jesus made me write this post or maybe just my inner devil? (does it matter?)

Jesus, please forgive me. I do not actually mean to take your name in vain. But bearing witness to abject blasphemy as the most recent Downingtown School Board Meeting was a bit much. Meet Downingtown Karen (don’t know her name, so I will add her to a general classification of ilk.) She was really, really upset and was exorcising a school board meeting in your good name:

You see dear Jesus, I don’t think you are an angry guy, or would approve. I kind of think these folks would string you right up on a cross again if you were here. Oh I know, these budding exorcists/theologists are an expert on everything, so I am quite sure I have been already cursed to eternal damnation.

But this meeting was yet another study in insanity.

Now the entire meeting wasn’t welcome to crazy town but let’s break down Karen of Jesus Lane: she hates masks. Probably hates COVID-19 shots. Probably believes in banning books AND she had her bestest Stepford Wives for Totalitarianism outfit on last night. Cute vest, bad necklace. It’s a shame she can’t behave in public. But her whole angry Jesus thing? Kind of offensive. Oh and she thought a school board member was turning her back on her to deny her very presence (confession: I would have) but the woman WASN’T, she did what they had been doing during the meeting — the lady turned her chair around to pull down her mask so she could HAVE A SIMPLE DRINK OF WATER! And Karen of Jesus Lane has more balls than all of the men there too apparently. (Good to know, buy her a big ol’ jock strap in pink or something.)

Last night the headline should have been “Local Elected Officials Receive Exorcism.”

“Child you touch me let hell fire rain down on you”

“I have bigger balls then you and all the men up in here”

“In the name of Jesus Christ I bind you child abusers”

Oh and they were fake served too:

Right or wrong, I thought the above “service” video would have been better with the following dubbed in:

But wait, there is more and it was a preamble to the intra-meeting exorcism/service:

Sigh….you can’t make this stuff up. And when they aren’t barraging school boards about mask vs. anti masking, vaccines vs. anti vaccines, it’s banning books, denying alternative lifestyles exist, and on and on and on. I wonder, what do their children really think about all of this? Are their kids amused, embarrassed, groomed, or just exhausted?

This whole mask or not to mask debate is honestly confusing and somewhat conflicting as states are lifting mask mandates, leaving masking decisions up to individual school districts. But these people? They aren’t reasonable in their approach, they see it as their inalienable right to be combative and ignorant. It also gives them the right apparently to get literally physical outside of school board meetings and why the violence? What does that gain them? It is pretty clear from their videos what they started.

These folks are big about the inalienable rights of Americans. Only their views are somewhat subjective because they feel, act, say, and demonstrate that THEIR rights are more important than everyone else’s. How does that work exactly? I don’t get any of it, any more than I don’t get people living with family members who have cancer and won’t get a COVID shot. So sure, it’s their right not to get a shot, but when you are literally putting a loved one at risk, how does that work?

So why are their rights more important than my rights, for example? I don’t see my rights superseding theirs although I would prefer not to be around them. But what gives them the right to be so vile, physically and verbally combative and they don’t even own their behavior and then they wonder why they get escorted from meetings?

Let’s talk respect. And just like we all try to teach kids that respect is earned, these “adults” do nothing to earn it, they merely demand it. Life doesn’t work that way. And someone’s purported Constitutional rights doesn’t actually give them the right to behave as poorly as they do at meetings. And I say that as someone who has indeed in years past lost my temper at public meetings, although I wasn’t screaming at them in Jesus’s name (or dropping the F bomb.)

Then there is their argument that masks are causing mental health issues, well ok I will give them that EXCEPT the mental issues seem apparent ONLY in the adults protesting the use of masks. Most kids don’t care because they are just glad to be in school with their friends and classmates and not stuck at home with their parents complaining. I mean jeez can you imagine living with these self-anointed Constitutional scholars?

The local Stepford Wives for Totalitarianism are also being whipped up by their cult leaders and camp followers from out of state. (Think they know what a camp follower is?) They tag Tucker Carlson and his ilk because they are close personal friends. They wish they could vacation at Mar a Lago one would surmise. And guess what? They can do all that, believe all that. That is their right, even if they are quack pot crazy (and wrong.) But they do not get to tell the rest of us how to feel and think, which is of course so amusing because they are quick to call those with opposing points of view “Communists” and “Nazis.”

