions with these people, I also choose NOT to patronize certain businesses, even if I like the owners. Sometimes they are the owners, sometimes they are the employees of the owners. I don’t wish these businesses ill, so I simply find excuses not to stop in, even when invited. Just like I don’t plague family members of these people or try to do them harm.

Someone asked me recently who I was. I answered that I am myself. That is entirely true. I am not a different person depending on the time of day, year, hour. I am an individual whose voice you just don’t like. Not my literal speaking voice, but because I speak my truth.

This summer I have been doxxed several times. Last year I was doxxed by a Stepford Wife for Totalitarianism who also showed a photo of me in a hospital gown during the time I was undergoing breast cancer surgery and treatment. That was a purely petty female attempt to bully me, only it backfired, didn’t it? There is something that is such in just bad taste when you do that during breast cancer awareness month, which this woman did.

This is how they hope I will be.

And this behavior happens again, and again, and again. I am one middle aged woman, yet I am apparently such a threat to them? How can someone they don’t know who has no desire to interact or socialize with them be such a threat? Or is it because I have no desire to interact or socialize with them I am a threat?

Or am I just a threat because I speak my mind when I feel something is wrong?

These are the people who don’t wish to actually have a conversation with you (or me.) These are the people who are society’s misfits for whatever reason. It is hard for them to accept that they aren’t liked essentially because they are just not universally likable.

I am O.K. if not everyone likes me or loves me because I know who I am. I know who actually cares in real time, and with my loved ones and friends, it’s not about pretense. Our political persuasions, religions, belief systems, and even races are not all the same. You see, you can like people who are not the mirror images of you.

But sadly, that is what makes a lot of these people uncomfortable: if you aren’t the same as them. To them I say, it’s O.K. to live in your beige, beige worlds. God did not create us all to be identical, and God knows you don’t think a lot of us are your equals. And that is O.K. too.

It’s time to draw a line in the sand with regard to targeted harassment.

The following was posted on my blog’s Facebook page at approximated 2:30 AM. I took the screenshot at 8:30 AM when I blocked and reported another fake profile harassing me.

Think about that a minute: they went to all the trouble of creating a fake profile with no history, just so they could harass me, a middle-aged woman at 2:30 AM. Harassing and doxxing me. Saying I am hiding.

I am not hiding. And doxxing me doesn’t mean you will be able to hide forever, either. It all gets logged and reported.

Let’s break down what they said:

(1) I am supposedly hiding. I am not hiding. I just choose whom I wish to associate with which is obviously not them.

(2) I am the one causing all of the division and hate? Umm where exactly besides inside your tiny little mind? That statement is equally sad and pretty funny, so I guess I am personally responsible for establishing world peace too?

(3) “A whole lot of deleted comments and posts on here isn’t healthy” Gosh I am so terribly sorry, the grammar police will definitely be arresting you for sad, sad verbiage. Oh and who decides healthy? Your pal Dr. Oz, perhaps? And deleted comments? Gosh by golly, I guess you forgot you don’t rule the world and the Facebook pages of others?

(4) They are new here? Ha ha ha umm O.K. whatever you say and you won’t have to worry your empty head about anything, you were removed from the page. And why? So you aren’t upset and you can go harass and doxx someone else for a while.

Now let’s look at the profile. Newly created. Only likes a couple of things which are probably not representative of what they actually like or patronize. I still think this is a woman, or maybe they are just petty like a woman.

So why does this happen? Simple: I am not them. I don’t think like them. I am not one of them. I also don’t put up with being bullied, harassed , or intimidated online. And yes, law enforcement does keep an eye out on these activities. Not because I am a horrible person, but rather because people attempt horrible things on myself and others. Every. Single. Day.

I can’t control these people. Their behavior is on them. But they are incensed they can’t control me. But their behavior should not be tolerated by anyone. I don’t cause all the division and hate locally, regionally, nationally, or world-wide. But I will speak out when I feel something is not right. That makes me a threat to their personal perception or ideal of world order. That is on them, not on me, or anyone else.

We all have choices to make in this life of ours. We can choose to squander our lives with hate and bad behavior, or we can try to make our world a better place. I don’t pretend to have all of the answers, I never have. But as a grown ass woman, I know I don’t have to read blogs or Facebook pages I don’t agree with. But human gaper delay being what it is, some of these people are quite literally obsessed with me. That, in fact is what is not healthy. Bless their hearts, Vanna can they buy a clue?

Ciao for now. I would say thanks for stopping by, but y’all interrupted going fishing.

Here’s hoping my stupor fans don’t choke on their hypocrisy today, bless their hearts.

talk of the town

One of the great amusements is why some people are essentially obsessed with me. Not being egotistical, they are.

They can’t fit me in a neat little box they can understand, so I am bad.

I don’t see their perversions of well, life, as a positive, so I am bad.

I don’t drink their brand of Kool Aid, so I am bad. And above all else?

I have no real desire to interact with them, so I am extra bad AND a threat.

Why am I a threat? Because I don’t see their narrow view of the world? Why is that bad? Why does everyone have to think the same? That is so Stepford Wives of them, a reference they don’t understand.

They say I am “hiding” but I take to Twitter? News Flash, I have been on Twitter since the beginning, and choosing not to associate or interact with people is not hiding. None of us are expected to interact with everyone, that is a ridiculous and infantile notion.

You see, a lot of these people are the armchair tigers, the keyboard warriors who spend their lives pouring over the words, actions and deeds of others and spouting verbal diarrhea to boot. Why on earth do I or anyone sane want to hang out an have a conversation with them. And why does anyone have to?

