oh the things the media should be paying attention to…in west vincent…a revolution is brewing…..

There is a real live revolution happening in West Vincent. The township employees want Supervisor Sara Shick GONE. First I will share a video snippet. Then I will share the entire meeting recording and then the letter. Yes, dear readers, I have the letter. Grandma Charlotte and the Chester County Democratic Committee might also wish to pay attention…..

I had gotten a head’s up from a resident who told me to go to the 1:22 mark…..Police and township employees attempt coup, want Sara Shick OUT. 1:33 mark…..Sara Shick brother-in law defends…..what’s going on in West Vincent? Will they talk in West Vincent Hears Voices or whatever the page is called? I mean can they send ol’ Bernie back to West Conshy first? Good lord what a board…again…I guess this was bound to happen considering the players, yes?

Popcorn 🍿 popcorn 🍿 popcorn 🍿

So yes indeedy, it’s crazy town time again in West Vincent, only this time the people the residents depend upon to run the township and keep them safe are saying they want the former handmaiden of former Supervisor Farmer Miller (hark do we hear Chickenman?) gone as in G-O-N-E.

Oh wait…I better not mention Chickenman…that gets the faithful in a lather, doesn’t it?

But I have minored in West Vincent craziness since the Board of Supervisors tried to exercise eminent domain for private gain on Ludwigs Corner Horse Show. It’s always something. It was calm for a while when Mike and John were supervisors because they cared and did the right thing. But then when they cycled off of the board, old bad habits seemed to emerge once again, didn’t they?

Anyway….this is quite the stunning turn of events in West Vincent, including employees wanting an actual set of HR rules — I can’t believe nothing existed until now, can you?

I have the letter:

I almost forgot…the October meeting recording:

And FYI I covered the French Maid of it all. That was PUBLIC information, not top secret documentation although I wonder what happened to the audit being made public that the taxpayers funded? What is it about audits and shady that go hand in hand anyway?

Again, I wonder if the West Vincent Hears Voices Facebook page which was started to prop up the old Farmer Supervisor in his last gasp at politics is chatting about this turn of events? They seem to be a secretive group now so I imagine being a fly on that Facebook wall is interesting right now? Or it might not be because it was pretty managed before. So they might delete all references to this because only happy fuzzy eco friendly recycling unicorns farting rainbows need apply, right?

Hey look, I told you all in 2019 I thought Ms. Shick was not a good choice for supervisor. She’s had a lot of health issues lately and great personal loss as per her chatty Cathy brother in law. Maybe she should indeed bow out. Because THIS? This is not going away.

Now discuss amongst yourselves…congratulations West Vincent I think you have usurped the crazytown award at least temporarily from West Goshen and Willistown. And I will note no West Vincent employee has spoken to me about this and if there is retaliation against any of them for standing in their truth that will be something I would be interested in knowing about.

Carry on.

Popcorn 🍿 popcorn 🍿 popcorn 🍿

philly style politics on election day in WCASD and more election day amusements/bemusements

Democrats Did NOT do this. This is FAKE.

Just so we are clear, the Democrats did not endorse this candidate. He is a dark money, Klanned, Karenhood candidate.

If you are handed one of these palm cards at a pole that serves the West Chester Area School District please turn it in to the people who are there to watch the polls.

And if you are in the Downingtown Area School District, and you are handed a frisbee for a Klanned, Karenhood candidate named Duanne please also report it.

And to the Save Lionville Station Farm folks, I caution you were throwing the baby out with the bathwater. If you vote in the Klanned Karenhood slate of school board directors, you will regret it for decades to come. I mean you guys don’t like the solicitor for the school district right? Then why give his types a win?

I don’t forget that county commissioner candidate, who always seems to be running for something…. and he hails from West Goshen which should be reason enough NOT to vote for him…

it’s only a little “anomaly” in the pipeline, so don’t worry your little heads about it west whiteland residents…and west whiteland supervisor brian dunn did a brave thing for residents today. (yeah now you want to click on this post, don’t you?)

West Whiteland Residents for Pipeline Saftey drone image over Ship Road/Exton Station area
unexpected work posted today 11/1/23

So we all found out that Energy Transfer AKA Sunoco AKA Sunoco Logistics was BACK on Ship Road around Exton Station. I mean the grass was barely grown back, right?

You whooo Harrisburg, over here, okay? (Well we all know you read this blog in Pennsyltucky, so whatevs…..)

Sorry readers, I will continue….sometimes I have to see if those political bears are awake and paying attention to residents….

A little over 5 hours ago, our friends at West Whiteland Residents for Pipeline Safety posted the following:

Repair work continues on Mariner East 2x on Ship Rd at Exton Station. Drone photo taken yesterday shows the pipe has been excavated very close to where the HDD exit pit was ( The drill for this section was at the Hankin apartments on Ship near Boot. After the borehole was complete pipes were pulled from the exit pit here south the the drill site).

As previously reported here, “an anomaly” was detected during recent inspection of the pipeline with a smart pig. The work is expected to last 2-3 weeks which is long compared to recent repairs done on the same pipe in Delaware County.

❓ why is this pipe already in need of repairs?

❓ what happens when an anomaly is detected on a section of pipe that is inaccessible because it was installed tens or even over 100 feet underground or through rock as is the case on many lengths of mariner East through Chester County and Delaware County?

And remember, there is no credible emergency plan to warn protect public when there is a leak of these high volatile liquids in transport through Mariner East.

This has actually been going on for a couple of days. Some hypothesize that Joe Massaro the current talking head (Public Affairs Specialist at Energy Transfer, @JospehMassaro on the platform formerly known as Twitter was tidying up for another residential massage job, perhaps?