These types have been literally been hunting after people like me. And for what reason? Because I think they are nuts or because they are easy to mock? Or both? For having my own opinion? The irony is these folks are responsible for raising their own profiles. We wouldn’t know they existed if it wasn’t for their undying egos and desire to be noticed and attagirled on social media. And then they bully those who they are bullying if they say anything. Me personally? I am a bad evil person and I can’t write….only they are like a human gaper delay: they don’t have to read this blog, yet they practically drool on every word.

And what are they teaching children? Violence and bullying are the solutions? Being mean and disrespectful in public is O.K.? And then they will turn around and lament (and complain about) bullying in schools? And then they proclaim Jesus at school board meetings? How, pray tell, is their behavior Godly or Christian? And why is their God so punishing and angry? And what about the separation of church and state?

I don’t have the answers. Probably because I just don’t understand this brand of craziness that makes everyone’s world, including their own, so unnecessarily stressful and unpleasant.

So please forgive me for going on about this Downingtown meeting, I literally couldn’t believe we are seeing this yet again. I guess when democracy is set back 100 years or so these folks will be happy. Only they won’t be, will they?

America, I cry for you.

Lady Liberty, I mourn you.

Intelligence, normal conversation, and discourse how I miss you.

COVID19 I am sick of you, mostly because of these people who literally make things worse and lengthen your grip on us.

To our founding fathers I humbly apologize for people regressing to the point that they have become the people you originally liberated us from.

And to God, Jesus, and the blessed Holy Mother I am sorry everyone uses your names in vain with the whole fake Christianity of it all. I don’t profess to be super religious, but I know and appreciate my roots. And I know you teach us to turn the other cheek and forgive, but my word it is difficult and some things are somewhat unforgivable. And sorry not sorry what these people are doing and trying to do is not forgivable.

Thanks for stopping by.

stop the crazy

Brian Williams, now a suspended NBC national news anchor lied. Is it awful? Yes. Can I see it from my window? No. But this whole giant example of ego and stupidity is making as much news around this country as that poor girl Kayla Mueller who was killed by Isis and isn’t that truly almost criminally sad?

So, it is when I read things like the SECOND article linked below from I am astounded because it just reads crazy, full on crazy. And when we are facing so many things that are so much more important in the world today, why is it that a news anchor losing his job has so much importance in the news? Should this guy who reads the news really be the news?

Someone sent me this ConservativeHQ web article today and I think it is cuckoo for cocoa puffs for lack of a better description.

The whole hypothesis is Brian Williams a national newscaster who lied on an anchor desk is responsible for things like Enron. Or a symbol of those responsible for things like Enron. Either way, I love a good dose of pretzel logic on a hump day don’t you?

Brian Williams screwed up. In a glorious career-fatal way. But Brian Williams on or off and anchor desk for NBC news is not going to affect my quality of life.

Brian Williams has a giant contract has been been put on suspension as I suspect they are trying to undo that contract because he’s not going to be credible on air any longer.

I don’t mean to be rude, but somewhere somehow we all have to stop and take a freaking breath and get out of the extremes. Once again I will say that the politics of extremism are ruining this country.

All of these extremists conservative or liberal give a bad name to American politics. And allowing their voices to continue to grow means the bulk of us who are somewhere in the middle lose again and again and again.

This article actually has some points to consider which get completely lost in the hyperbole of crazy. They aren’t necessarily wrong about Comcast and NBC and how networks produce the “news”, but they go so far off the rails with the rest of it that THAT thought which is actually important, gets lost.

(And speaking of how networks produce the news who has seen the commercial the Comcast has produced for the local NBC 10 News? What’s up with the female reporters and female anchors and the dresses chosen for them for the commercial ? Are they being dressed for a new season of Breaking Amish or Conservative Barbie has an adventure or something? I really wish HBO series The Newsroom had not been ended. I would love to see their take on all of this.)

Brian Williams is NOT a symbol of anything other then how lying and stupidity can tank a career. Wow can’t wait to see what these people do with Colonel Mustard in the library can you?

But again , and seriously, somewhere people in this country need to stop and hit the pause button. The two major political parties are essentially controlled by forms of extremism, and that trickle down effect is running this country into a constantly and consistently angry hole.

Before you read crazy, read the student journalist editorial I have posted before it. At least the future of journalism is not completely bleak.