Conversation. That’s a great idea….but not with the perennially self righteous. They are not interested in what you or I or anyone else has to say unless it’s reverberating off of their echo chambers on social media. These people are super upset to find themselves blocked by my blog’s Facebook page. Life is not a Cheerocracy, I can choose NOT to respond and how to express myself.

I can also choose with whom I am connected to on any level. I choose not to be connected to these people. Besides, they aren’t in the least interested in a conversation, they just want to perform a beat down so why would that interest anyone?

Yes if they want to say I am an ogre with purple hair and green skin, I can’t control that. But I can control whom I let into my world. They are not value added. On any level. Don’t want to know them.

My blog is libel say they? Honeys, that thing called the First Amendment is not subjective. Rights are not subjective. They do not have a right to tear me up, down, or sideways. Mind you these are the kinds of people that send comments into this blog that I am a fat slob, a bully pig, Far left gross lib, oink oink brainless monkey, commie, Marxist, Socialist, etc., etc.

I mean oh come on really?

One woman here, just one woman, i.e. me. I don’t get it. I don’t have to be like them and they don’t have to be like me only we all have to be like them? Very confusing.

And these are the people that regularly doxx and more others, but if you point out something THEY said publicly on their social media like Facebook (ya know that little wee globe) or said publicly in a Facebook group, chicken little the sky will fall in? But hey I am just yakking smack, right?

Ok pretzel logic.

You have to understand that most of these people who have a jihad out on me are super public in what they do, like and dislike, so if they didn’t wish to be discussed, why do they do what they do?

To my readers and friends who are so kind with regard to me, I am sorry they then rail against you with full blown word salads. I also know sometimes they just rail against you not having to do with me. Face it, these people just rail. It’s all do as we say, not as we do, right?

It’s kind of like dealing with the people who were looking for secret messages in Beatles albums way back when, and playing songs backwards. They will undoubtedly rip this post apart looking for hidden meaning or interpretation, bless their hearts. WWJD? Not my department, only God don’t like ugly is the refrain of the time in which we live.

How truly bizarre they are.

Enjoy the embedded videos.

bless their hearts, fan mail (they shouldn’t have)

I so look forward to my fan mail! It’s so delightful the way todays “conservatives” and “Republicans” react to criticism or something they don’t like, you know like famous 6th District Congressional Candidate Guy #whereisGUY Ciarrocchhiiii? Yes I added some letters to his name, it adds a creative touch (You’re welcome Guy!)

Please note I put “conservatives” or “Republicans” in air quotes because essentially they aren’t either. They are a gene mutation and actually don’t understand what it is to be either. These are the people killing the Party of Lincoln one piece of nastiness at a time. These are the people who think every kind of phobic is o.k. and what happened January 6, 2021 was just a harmless parade.

Well I don’t believe today’s fab fan mail came from any candidate or their campaign, but it was in response to my post miles to go before we sleep.

Imagine this: they called me a pig. So imaginative, and why just the other day I was just a fat slob! And Oh they use my entire name like that is supposed to intimidate me, and they list an email address I don’t have. Gosh, they are so original!

Please note I edited their name. I can actually do that. Here was their eloquent message:

I am a bully pig and liberal moron and I am supposed to sit around all day and eat and get fatter. Bless your heart for caring about my well being!

It is a toss up if this writer was male or female, not that it matters.

It’s kind of funny, isn’t it? They are completely unable to have a conversation so they do this? And mind you, these are the people whole live in moral fear and indignation over drag queens. Imagine what their children are learning at home?

This is the world these people live in: we must see things their way, repeat after them. That’s it, that’s all. Gosh ummmm…. NOPE.

Once again I marvel that people like this spawn.

And I am actually not so liberal. But socially liberal to these people (or just having a brain and using it) is like walking the earth with a green head and purple tongue. And hey they also like projecting and calling random good people racists too. They are just so original they need that paper gold star they envy that first grader for. Oh and yes, lest we forget, these are the people who complain about bullying in school. Can you imagine? (drip, drip heavy sarcasm intended.)

What evs.

Hide in the shadows, take nasty predictable potshots at me, threaten me, harass me and what will happen beside law enforcement eventually coming a calling in your direction? People will stand up to you, and that includes actual conservatives and true Republicans. Not because I am so important, or important at all, but because they are tired of what you haters represent and the fact you are the ones ruining this country.

It’s a shame the Island of Misfit Toys doesn’t have room for all of you.

Kiss kiss haters. God don’t like ugly.

just call me hester prynne…only b for blogger.

Hester Prynne. I bet most don’t know what I am referring to. Some will recognize the reference to The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. And before I get into the crux of this post, allow me to reflect on why many wouldn’t understand the Nathaniel Hawthorne reference. The Scarlet Letter as a novel is about shaming and social stigmatizing of Hester Prynne. But do students even read it any longer? Are they allowed to?

I wear my scarlet letter as B for blogger.

The Scarlet Letter is about 17th century New England. Today one could say the similar behaviors portrayed in this novel (written in the 19th century about life in the 17th century) is sort of life imitates art and art imitates life…and today it plays out nearly every day on social media somewhere. The masses used to whisper behind their hands to their pals in the market square, now they just vomit their word salad thoughts all over social media.

This novel by Nathanial Hawthorne also can be distilled down to a society punishing a woman for refusing to conform to what they determined the acceptable standards to be. Judgement of women. Nothing new there. It takes different forms as time progresses, but it comes back to Different = Bad and one of the Sheeple = Good.

