philly style politics on election day in WCASD and more election day amusements/bemusements

Democrats Did NOT do this. This is FAKE.

Just so we are clear, the Democrats did not endorse this candidate. He is a dark money, Klanned, Karenhood candidate.

If you are handed one of these palm cards at a pole that serves the West Chester Area School District please turn it in to the people who are there to watch the polls.

And if you are in the Downingtown Area School District, and you are handed a frisbee for a Klanned, Karenhood candidate named Duanne please also report it.

And to the Save Lionville Station Farm folks, I caution you were throwing the baby out with the bathwater. If you vote in the Klanned Karenhood slate of school board directors, you will regret it for decades to come. I mean you guys don’t like the solicitor for the school district right? Then why give his types a win?

I don’t forget that county commissioner candidate, who always seems to be running for something…. and he hails from West Goshen which should be reason enough NOT to vote for him…

but wait there is always more as the politics of desperation amp up in chester county….so vote for josh maxwell just because he makes the cuckoo birds nervous…🤣

So I think Josh Maxwell is a pretty good dude. He is responsive and pleasant and tries to help his constituency, and he doesn’t look at them as Democrats or Republicans. He looks at them as the people he is supposed to help regardless of political affiliation, race, creed, color, sexual identity. This, of course, terrifies certain people.

So there is a group that’s kind of like the group that unites all the crazy extremism groups in Chester County. It’s called Chesco United and they sent around an email recently. I think I’ll share it with you now:

File under typical lies and bullshit a few days before an election. Danelo Cavalcante held us all hostage for a couple of weeks. But the reason he got out is not the fault personally of Josh Maxwell. That’s ludicrous.

I said all along when the whole Cavalcante of it all was happening that there was plenty of blame to go around in Chester County. The problems at the Chester County prison haven’t just miraculously occurred since the Democrats came into power in County Row in Chester County. This argument is like that other inane thing that has been floating around and that is saying that Chester County is a sanctuary county when it’s not. I mean the example they were pointing back to was the timeframe when the county was complete Republican control so I don’t think that dog hunts either. But hey, don’t let logic ever get in the way of insanity.

But if you want to know exactly why you should treat Chesco United email like the SPAM it is look no further than their group on Facebook and who the Admins are:

Ada as in Ada Nestor, the QAnon princess and West Goshen Republican Committee Chihuahua. After watching her failed attempt as a politician and running for school board, I have decided she’s an ankle biter so I liken her to a Chihuahua. She will, of course say I’m being racist because she has one scintilla Hispanic DNA or something, but that’s not it at all, she’s an ankle biter.

And as for the West Goshen Republican Committee well this week alone shows how messed up they are, doesn’t it? I mean it was their committee person until he resigned, who was running around scribbling murderer on campaign signs, right? But he shouldn’t have needed to do that, he has a mail order wifey who keeps him busy on TikTok right?

Allow me to refresh the class on #AnonymousAda:

Anyway, Tuesday can’t come fast enough for me. But I already voted and I did indeed vote for Josh Maxwell. I can’t control who any of you vote for, but you should be intelligent enough to know that when there’s a Republican County Commissioner candidate out of West Goshen Township who is always running yet never quite seems to catch anything, that emails like this make screwball sense don’t they? This is why these emails are coming out, he’s one of them isn’t he? And this guy couldn’t even get elected as a West Goshen stupidvisor there so would you want him as a county commissioner? That’s Dave Sommers.

Anyway, these people want to open up a can of worms in time for election day only they’re not operating with clean hands. So please don’t accept fake news when it gets text messaged to you, Robo called to you , or emailed to you.

Who you vote for is your business. But if groups like this are telling you not to vote for someone, then you might want to consider that’s exactly who you should vote for. In this case, it’s Josh Maxwell.

And if you know where they bought their mailing list from to send this drivel, please do tell. They seem to have bought someone’s business email list because a lot of the emails are going to people’s business email addresses, not personal email addresses.

Chesco United is a group who believes our inalienable rights are subjective. They are not.

OK I’m going go watch a Hallmark Christmas movie now. And yes, I actually do admit to watching them. It’s better than constantly watching the politics in Chester County with these crazy groups, which are more like a made for Lifetime TV movie.

was he only dressing up as a “professor” for halloween? (pro-tip: don’t let klanned karenhood pick your school board candidates)

It’s like Karma just gave us the biggest gift ever! Chris Bressi, the local politician running for Downingtown Area School School District School Board just got OUTED for being the FAKE people have said all along. I almost spit out my coffee this morning when this hit my inbox.