Williams’ drama doesn’t belong in the newsroom Katherine Waller, Staff Columnist | Posted: Tuesday, February 10, 2015 12:23 am

This week posed a threat to NBC Nightly News’ Brian Williams’ career. Reports testified that he had falsely accounted being on board a military helicopter in Iraq during 2003 that was hit with an RPG and had to make an emergency landing. He is under additional scrutiny about false statements regarding events he witnessed while covering the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina….It looks like that handsome face and perfect TV voice can no longer disguise who he really is: a liar…..I’m not saying that trustworthy news sources do not exist. After all, I am a student journalist myself…..News organizations need to value why they can’t just tell people what they want to hear….Seeing everyone get so upset over Brian Williams’ questionable truths makes me wonder why everyone is so surprised. In a business that has become about selling information, selling an ideology and selling people, why are watchers shocked

Brian Williams: Symbol Of The Corruption Of America’s Establishment Institutions George Rasley, CHQ Editor | 2/10/2015

Monday, two more examples of NBC News anchor Brian Williams’ despicable stolen valor lies about his experiences covering the Iraq war in 2003 surfaced, but Williams was not fired.

It was announced late Tuesday he was being put on six months unpaid leave and, most astonishingly, that Steve Burke, the Chief Executive Officer of Comcast, which owns NBC said Williams “deserves a second chance and we are rooting for him.”.

…..In our view it is not because some guy in the personnel department of NBC is going over Williams’ contract with a fine-toothed comb before handing him his pink slip six months from now.

It is because the establishment institutions of America, the media like Comcast and NBC, business, and especially politics, have become so mired in a culture of lies and corruption….This is the “anything to win” culture that led to the ENRON scandal….

in case you thought things couldn’t get more strange in tredyffrin….

So in the end will we discover that John DiBuonaventuro had the approval of all his fellow supervisors regarding his infamous September letter in Tredyffrin?  Will he write a personal note back to Sam Stretton who is representing Pattye and sent Tredyffrin a letter ?

Before I get to the crux of this post, as far as background check out  article by Rich Ilgenfritz of Main Line Media News on November 5, 2012, and post by Pattye on November 2nd.  Also check out post by Pattye on November 4th.

So Tredyffrin has as their mouthpiece it seems the solicitor Vincent Donohue, who paints such a rosy picture of Tredyffrin and how the residents are treated that many can’t help but wonder has he actually been there? I also wonder why we have not heard from Tredyffrin resident/Radnor Township ex-pat/Tredyffrin Manager Bill Martin?  Where is he on all of this or is he somewhere in the Tredyffrin Township Building hiding under his desk? (Don’t laugh, I heard a story once of someone in Tredyffrin hiding under their desk and why couldn’t it happen?)

Anyway, my eyes are popping because of this article I just finished reading in Main Line Media News:

Majority of Tredyffrin supervisors may not have approved DiBuonaventuro letter posted to website

Published: Thursday, November 08, 2012

By Richard Ilgenfritz

It might appear that a majority of the Tredyffrin Board of Supervisors did not see or approve a controversial letter that a Tredyffrin Township supervisor posted on the municipal website in September, according to an open records request made by a local media outlet.

In September, a letter to Tredyffrin residents was posted on the township’s website criticizing media and bloggers in what one blogger described as a personal attack on the First Amendment by a government official.

Because the letter was written by a Tredyffrin Township supervisor and posted on the township letterhead and posted on the township’s website, Main Line Media News filed an open records request under the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s open records law to find out more details about who authorized placing the letter on the township’s website. Among the documents sought were any e-mails or messages about the placing of the letter on the website.

But despite the efforts, it would appear that few such documents exist.

Under Pennsylvania’s open records law, the township had five days to respond to the request that was filed Sept. 10. On Friday, Sept. 14 a representative from the Tredyffrin solicitor’s office responded and invoked the 30-day extension in order to gather and review the material to determine what was public and what was not public under the law.

When the solicitor’s office responded Oct. 15 it was determined that any letters to or from the solicitor’s office was considered private attorney/client privilege and would not be released but any other material would be made public under the law.

However, when the information was reviewed by Main Line Media News, only one e-mail was produced. The one item produced by the township was e-mail from John DiBuonaventuro, the author of the letter, to Patricia Hoffman, executive assistant, and dated Sept. 6, 2012 at 7:18 a.m.

The subject line read, “Letter to Citizens.”

The one paragraph letter read, “Pat, this is a confidential email. This letter has been approved by Michelle and Vince. Please put it on the township letterhead and make three copies for Kristen, Michelle and I to review when we get in this morning. We will give you distribution directions once a final review is done. Thanks and see you around 8 or when you get in. JD.”

There is no indication that other members of the Board of Supervisors read the letter and approved it to be placed on the township’s website. Neither were any letters or messages from residents making comments to any township officials on the letter.