You see these parents who don’t want masks, vaccines, and whatever else the flavor of that particular week is, they are also busy, busy, busy trying to ban books. The dumbing down of their children and turning public education into a circus side show act. So this book might no longer be taught, which is of course rather ironic because if you look at fiction today, even television and movies, where and what are the roots? No new breaking of ground, unless based upon fact, they take their cues from classic literature and plays. Just like current events take their cues from history, another thing they don’t want their kids subjected to — actual history.

At the bottom are screenshots from some of the Downingtown Area School District people. I call them crazies because in my opinion what else can you call them? Rational, normal human beings? They hate everyone who is not in their limited world view, they judge everyone and everything the least bit different from them. They are brainwashed and led around by groups outside the area who simply manipulate them. These are people who as individuals are afraid to have opinions that differ from the next mom in the car rider line.

I am their sworn enemy (as in all of this ilk) most probably because I am at the most simple of trying to understand pretzel logic, just different from them. And I dare think and process differently from them. I don’t speak in emojis and weird text abbreviations so I don’t have to write the actual words, and form actual sentences. With these people, no matter who and where they are, they are the kind of people that Different = Bad.

The theory of Different = Bad is why someone else whom I don’t know (or care to know) posted a photo of me in a hospital gown from over a decade ago when I was about to start treatment for breast cancer after having one half of my left breast lobbed off during surgery. I still think that was supposed to ultimately shame me, and it did not. But it sure did piss off a lot of people I did not even know who either knew someone currently being treated for breast cancer or had been, along with breast cancer survivors themselves.

Of course, slightly different topic, but undoubtedly why they have such a hard time with sexual preference and gender identity. And I do not pretend to be an expert on either topic, or even understand all of the gender identity terminology (there is a lot of it and it is simply just new to me and I admit I am learning) , but I do know that these people deserve love, understanding, and respect. And I have quite a few friends whom are with same sex spouses and partners, always have had. They are just my friends and I love them. People like this are also giving someone whom I don’t know in West Chester the business because she must find their views on same sex relationships and gender identity lacking. That screenshot is included with the ones I am referring to. Also interesting to note is one of the commenters is the wife of a big builder in Chester County, so it makes you wonder how will their customers react to her perspective? And is it just me or does it feel exceptionally distasteful?

The bottom line is I can’t control their behavior, I can only control my own behavior, but they don’t seem to grasp that in reverse. I thought I left this petty behavior behind with the days of eminent domain in Ardmore. I mean do these people from their beige, beige worlds really think this is the first time anybody’s called me out by name? Or that people don’t know my name?

Heck, I had two business owners in Ardmore once upon a time write a letter to the editor of the Main Line times that was published. It was literally a pre-cancel culture letter talking about how horrible I was… and naming me, just another community member, by name.

This is their big “Aha” moment. Only I haven’t been hiding. If I was hiding, I would not be signing my name to each post.

These people and people like them are doing this to others all over our communities. They do it everywhere. They think that their behavior is justifiable and decreed by God in the heavens above. Their God must be different from mine as theirs is rather hateful. Oh and on the topic of God, I do indeed mock faux Christians. You see, when you know the real deal actual Christians, you know the difference between them and the ones who perform exorcisms at school board meetings in bad pearls.

And then there are those who harass small businesses about their mask policies as a privately owned company and they video them as they are harassing them. Neat trick when one of the people who makes videos of these things has a mother who owns a very popular business in Downingtown. A business I might add that suffered catastrophic damage during Ida and we all (myself included) supported them when they reopened. Sadly, some of my friends and I will no longer feel comfortable patronizing that business at least for the time being. No that isn’t a boycott, it’s personal choice for the time being. That business was not judged for their masking policies were they?

These people like to essentially project their behaviors onto everyone else. And again I ask you how they don’t understand how their kids learn bullying and other bad behavior they blame school districts and everyone else for?

It’s time to take back our communities from these people. Stand up for yourselves, they only have the power we allow them to have, don’t they? They are mean, they say mean things, they do mean things. They live little lives they try to project upon all of us, every day. It is O.K. to say you think they are wrong. No one needs any of these people as friends, and the fact I say that is yet another thing they don’t like…..bless their hearts.

Well, I must Hester Prynne along now and wear my scarlet letter B, so below here are the screenshots and have a wonderful sunshine-y day. Don’t let the little bitches get you down.

the “lady” doth protest too much, methinks

This post is all about the desperately seeking relevance of others. Apparently another veiled attempt to Lady Whistledown by a nouveau blogger who appeared during the last election season.

Usually this Stepford Wife for Totalitarianism steps out of her beige, beige world to harass school board candidates, chat about school board meetings, and school board members in general. She has her limited worldview of politics, usually in the Downingtown Area School District. Truthfully, I had forgotten she existed. I will admit I think I only read one of her posts. She doesn’t really make sense to me as a writer, so I don’t read her. She panders to her base, and that’s fine. I am not her base.

It must be a slow “news” cycle for her as I am her latest target. I know she’s very excited about her post, so glad I could help her out.

Why me? Probably because my blog has readership. Probably because if she thinks she can take me on she will have her “following” increased.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? Truthfully with her? It’s just kind of dollar store flattery I suppose.

Apparently as per her, I am not allowed to defend my friends or even ever myself. I am also supposed to just let every threatening, harassing, bullying, and even obnoxious comments (probably from her friends) just exist . Daily comments that would send her and her ilk running to their schools screaming and flapping at school administrators about cyber bullying and bullying…. and I ask again (laughing) where do they think these kids learn it?

A Facebook group in Havertown which I never knew or cared existed shared the post. That was pretty funny. I don’t and never have lived in Delco, but my Delco friends saw it and sent it to me (laughing.)

