the “lady” doth protest too much, methinks

This post is all about the desperately seeking relevance of others. Apparently another veiled attempt to Lady Whistledown by a nouveau blogger who appeared during the last election season.

Usually this Stepford Wife for Totalitarianism steps out of her beige, beige world to harass school board candidates, chat about school board meetings, and school board members in general. She has her limited worldview of politics, usually in the Downingtown Area School District. Truthfully, I had forgotten she existed. I will admit I think I only read one of her posts. She doesn’t really make sense to me as a writer, so I don’t read her. She panders to her base, and that’s fine. I am not her base.

It must be a slow “news” cycle for her as I am her latest target. I know she’s very excited about her post, so glad I could help her out.

Why me? Probably because my blog has readership. Probably because if she thinks she can take me on she will have her “following” increased.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? Truthfully with her? It’s just kind of dollar store flattery I suppose.

Apparently as per her, I am not allowed to defend my friends or even ever myself. I am also supposed to just let every threatening, harassing, bullying, and even obnoxious comments (probably from her friends) just exist . Daily comments that would send her and her ilk running to their schools screaming and flapping at school administrators about cyber bullying and bullying…. and I ask again (laughing) where do they think these kids learn it?

A Facebook group in Havertown which I never knew or cared existed shared the post. That was pretty funny. I don’t and never have lived in Delco, but my Delco friends saw it and sent it to me (laughing.)

I will note that everything I write seems to be a big hairy deal in their book. And they use such flowery, pretentious, and supercilious language to describe it. Like big hair and Aquanet in an aerosol can, a bit out of fashion as a writing style. They really should just try to have their own voice instead of pretending to be something that they think people will read. But to each her own, right?

One of their big issues is they think that someone’s IP address is “private.“ No, not really. And when you write to a website like a blog or a newspaper or a magazine or a television station or anything , information is all logged. Along with whatever email address real or fake you use. If I choose to disclose when the nasty comments come in, that is in fact not doxxing. I didn’t seek their email address, name, IP address out they provided it.

Of course, in my mind this always begs the question if I am such a horrible human being, why do they read this blog? If they are the adults they represent themselves to be, then they have the free will to scroll past anything they don’t want to read/like to read, correct? My blog isn’t exactly required reading is it?

But, as always, if you are the least little bit unique or more independent minded than what these types of people are comfortable with, you are just bad. There’s no point in even arguing with them because their arguments don’t make sense to anyone but themselves, anyway.

This blogger and her pals see themselves as arbiters of taste, Lily White angels of democracy, their truth, and the American Way… or something like that. They are literally the living embodiment of a bully and a hypocrite but they project that on me? Come on now, really?

Ok whatever blows her skirt up. She can say I am a terrible person, but not a narcissist. That is pretty funny, actually, because I definitely am not. I also don’t think everyone who disagrees with me is bad. Of course it is impossible to reason with people who have skewed visions of basic reality. It’s really fine for them to live in their bubble, they just can’t expect all of us to move in and live in that bubble with them.

I can look in the mirror every day and I will be able to look the Lord in the face on judgment day with a clear heart. I don’t need this blogger to approve or disapprove of me. Essentially I’m just click bait so she gets readers to her Uwchlan vicinity blog. She capitalizes “This Author” like she is Jane Austen, George Eliot or a Brontë. She isn’t. She is just another tarted up bullying b*tch, and truthfully people like that have a shelf life, don’t they? (But I will give her the bump she craves.)

However, if this one is calling me a “harpy”, I must be doing something right, yes?

Kiss 💋 kiss 💋 haters,



election season cowards in west vincent


Vandalism? Really?

Come on now all you fine folks of West Vincent Township Chester County, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t lather and fluff up the fighting feathers at me demanding I stop blogging about the sordid underbelly of West Vincent Township when you as adults vandalize private property and send out harassing emails from like they can’t be traced and you can’t be found.


You can be found, West Vincent isn’t such a big place. What will you all do when you are unveiled? How will you explain it to the people you have been shoving phony baloney horse manure at for years?

I know the twisted psychology and reasoning and it doesn’t wash. Vandalism and harassing emails are against the law.

To the other residents of West Vincent: this is why you need to retire Supervisor Roadmaster Farmer KenOcrat Miller. Any individuals who would do THIS to keep some lower level life form of the lowest tier local yokel politician in office is yet another  valid reason why the tyranny and dictatorship need to come to an end. This isn’t medieval Europe, it is the 21st century. We live in Chester County, Pennsylvania and wow isn’t this why Quakers and others settled here in the first place? To escape mob mentality and behavior such as this?