Crikey!  They aren’t riding the train to a new station in Paoli, these people seem to be riding the un-sunshine friendly crazy train don’t they?

So what does that mean if this was not in fact approved by a legal quorum/majority of supervisors?  What are any additional implications involving the former Tredyffrin Township Manager ?

How does John DiBuonaventuro get away with something like this?

Sign me confused.

Here is Pattye’s post on the topic.  She continues to be a lady about this.  I bet Tredyffrin wishes this would go away, but what is that phrase? Truth will out?

Re Personal Letter on Government Website — Did Tredyffrin Supervisor DiBuonaventuro receive approval from his fellow supervisors?

Posted on November 8th, 2012   5:32 PM  by Pattye Benson

Did John DiBuonaventuro actually have approval from fellow supervisors before using government resources and government letterhead to post his personal letter of September 5 on the government’s website?  The answer to that question is not entirely clear, and the answer also depends on whom you ask.

As the resident targeted in DiBuonaventuro’s diatribe to the citizens of Tredyffrin Township, I was very interested to read the Main Line Media News article, “Majority of Supervisors may not have approved DiBuonaventuro letter posted to website”.  In the article, Rich Ilgenfritz explains that the newspaper filed an open records request with Tredyffrin Township asking for all information pertaining to DiBuonaventuro’s letter on the township website.  However, it is interesting that MLMN only received one record; an email from DiBuonaventuro to Patricia Hoffman, executive secretary for Tredyffrin Township….

One of several troubling unanswered questions in regards to DiBuonaventuro’s personal use of the township website, is did he act alone?  Or, … was there discussion (approval) from the other members of the Board of Supervisors.  In her response to my question on this matter, Gleason stated the following in her email dated September 7:

“ … In answer to your question, it is unusual to post a statement from an individual Supervisor, but given the inaccurate and derogatory statements and innuendo publicly made about John DiBuonaventuro, I decided to approve the posting of the letter on the Township website.  In this case, he was the subject of baseless public speculation simply because he is a Tredyffrin Supervisor.  The circumstances justified the use of the website to publicly defend him, carrying with it the implicit endorsement of the Township to the accuracy of his statements.  The Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and the Township Solicitor agreed that it was appropriate for the letter to go on the website.”

Gleason’s email states that the use of the government’s website by DiBuonaventuro carried with it the “implicit endorsement of the Township”.  She further states that the Chairman [Kichline] and the Township Solicitor [Vince Donohue] agreed the letter was appropriate for the website.  But did Kichline really see the actual letter?…Subsequent to DiBuonaventuro’s letter going on the website, there has been no public statement from the other 6 supervisors on this matter, except by Kichline who said that the Board would work on a website policy.  Why the silence from the other supervisors?  Privately, some of the supervisors have told citizens that they never saw the letter and some have stated that they would not have approved of the letter on the government’s website.  Why don’t the supervisors own these opinions in public?….Another interesting thing to note on this email is that there was a private meeting of 3 supervisors – DiBuonaventuro, Kristen Mayock and Kichline.  Why was Mayock involved but none of the other supervisors?  As chair of the BOS, I understand the rationale behind Kichline attending the meeting but it is unclear if she actually attended or not.  Mayock and Kichline are the two attorneys on the Board – was that the reason behind their request to attend this meeting?  And it should also be noted that DiBuonaventuro states in this email, that he has approval from the solicitor Vince Donohue for the letter on the website. Everyone seems to be in agreement that Donohue saw and approved the letter – DiBuonaventuro, Kichline and Gleason all state that Donohue approved the letter.  Interesting that this short email is all that is contained in the files in regards to DiBuonaventuro’s letter.  Just interesting…..Supervisor Mike Heaberg read a statement in regards to the website policy which suggested that there would be a policy presented at the November 19 Board of Supervisors meeting.  It was unclear whether or not the public would be permitted input into the website policy.  Public input could prove important when you read the response from the township solicitor Vince Donohue to my attorney Sam Stretton… (click here to read all of Pattye’s post)

This whole scenario still smells rotten.  What else can you say except are the residents of Tredyffrin REALLY being served? Seems to me this twisted Chester County Kingdom needs an overhaul, doesn’t it?  Darn good thing that Tredyffrin and West Vincent aren’t next to each other, right? (But if Tredyffrin was it would just be more opportunity for certain people to accuse more people of being “Chickenman”, right? After all, as I here told you aren’t anyone until you are accused of being Chickenman, huh?)

Pattye, keep on keeping on.  Truth will out. Truth will out.