I will note that everything I write seems to be a big hairy deal in their book. And they use such flowery, pretentious, and supercilious language to describe it. Like big hair and Aquanet in an aerosol can, a bit out of fashion as a writing style. They really should just try to have their own voice instead of pretending to be something that they think people will read. But to each her own, right?

One of their big issues is they think that someone’s IP address is “private.“ No, not really. And when you write to a website like a blog or a newspaper or a magazine or a television station or anything , information is all logged. Along with whatever email address real or fake you use. If I choose to disclose when the nasty comments come in, that is in fact not doxxing. I didn’t seek their email address, name, IP address out they provided it.

Of course, in my mind this always begs the question if I am such a horrible human being, why do they read this blog? If they are the adults they represent themselves to be, then they have the free will to scroll past anything they don’t want to read/like to read, correct? My blog isn’t exactly required reading is it?

But, as always, if you are the least little bit unique or more independent minded than what these types of people are comfortable with, you are just bad. There’s no point in even arguing with them because their arguments don’t make sense to anyone but themselves, anyway.

This blogger and her pals see themselves as arbiters of taste, Lily White angels of democracy, their truth, and the American Way… or something like that. They are literally the living embodiment of a bully and a hypocrite but they project that on me? Come on now, really?

Ok whatever blows her skirt up. She can say I am a terrible person, but not a narcissist. That is pretty funny, actually, because I definitely am not. I also don’t think everyone who disagrees with me is bad. Of course it is impossible to reason with people who have skewed visions of basic reality. It’s really fine for them to live in their bubble, they just can’t expect all of us to move in and live in that bubble with them.

I can look in the mirror every day and I will be able to look the Lord in the face on judgment day with a clear heart. I don’t need this blogger to approve or disapprove of me. Essentially I’m just click bait so she gets readers to her Uwchlan vicinity blog. She capitalizes “This Author” like she is Jane Austen, George Eliot or a Brontë. She isn’t. She is just another tarted up bullying b*tch, and truthfully people like that have a shelf life, don’t they? (But I will give her the bump she craves.)

However, if this one is calling me a “harpy”, I must be doing something right, yes?

Kiss 💋 kiss 💋 haters,



like alice down the proverbial conestoga rabbit hole….

Student humor or taking back their power?

Today started about a TikTok I shared. Above is an image from it. So this woman contacts me at 6:50 AM. Here was the opening salvo:

My 6:50 AM pen pal. Conestoga mom

Let us start with 6:50 AM. Who contacts anyone at 6:50 AM unless it is an emergency and you were calling family or 911?

Homophobic image of minors.


Homophoblic and misleading?


Blames me for photo.

I did not take the photo.

It was in an article I did not write covering mask wars at Conestoga months ago. I guess everyone who writes looks alike or something, but really? Oh no wait…you have to blame me, it’s me. I think you can’t get into your Facebook groups of choice unless you hate me, right?

Savvy Main Line Article. Not a Chester County Ramblings article. Details, Details.

So there was this back and forth with this woman, accusing me of something I did not do….over a photo I did not take in the first place. It took one of my readers to tell me where I had seen the photo used before it appeared in the TikTok thing. It looked familiar, sure, but I didn’t take it. I wasn’t at any of those meetings. As a matter of fact, I have never been on the property of Conestoga High School or the Middle School that hosted that summer meeting – Valley Forge maybe?

Yes, even when I was in high school, I was never, ever on a campus of a school in the Tredyffrin Easttown School District. I went to a couple of events at Radnor (there used to be this wrestling tournament over Christmas vacation that back then friends of mine wrestled in and another thing may have been a play), I went to something at Harriton (a soccer game maybe and that was where we went for SATs), and I took summer school math at Lower Merion High School the summer I was transitioning to Shipley because the math wasn’t enough coming out of Welsh Valley and I had to take an extra class. As a matter of fact one of my former Welsh Valley classmates who was transitioning to Baldwin was in the same class.

This was the Tik Tok I shared that upset her, but hey why go to TikTok when you can blame me, right?

The student Tik Tok.

You will notice I have chosen not to identify this woman. as of now. She contacted this blog in an unsolicited manner, so I could if I wanted to. Just like I have all of the screenshots with her name, only I am choosing to share just one at this point. Without showing her name. She tells me among other things “I know you have posted the original photo because that’s on your blog.”

Wuuuut? No it was on Savvy. It is actually a photo owned by that author’s company. They made no secret of taking photos and covering that whole debacle and MANY others were taking photos that day, except for me, because I wasn’t actually there.

Then I shared these stills because I just didn’t get why I was to blame:

Here is a screen grab FYI of the OTHER TikTok:

The Conestoga alum Tik Tok (don’t know him)

So one thing I also did ask this mom accusing me of being homophobic etc. this morning if she knew why the gentleman heard in the audio recording taken at Conestoga in the OTHER widely circulating TikTok was even in a practice room or locker room or wherever not public space it was that he was addressing these kids in? Was he a coach or a parent volunteer helping the coach? Did he have permission of all of the parents and the school to speak to these kids in such a manner? Were kids given the opportunity to leave who may have felt uncomfortable? I mean why would there be a recording if not as a cry for help for adults to remember they were kids there not little soldier bots?

She chose not to answer the questions about that. Of course if she does know something or if any parent knows something about this or any of the other crap going on at Conestoga, they should tell the school, do the right thing. However, it appears the school district is NOT happy about that and they issued a release or incident report they called it:

Here is the verbiage verbatim:

CHS Incident Report, 2/15/22

We have become aware that on February 11 a parent of a member of the wrestling team entered the boys’ locker room after school without any authorization by or the knowledge of the wrestling coaches or any school administrator. This parent then delivered a speech to the team members to discourage mask wearing in schools.  The District is banning this parent from being on any District property and has reported the incident to the police.