You see I’m just a little ole’ blogger and someone he called a racist among other things. But while he was going high and we were supposedly going low, you just kept looking at things and nothing added up did it? Only you wonder if the media is ever going to look into some of these Klanned Karenhood , Stepford Wives for Totalitarianism, Moms for Liberty candidates don’t you?

But hey, I have maintained all along that you shouldn’t let people who wear gas masks to school board meetings, pick out your school board candidates and other politicians…

Karma is a god. Yes, thank you Taylor Swift. It is such an amazing thing to have the media even find more than we knew about. I know I had nothing to do with the media placement with this. My phone started blowing up this morning when I turned it on and it really has given me a good giggle…

Philadelphia Inquirer : A Downingtown school board candidate pretended to be the ‘Society of College Medicine’ to challenge books

It’s one of numerous websites Christopher Bressi appears to have created that link to one another and profess to be “global networks” of academic professionals.

by Maddie Hanna

Published Nov. 2, 2023, 5:00 a.m. ET

The first warning from the Society of College Medicine landed in inboxes in June 2021, with the subject line “Violation — Book Red Flagged.”

“It has come to our attention that a ‘Red Flagged’ book has appeared on your DEI Reading List,” the email to Downingtown Area School District administrators and school board members, began, citing White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo….

Several more emails arrived in the coming weeks, warning Downingtown that the society had now issued five “tier-1″ and eight “tier-2″ violations for books it deemed “extremely divisive.” The society said it had given Downingtown’s DEI reading list a “D,” “which is in the bottom tier of all schools we assess globally.”

But the Society for College Medicine is merely a website that appears to be made up by a man who is not a physician but is running for the Downingtown school board.

Christopher Bressi, a Republican backed by the conservative “parental rights” group Moms for Liberty, previously listed the society on his resume andreferenced it in Facebook posts, according to community members who have documented the ties. The society’s website has also mentioned Bressi…..When Bressi announced his candidacy, community members searched online to learn more about him. They found a resume on LinkedIn that mentioned the Society of College Medicine — the first of several connections that would emerge. (The mention has since disappeared from his resume, which also doesn’t use his full name.)…Bressi did not respond to requests for comment, but in a Facebook post in March, he said he had never wanted to run for school board, “which used to be the most trivial position on planet earth,” but “was convinced to after five — yes 5 requests.”

He said in that post that since announcing his run, he had been harassed, bullied and doxed, and that his opponents were afraid that he would “bring rationality back and actually listen to parents.”…Bressi describes himself as a professor — appearing on Moms for Liberty’s endorsement list as “Professor Christopher Bressi” — who began working in the “higher education sector” as a research assistant in 1998….Since those humbler beginnings, I have held various, senior-level positions including Academic Dean, Department Chair, Site Director, Director of Education, and National Director,” he says on his campaign website.

He doesn’t say where he’s worked. But a LinkedIn resume for “Christopher B.” on LinkedIn that uses the same Martin Luther King Jr. quote as his campaign site — “Everybody can be great, because anybody can serve” — lists numerous positions, including “executive director of higher education.”

That position appears to be with Aspect Consulting, an IT consulting company based in King of Prussia; the company did not return a message seeking comment. A former colleague said Bressi’s role when they worked together was connecting education institutions with consultants that could advise them about software.

“The fact that he says he’s the director of higher ed, that’s a service we provide. … But he’s not the service, he’s the go-between,” said the former colleague, who spoke on the condition of anonymity….Bressi’s resume also says he has been an adjunct technology professor with Delaware County Community College for 20 years; a college spokesperson said she could not comment on employment information.

In other roles, Bressi says he worked as a technology professor for ITT Technical Institute, the for-profit education chain that shut down in 2016; and as academic dean for the former Career Education Corp., now Perdoceo, a company that owns for-profit colleges. The company did not respond to a request for comment.

He also says he was a law and justice professor from 2004 to 2006 for Alvernia University, “in the Philadelphia and Exton PA Location(s).” Bressi says that, as “site director and professor” for the PA Institute of Forensic Science, he “worked in conjunction with Alvernia College to expand/open a satellite campus in Exton, PA.”