It should not be acceptable  to anyone that your friends, fellow residents, and neighbors should  be subjected to cowardly acts of petty vandalism and other harassment.

Vote to end this behavior.

 Vote Miller OUT of office. 

Retire him, and you remove their power. It’s that simple.

You know it wouldn’t take much to visit every hardware or home improvement store in the area asking who had bought spray paint recently. Most of the stores keep track of who buys spray paint because of vandalism. 


being christian at christmas

How some people define the spirit of the Christmas season in West Vincent baffles me.

Please see below as another one of those nasty and pathetic missives is making the rounds. I was told this was found on a Ludwig’s Village community bulletin board.

West Vincent is such a beautiful place, but it’s like it has a rotten core, doesn’t it? This is unfortunately still a place with a handful of pious hypocrites who claim to “love thy neighbor” yet do things like this and isn’t that terrible? These people give the really nice people who live in this Chester County community a bad name and I think that is truly awful don’t you?

Being a Christian isn’t faux piety, it’s actually living what you preach. A lot of these people preach a good game, but are some of them really good neighbors? My opinion is the answer is a resounding no. Normal, emotionally healthy people do not do things like this to other people.

One day those of you who do things like this to your neighbors will find yourselves in a time of trouble. Will people lift a hand to help you? Or will they say “we’ve had enough of those bullies” and turn their backs?

People who do things like this during the most holy season of the year are held in the highest contempt by me.

Also it may appear contradictory, but I do actually pity these people for their meanness. They are missing out on so much in life by hating.

This man who is being victimized has run good and honest businesses for years. He and his wife are the kind of people that would give you the shirt off their back no matter what you had done to them. They are truly good people. I am proud to call them friends. We have used him professionally in addition.

If I were in this gentleman’s shoes, I would take all these missives to law enforcement. And a TV station or two.

I don’t know why it is that some people are not content unless they make other people unhappy. They should be ashamed of themselves. The sad thing is, I know they are not. However I believe karma is a very, very real thing. Everything that goes around eventually comes back around.

To the rest of you I say it is Christmas, so if you see one of these missives floating around West Vincent pull it down and give it to the police and tell them where exactly you found it and what day and what time.

It is time for this to stop.

If you know the people who are doing these things, it’s time to stand up and tell them to stop. Or call them out publicly. (Cowards like this hate having a light shined on them even if they secretly crave the attention.)

Christmas is but a few days away. Let’s get back to the real reason for the season, shall we?

Thanks for stopping by today.


enough is enough

violetSo? Where to begin?  I have written a few posts in support of the folks fighting Sunoco in East and West Goshen.

Some folks have left comments. They understand it is a blog and as blog owner I reserve the right to delete or publish comments. I am not some giant Internet conglomerate and I don’t have TOS (“terms of service”) other than hey now, this is my blog and I make the rules.

Anyway, up rolls this person from East Goshen and they leave a comment. (As in they initiated contact, I did not seek them out.)  I thanked them for the comment but asked them to have a care with leaving comments about their home township I was not comfortable with.  Something which is very reasonable and pretty basic, right?

A couple of days have passed and all of a sudden this person is back leaving comments. Which I also published. Then because I published comments that I was supposed to (apparently) NOT publish, and (apparently) I am supposed to be the psychic blog network because how else was I supposed to divine that this person (apparently) was having a private conversation?


Yep, you got it.  Pretzel logic.

So here is the 411: I have removed the comments and retained full screen shots.  I have retained the original comment notification in native format (which shows their I.P. address, e-mail address, and sender’s full name.)  I will no longer accept comments from this person.  Further contact will constitute harassment on their part. The comments they have left today can be interpreted as harassment.

And there is one other thing. Because this person has made me so uncomfortable, and  although we are all supposed to be on the same team wanting pipelines out of our communities and Sunoco to be brought to heel, I can’t feel comfortable continuing to write about this topic on this blog.  So I wish those people fighting, including friends, well.  I want nothing but the best for all of you dealing with this weighty topic.

I created this blog as my exploration and experience of Chester County.  I choose the topics, I write the posts.  This is not a compensated blog, I am not paid to write.  I write and share my photos because writing and photography bring me joy.

I will continue to share with you my faithful readers, and I thank you for stopping by.