As always the safety and security of our students is paramount.  Entering the locker rooms by anyone other than authorized students or staff is prohibited.  We have enhanced security in this area and have reinforced appropriate procedures with all coaches.

~ TESD 2/15/2022

Now I said to this woman and this morning to my readers on my Facebook page that I felt the kid with the TikTok blip of a video with the photo shop was reacting to the crap that students have been putting up with at Conestoga. To me it screamed a kid taking back their power and/or a cry for help that it’s gotten THAT untenable. Adults tell me the atmosphere at Conestoga is bad. I have to wonder aloud can’t you see where kids who are just tired of this crap and want normal school days for once, might wish to express themselves?

The anti-masking often anti-vaxxing parents are also among those who want to ban books, expecially books which speak to teens exploring their sexuality, etc. So I went back to that TikTok video and read some comments:

So to ME, not knowing the players but reading this is YES a kid taking back his power but it’s not him who did photoshop? Ok, so once again, NOT me. Should the kid who photoshopped taken the photo from Savvy? Maybe not, but totally get their frustration with all the craziness. But it is easier to attack me with everything, like take today’s love note:

These comments come in every day from these people. Yesterday I was snobby and elitist. A few days before that I was a dirty liberal and a community. Today I am the hunchback of Notre Dame, miserable and nasty. Also ridiculous, fat, and nasty and “everybody hates me” , and I can’t write. And people wonder why I think the Stepford Wives for Totalitarianism and their ilk are pretty much just basic, bullying bitches? (Semi rhetorical and the answer is because they are.)

➜ ➜➜➜➜ And they wonder where kids learn about bullying and then they complain about that too don’t they?

And these people? They crave attention, they want the spotlight, only when it happens and it isn’t what they want exactly, then what? Quick answer: always nasty.

When the Conestoga walk-out was happening, the self-righteous “conservatives” publicized it all over including here:

Ok sure you hear about these things quickly if you have friends with kids in a district, but you also hear because these people tell everyone. They post public photos and videos. They belong to extra special groups that have more leaks than the Titanic.

And let’s touch on last night’s media coverage of the Conestoga virtual day due to threats:

Snippet of CBS 3 report – not full reportfollow this LINK for full report.

CBS 3 and others covered it. 6ABC. The Inquirer.

I will say it again, that no kid should be threatened or harassed the way the CBS3 report indicates. But the kid interviewed by CBS 3 who purportedly led the walk out? Should he have been attacked? NO and NONE of these kids should be attacked.

Kids shouldn’t be bullied, period.

My sources tell me Conestoga High School is in crisis. From what we see that is leaked out via media, it is a school in crisis. And it is but one of many schools experiencing this. Downingtown district, Great Valley, Radnor (and Radnor even has lawn signs.) Radnor has like three Facebook groups now: Reimagine Radnor, Unmask Radnor, and Radnor Parents Union.

When does the madness stop? When do those who have been driving this train off a cliff take responsibility for their actions?

Every day, it is something new with these people. It’s old, we’re all tired. Your rights do not supersede the rest of the population. You all don’t like me? That’s on you. You do not get to tell me how I should think.

These alt groups? THEY created this. THEY groomed your kids to do the craziness at Conestoga. THEY are grooming kids in other districts. THEY want attention but if they can’t control the narrative with their skewed and limited world view, THEY freak out. THEY project – everyone else is mean, racist, homophobic, and so on and so forth. I realize people like this are as old as time itself, but wow it was nice not knowing they existed in the days that were pre-internet. And they could also just behave differently. But they act self-important, overly entitled skitzoid tornadoes. Take the meeting from January where these people were even rude to kids speaking.

I think all adults and the students deserve better. In all of these schools. I completely expect that as soon as I hit publish, more of you will come at me with your basic, bullying drivel. You put things out into the public, and you don’t like anyone who doesn’t agree with you. You call people fascists and communists and it’s actually hysterical because you all should check yourselves: you are the ones behaving as such. You spout big thoughts like civil rights, freedom, patriotism. You seem to fail to understand the people who suffered an died so you could have the freedom to behave like jackasses. No one can educate you, because you are never wrong. That’s on you.

But you don’t get to tell the rest of us how to think, nor do you have the right to try to make us capitulate to your will. That is actual freedom. Not hunting those who disagree with you like big game.

Public education has limits, but people like you limit it more.

I will close with a little something from the Conestoga student paper. A screenshot from their Instagram. I am sure these kids are taking heat too. I would say “just stop” but you can’t, can you? If it isn’t masks, it will be something else. But enough already. Your ilk is turning all of our communities into three ring circuses and nothing gets done. And the greatest of bitter ironies is you are actually hurting the kids you claim you are protecting.

the new feminists? or just more basic bullying b*tches?

The feminists I understood and understood what they stood for.

I am amused and bemused by the women who have popped up living their best social media lives. They all want to be influencers. But what is an influencer exactly and why really should we care?

I call them the new feminists. I do that VERY tongue in cheek so that I do not offend actual feminists who have fought for the rights of women.

You see them everywhere and they’re always talking about empowering women. A lot of them are involved in multi level marketing schemes versus things you can buy in the store. A lot of the time their multi level marketing schemes means buying a piece of them. Even in a feather tutu in a laundromat.

I have zero issue with someone who tells women they should practice self care. I will get that out of the way now. But women who practice endless narcissism and pretend to be Mother Theresa? Yeah, no thank you.

Feminism used to be something I understood. But today? This new wave of I don’t know what they are other than bobble headed follow the leader Stepford wives? I don’t get them. They fashion themselves as new feminists and they only are capable of saving the world and our society. But hey it’s ok they are completely and utterly self focused, which is why I don’t understand how they think they are helping anything?