An Alvernia spokesperson said academic records reflect classes taught by Bressi in 2005, “but we haven’t operated a site in Exton.”…Bressi informed the board that “the largest educational management group on LinkedIn” had “recommended collectively that K-12 schools adopt a no-politics-in-the-classroom pledge” — advising the district to “follow suit.”

Bressi’s use of groups he’s created is “absolutely deceptive,” intended to convey authority, said one parent, who requested anonymity because she’s been secretly tracking right-wing community members online.

She said she worries about the prospect of Moms for Liberty and others gaining influence on the school board: “I don’t want my hometown to end up like Florida.”

This is a huge article, and it is so worth getting a subscription to The Philadelphia Inquirer to read it.

This guy is the George Santos of school board candidates and local politicians.

Thank you to The Philadelphia Inquirer for writing about this. We owe them a debt of gratitude out here in Chester County. And no, I had nothing to do with the article.

Gosh “professor” I guess being passive aggressive towards me all these months is the least of your worries now.

But hey dude, you keep going high up into the ether where your delusions live, while we live in reality.

Between this news and West Goshen today it’s like Christmas came early.

Ciao for now!

and then they practiced their best beauty pageant wave….

I am so glad they paint their nails like girlfriends…and storm the US Capitol. And goodness knows bless their hearts they keep Botox in business. Also love, love, love their environmental positions and artful use of hair spray and hair color not found in nature. But hey, that is THEIR American dream, and they are entitled to it. Sadly, we can’t live OUR lives without THEM trying to control it. And that is the overall point of this isn’t it?

My burning question is actually did anyone wear a feather tutu with heels to the conference or is that only for laundromats?

But before I get to the screenshots that say it all, I am going to suggest that everyone stream Glamorous on Netflix starring Kim Cattrall.

Now for the screenshots. I had a giggle.

when politics gives me pause

Octorara School District. It’s way out there in Chester County. And something I am struggling with is one of the candidates there and it’s not because of them per se or that I know them personally as I do not, it’s because of what their day job is and I don’t see how you can be a politician and a police officer.

And truthfully, I never would’ve paid attention, except their candidates page seems to be using the day job as a marketing tool for the political campaign, and I’m just not sure how that sits with me.

I’ve had family in law-enforcement over the years. I’ve had many friends in law-enforcement. Many of them had businesses on the side and side gigs but none of those side gigs involved being an elected official and a school board member is an elected official. A school board member is a politician.

And this one seems tied up with that contrarian person and their litigation if not formerly but by association? And then it seems like somebody sending weird letters to the contrarian person and I guess the police/ school board guy and why would somebody do that? That is WRONG no matter what you think of their politics. Doesn’t whomever get those things are always found out? And then you wonder, is it a political tactic that those letters are happening or is it somebody really doing something bad? Either way, it’s horrible and it’s wrong. These people have families.

I guess what I’m also asking is this anonymous letter thing is psycho by design? I’ve actually been the victim of things like this in the past and I remember when the postal inspectors came to pick up the questionable mail back then. What was sent to me went through all sorts of tests at I believe, a federal lab. It was no joke. These things are taken quite seriously and investigated thoroughly.

I am not now, and never have been anti-police, but it gives me pause in this situation when I stop to wonder how does their belief system affect their work potentially? I’m sorry if anyone thinks I think too much, but how do you not think about this?

I just don’t see how you can be both a politician and an officer of the law. I just don’t. I would also note what else gives me pause is this is someone who is also endorsed by Klanned Karenhood.

Anyone endorsed by that Stepford Wives for Totalitarianism you have to look twice at no matter what your politics are because the only way we’re going to get anything done in this area, in this county, in this country, in our individual municipalities and school districts is if we find a way to meet in the middle and those people aren’t about meeting in the middle. And the largest objection I have for them is they are based out of Florida they are NOT a group that is from Pennsylvania, these are people from outside our state, wanting to mess with where we call home and I think that’s wrong. They are an extremism group by their very nature aren’t they?

So there now to all of these candidates who wonder why I have such a problem with these endorsements understand why, even though they should be intelligent enough to already know why.

Anyway, if anyone has thoughts on the topic, I’d be willing to hear them. If anyone attacks me for posting this, I will file a police report.

I am asking legitimate questions I am not slamming anyone. But at the end of the day my feeling remains the same: police officer by day, and politician by night doesn’t work. Also, how do we know night job doesn’t bleed into day job?

Sign me pondering. Thanks for stopping by.