They feel they are all so liberated fighting for “civil rights”. No not civil rights, that is their code for anti-maskers/anti-vaxxers. They are literally puppets being controlled by people, sometimes but not always other women, who have started these “liberty” groups out of state. Or “conservative” groups. A lot of these groups have websites and ask for their devoted to support them. No one ever talks about these groups NOT being non-profits, most not even a 501(c)(4) which is a civic action organization and also not tax deductible.

These women want to educate you on the United States Constitution. Too bad they don’t get inalienable rights aren’t subjective. Their rights do not supersede my rights or anyone else’s. They want you to know always that their rights matter more.

Then these women want to tell you what it is to be a true conservative. Or even Republican. They can’t buy a clue and these are also the ilk who vote how they are told, so how are they trail blazing new feminists in the first place? The answer is of course they are not. What they don’t know at times is actually dangerous. Stepford Wives for Totalitarianism. They don’t like that description, naturally. Probably because they do not understand what totalitarian means.

Here is the definition:

Relating to a system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state.
“a totalitarian regime”

(I put it in pink to make them more comfortable)

These women who claim to be about sisterhood and lifting women up will be the first to turn on you, especially if you are a woman. I will use myself as an example as I am a favorite hate target.

With me they say I am a horrible person, and they love to tell me I can’t write yet they hang on every word I write like a human gaper delay. (Sorry not sorry using that phrase again – it popped into my head recently and there it sits.)

Also with me? They have a lot to say with the fact I went to private school. I will always be unapologetic and grateful to my parents for giving us an opportunity that is not exactly reasonably affordable today, and was still not exactly so back then.

I find it tremendously amusing these hyaenas like to say I must be suspect because my blog’s Facebook page profile photo is a photo of an owl that I took. Well d’oh if you actually knew me, you would know I like owls, so an owl? Not a surprise. I have a skewed perception of freedom and my writing (as per them) is negative and a reflection of my soul. Yes, yes, they are also budding theologists. (Bless their fuzzy hard hearts for caring about my immortal soul.) They like to say I am anonymous, but am I really?

These women scream and shout quite literally at public meetings, yet I am am “miserable” . One in particular likes to finish her thoughts with “I’ll wait”. Even when performing exorcisms while wearing odd necklaces at school board meetings. She is apparently done with women around here and their faux white rage and projecting their mental crisis onto others….and needs a man to check it. I love when people project their issues onto others, don’t you? If she’s done with us lowly females around here, why not go back to wherever she came from?

Maybe these types think my “ramblings” offer no substance. That’s fine. They aren’t who I know, nor are they whom I want to know. That is that whole inner narcissist thing they ascribe to. And of they are so adult, why is it they can’t tune out what they don’t want to read? Oh and they say they want “face to face combat” and what does that even mean?

As per them, a pink “vagina” hat will never stand up against a “freedom fighting patriot.” Well sorry to disappoint, most will tell you I don’t wear a pink pussy hat, and actually don’t wear pink much. But if you want to belittle and mock women who actually get up and fight for the rights of all women, even them, well that is something else entirely. And what do you know from actual Patriot? Added irony? Look at their timelines on social media and they are all sweetness and light and posed family portraits. Yet, they want to be brawlers and call you out behind the gym for sitting at their lunch table or something.

Most of the time I tune these women out. But it has gotten to the point that what they are doing is affecting our daily lives again. Theatrics at school board meetings that include truly vile behavior. Grooming children to do their dirty work while they egg them on. All taxpayers pay for their crap. What am I talking about?

The Stepford Wives for Totalitarianism have been busy grooming kids to their adult politics – take Conestoga High School last week and their “anti mask ” walk out. As in Tredyffrin-Easttown School District. I am told the adult you hear egging these kids on in a video circulating wants to run for State Representative now and was involved in the anti-masking lawsuit that fell flat in that district? So now they are grooming kids to perform THEIR desired act of civil disobedience? The exact same parents who clutch at their strands of sub-par pearls (there are pearls and there are pearls) and spit verbal knives if their plans are interrupted by anything other than their adult agendas, and are “the keep kids in school” crowd…yet now they are grooming children and pimping them out for their own misguided political objectives including walk outs? And are their objectives actually their objectives or were they told it should be their objectives? And more of these “walk outs” are planned locally.

And these parents grooming kids to do this is not cool. By all means teach your children to stand up for what THEY believe in. That is very different from grooming them to do your dirty work which could affect their futures. Do you not think colleges look at these things? You do you, let them do them. Masks might be now, they aren’t forever.

If it’s not anti-vax and anti-mask, they are screaming at school boards calling them pedophiles and want to ban books that make them personally uncomfortable.

These new feministas want to call me a progressive liberal. They practically spit it out like they are calling me an adulteress or something. I use “weird wording” and produce “vile word vomit.” And I am a pissed off entitled child. (Do you hear me laughing? Because I am.) They lament I am not more like bloggers they like to read. Funny thing is if they don’t like what I write, why read me? Why the obsession?

These new feminists are the women who are going to drag us back to the eras women fought to get us out of: not being able to vote, no freedom of choice with our bodies or sexuality at all. You see we aren’t entitled to that because THEIR rights, THEIR wishes are more important than ours. Yes I call some of them narcissists but a lot of them truly do not have the intellectual capacity to be narcissists. They are just plain old vanilla camp followers and basic bullying bitches.

Life goes on and society regresses often as much as it progresses. I don’t pretend to have the answers. But we are regressing dangerously as a society right now at the hands of those who wish to “save” us.

Heard this great line in something I was watching on Netflix:

Life is the balance between your dreams and your truth.

I have probably vented my spleen enough for one evening. Thanks for stopping by.

Song added for no other reason than I hadn’t heard this in forever and love it.

is cancel culture just good old-fashioned mob mentality?

I found “cancel culture” defined as follows:

Cancel culture or call-out culture is a modern form of ostracism in which someone is thrust out of social or professional circles – whether it be online, on social media, or in person. … The expression “cancel culture” has mostly negative connotations and is used in debates on free speech and censorship.

~definition of cancel culture

As a blogger, I suppose you can say cancel culture is nothing new. After all isn’t cancel culture good old-fashioned mob mentality? Sheesh, I have been experiencing that for daring to have an opinion since early 2000s when blogging was in it’s infancy. I was originally part of something called which no longer exists. It was this amazing group blog/blogging community that gave people a voice from neighborhoods all over Philadelphia and elsewhere. Some of us joined it to fight eminent domain…in Ardmore, parts of Philadelphia, Camden, NJ.

Blogging = bad mostly because people didn’t understand it. And it was giving issues local governments and others wanted to sweep under the carpet air-time. It was like what broadsides were to the American Revolution.

“Well-behaved women seldom make history” ~Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

For my opinions on Lower Merion Township and eminent domain for private gain especially, people were constantly on the attack. Especially because I thought eminent domain sucked as a concept. You don’t know from ad hominem attacks until you disagree with cheerleaders for Lower Merion Township. One of the early attempts on cancelling me came from two then Ardmore business owners who thought they would benefit from eminent domain. They actually wrote a nasty editorial about me that Main Line Times published. Sometimes it was attempted at public meetings during public privilege to the floor (public comment out here.) That was always amusing, because I wasn’t an elected or appointed official. They just didn’t like my opinion.

It didn’t cancel me.

Obviously I still blog, and this blog is now 10 years old. Periodically someone wants to cancel me. Sometimes several times a week. If I was a mommy blogger talking about Disney trips, diapers scented like Febreeze, which mani-pedi was the best, or various pyramid schemes it would be o.k. But if they can’t put you in a convenient box from Crate & Barrell, they short circuit.

The past few days it has been insane, and it is everything swirling around the Benjamin Pennypacker House in Exton, West Whiteland. (see THIS post and this OTHER post.) I have decided that a bunch of rabid realtors sent by the realtor I criticized are even more ridiculous that the anti-maskers/anti vaxxers or the Stepford Wives for Totalitarianism who periodically put out a jihad on me. (You know they do and there was the one who posted photos of me in a hospital gown from some where in between surgery and treatment during Breast Cancer Awareness month and wondered why people found them tone deaf?)

Pro Tip: Don’t say the word HOOEY. It really unhinges them.

The past few days have even surpassed the hubub when I made fun of Ladies Hat Day at Nouveau Devon quite a few years back and commented on the coup at Devon also a few years back which speaking of is it just me or are those people just driving Devon straight into the ground? Who will be making book on when someone down the road will say Devon is archaic let’s build apartments or something?

The Nouveau at Devon didn’t cancel me either….

Now today and yesterday some have given it their best shot. One girl (says she is a college student) was so gleeful that I had forgotten the hyphen in low-class attack rat. She needs to get out more. And there have been two today people calling my writing drivel!! Usually it’s just this one woman who needs to lay off the teeth whitening or whatever because after a while it gives that Mr. Ed appearance, but she was joined by a self-described “Renaissance Man.” Also funny because true renaissance men don’t have to self-describe as such because everyone knows they are.

These people love to leave comments. Then they get outraged if I delete their comments but preserve screen shots. They don’t get that everywhere they post on social media they are guests until they wear out their welcome. They get all up in arms about people removing their comments. And blocking them. What is it they don’t get? No one is holding a gun to their heads they can choose not to read what I right? But hey don’t forget those “ladies” who talk about “packing heat” and then me. So are we supposed to conclude they are threatening to shoot me? Then they call me “ugly”, a “progressive liberal” or a “communist” or “vile” and then they want to pray for those THEY deem to be lacking in judgement and character.

Bless their hearts . They fear for my immortal soul too because of my writing. Then of course there is the back and forth from people who speak emojis about whether I can write or not. Lucky for them, I can or what would they have to talk about?

And all of these people “don’t get hate” as they tear people down whom they don’t have the intellectual capacity to understand? Then it’s I have a skewed perception of freedom and I must be crazy? Yay!!! Pretzel logic, and don’t let the acrylic nails get in the way as you type furiously.

Truly, I find these people fascinating. You see all these slogans out there like “Dare to be Different” but if you are, you must be bad.

One of my readers said today:

Isn’t it weird how the people that scream and cry about cancel culture are exactly the same people that want to take away your opinion? 

Exactly. And it is weird.

Vox said in 2021:

“Cancel culture,” as a concept, feels inescapable. The phrase is all over the news, tossed around in casual social media conversation; it’s been linked to everything from free speech debates to Mr. Potato Head….As the logic behind wanting to “cancel” specific messages and behaviors caught on, many members of the public, as well as the media, conflated it with adjacent trends involving public shaming, callouts, and other forms of public backlash. (The media sometimes refers to all of these ideas collectively as “outrage culture.”)

There was a great op-ed in the Courier Journal a year ago:

Political correctness on steroids: What cancel culture is and why it matters
D. Eric Schansberg Opinion contributo

I wonder if I’ll get “canceled” someday. I could trip up and say something awkward or inappropriate — and get crushed for it. It could be a phrase in a Facebook post or a newspaper article like this. It could be a slip in the classroom that gets reported by a student. It doesn’t bother me a lot. I know I’m not perfect in word, deed, motive or thought. And I don’t worry much about what others think about me. But it’d be painful and would hurt those around me.

Today’s “cancel culture” is not entirely new. “Political correctness” (PC) started in the 1980s and prompted people to speak more carefully about certain topics. If you crossed the line, some people would call you out and make life difficult for you. But there was a relatively healthy balance between valid concerns and silliness. Some people took it too seriously, while others would respond with eyerolls.

Cancel culture is PC on steroids. The approach is similar — increased sensitivities for better and for worse — with a heavy dose of fascism…You might also think of cancel culture as similar to the recent emergence of #Karen — a light social-media poke at aspects of middle-aged, middle-class, social conservatism. Cancel culture is a type of #Karen on the left. But while there’s a tongue-in-cheek humor to #Karen, cancel culture is deadly serious with much more at stake.

Cancel culture starts with principles that range from legitimate to debatable and incoherent. Its practitioners can quickly get insistent and dogmatic. It’s a religion that lacks mercy and grace, forgiveness and redemption. As any other religion, it’s never any fun arguing with its fundamentalists. It wars against civil liberties, free speech and free thought.

Who died and made them boss?

Seriously, it’s kind of an interesting topic. I guess we could all be canceled? But what does it really mean if the people doing the canceling don’t matter in the first place? Then is it just acidic pabulum being regurgitated to make them feel better? Would they like a binkie too?

To me it boils down to if you put them out of their comfort level, you are bad, so you should be canceled. You don’t write about or speak about or converse about what they are comfortable with, so you should be canceled. They said the moon is made of green cheese and you asked as of when, so you should be canceled. If you are the least bit different from them, you should be canceled.

How about all of you do you, and the rest of us will do us? Oh no wait…we might get canceled?

Thanks for stopping by.

May be an image of text that says '0 I won't be remembered as a woman who kept her mouth shut. I'm okay with that. 00'

a follow-up to benjamin pennypacker house post, and how a keller williams realtor sent some friends to visit a blogger virtually, and what will church farm school think of their behavior?

So the Realtor is listing this property for Church Farm School,
yet records still reflect West Whiteland? How does that work?

People are funny. Especially when they are realtors and they act like an unprofessional gaggle of low class attack rats. And yes, this is all about the Benjamin Pennypacker House listing which I blogged about yesterday because I was and am concerned.

Below are screen shots of how this Realtor went live with the listing. How it was in Malvern, that it was a Colonial, etc etc. I said calling a house in Exton Malvern is just as bad as calling a house in Downingtown, Chester Springs. None of these places are bad, so just market truthfully, right?

Yesterday’s version of the Keller Williams Listing on The Benjamin Pennypacker House

Well I noticed today that the listing had ummm changed. Still not particularly well written but at least it reflected the correct town and that it wasn’t “colonial” in style or architectural classification. I mean come on, if you take two minutes to read historic resource survey forms on the property (in yesterday’s post) they tell you all about the style, etc.

But I digress. Now it’s better, but now some I know remarked was it historically hysterical or hysterically historical?

You decide:

Today’s hysterically historical historically hysterical revision.

So now I have to ask if Church Farm School condones the behavior of the screen shots I am going to share at the end of this post? Because this Realtor is representing them and this property correct? So whomever provided the introduction to Church Farm, they would also have some culpability perhaps?

Church Farm School is an institution I believe in. But this behavior runs contrary to who they are. Church Farm didn’t send the “enlightened” to troll my blog’s Facebook page but because now a smudge and swirl surrounds this property and the listing, well do those of us who support this fine school in small ways need to re-think said support? I don’t think so, but it gives me pause.

Now the next things is this, Chesco Views still shows the property in possession of West Whiteland (screen shot at top of page) so did someone jump the proverbial gun here? I mean I know West Whiteland voted on it around the 26th I guess it was? But if the property still shows one thing can you list a property until that dust has settled and it reflects current ownership? (I don’t know which is why I am asking.)

So this is a curious tale, now getting more curious and there is probably much more attention on this now than Church Farm School wants. But when they are teaching their wonderful boys to be upstanding young men, and buddies of their realtor, egged on by said realtor behave oddly and unfortunately, well it gives one pause, doesn’t it?

And to have one of these buddies essentially imply I am anti-U.S. military and anti- Marine Corps because I don’t think much of this whole Pennypacker listing etc so far, well that is a step too far, isn’t it? I am not commenting on someone’s military service record (it has absolutely ZERO to do with the topic at hand and to imply that is rather offensive), I was and am commenting on that listing and issues I see, and now these other “professionals”, and they seem to be in part from Keller Williams , so how does their behavior reflect on that brand? Would you choose them to represent you?

Apparently this whole topic of the Benjamin Pennypacker house is now a hot local topic. Maybe it will keep the wrecking ball from the door? One can only hope. But Realtor and pal realtor types who left comments? Bad tactic and people will remember this, and you all did this to yourselves. Your comments were public on social media and were removed, but screenshots were retained. And they are below, as is my right.

This is my favorite of the nasty comments. This woman has trolled me on social media for years to the extent that I try to block her everywhere. Last time was in a breast cancer group because she just does breast cancer better than everyone. She still can’t spell IRE properly. And she essentially uses the same nasty comment at me every time and every time misspells IRE as EYRE and is actually using the wrong word. And it’s always drivel I write, yet she is like a human gaper delay and always has to read and comment.

This is all turning out to be quite curious. Especially since I don’t object to the property being sold, I just find things strange and really am hoping a preservation buyer finds this place.

Apparently it’s keep your friends close, and some Realtors closer? Have a good night.