Too mean?

Sorry not sorry but I mean you know us residents: some have had properties and wells ruined by Sunoco/Energy Transfer, and then there are the thousands of us who live in blast zones, right? We know we don’t matter to them, and are rather inconvenient to them and politicians including Democrats who love love love the myth of pipelines, fracking, and Hydrogen hubs, right?

So next thing you know, Chair of the West Whiteland Supervisors Brian Dunn is on site this morning over on Ship Road and guess what? Sunoco/Energy Transfer was NOT putting him off. He had the township manager with him as well. Supervisor Brian Dunn went DOWN into that big hole to see the pipeline and dent for himself. That pipeline is live because you do not expect them to stop running highly explosive ethane while they make a repair, do you? Actually, fool that I am and a former oil company brat from decades ago, I actually thought they would do just that, but I am but a mere mortal and a female, right?

Anyway, Supervisor Brian Dunn had West Whiteland put it all on their social media channels and website. So for once there is real time updates on a pipeline issue.

This issue is being described as “pipeline maintenance.” I daresay it’s not regular everyday sweeping up is it?

Allow me to let West Whiteland Residents for Pipeline Safety to explain further:

We now know what problem with the Mariner East 2X pipeline on Ship Rd at Exton Station needing repair, thanks to West Whiteland Township conducting a site visit this morning.

There is a dent in the pipe which was detected as “an anomaly” during a recent smart pigging inspection of the pipeline. It safe to assume this dent was caused during construction so its unclear how it went undetected before.

The green coating has been sandblasted away fir the repair and the pipe will be wrapped in clockspring, a composite repair sleeve and reinforcement system uniquely designed for high-pressure transmission pipelines. Work is expected to last until Wednesday, November 8.

The pipeline is actively transporting highly explosive ethane while this work and the excavation using a backhoe is being conducted. The last photo, with the site marked with an red X shows the densely populated area immediately surrounding.

Questions remain:

❓ why was this dent, an area of weakness, not detected in previous inspections?

❓ what happens when an anomaly is detected on a section of pipe that is inaccessible because it was installed tens or even over 100 feet underground or through rock as is the case on many lengths of Mariner East through Chester County and Delaware County?

And remember, there is no credible emergency plan to warn protect public when there is a leak of these high volatile liquids in transport through Mariner East.

Thank you to West Whiteland Township for conducting this site visit and providing transparency on this to residents – transparency we do not get from Energy Transfer nor our regulatory agencies.


Here is West Whiteland’s information release this afternoon and it includes a video showing how repair will happen which is pretty cool:

Posted on: November 1, 2023

Pipeline Maintenance

Energy Transfer regularly conducts routine preventative maintenance on the Mariner East pipeline in the Township to detect anomalies before they become safety issues, One such anomaly was discovered and work is in progress to remediate it.

In order to ensure the integrity of the pipeline is not affected, the pipe will be wrapped in clockspring, a composite repair sleeve and reinforcement system uniquely designed for high-pressure transmission pipelines. Work is expected to last until Wednesday, November 8.

Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PA PUC) has been on site and verified that the activity is within normal pipeline maintenance and operations. Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administrations (PHMSA) has also been notified. Township Supervisor Brian Dunn and Township Manager Pam Gural-Bear visited the site and met with ET’s Integrity Team.

The anomaly was identified as one that could be addressed within 180 days.

For more information, please email pipeline@westwhiteland.org.

But can we talk about Supervisor Brian Dunn again? Sorry not sorry but what he did today took guts He did what MORE elected officials should do: he represented his residents and went to the mat for them. That is also brave because dude was down in a freaking pipeline hole and as much as I love my readers, I can tell you I would not have gone down an 18 foot hole into the ground or whatever. (If I had been the township manager, I would have been above ground saying my rosary while he was down there, but I digress.)

This video is from 6 years ago so the public is reminded what West Whiteland
residents have gone through.
This video is from 4 years ago so the public is reminded what West Whiteland
residents have gone through.
This video is from 4 years ago so the public is reminded what West Whiteland
residents have gone through.
The criminal investigation that kinda went nowhere, remember?
This video is from 4 years ago so the public is reminded what West Whiteland
residents have gone through.

It should be pointed out to she who will soon be thankfully out of office in West Whiteland is WHY people love and respect Brian Dunn, and will never wax poetically about you. I mean I know you love to slam him and misquote me, so here’s hoping you understand THIS is what being a public servant and working for the people who elected him actually means. Brian Dunn goes the extra mile for West Whiteland AND Chester County residents. He walks the walk whereas you have only ever spewed the talk occasionally.

It’s a mystery how a brand new pipeline has a dent. Perhaps it was damaged in their rush to get everything in the ground before? WHO KNOWS and we may never know because well, it’s Energy Transfer/Sunoco/Sunoco Logistics and everything has to be massaged and polished and spin doctored before the public gets information if they answer at all, doesn’t it?

Bravo, Brian Dunn but for the love of all that is holy, please don’t do that again. And please note that Brian was on site WITH Sunoco and West Whiteland Township in a planned meet up. DO NOT TRESPASS HERE. That is breaking the law and you will be arrested. Today’s on site photos provided generously by West Whiteland Township.

Happy November. Everything old is new again, including pipeline issues.

big brother watches us vote now?

So it’s been a long week. On Thursday I had post cancer reconstructive surgery on the back of my head. I have the back of my head shaved larger than a softball section and I have a lot of stitches and I have a lot of pain.

But because I’m already immuno compromised, I vote by mail. I voted, and my vote was counted. I always vote so imagine my surprise when I get this mailing from someplace called the Center for Voter Information in Harrisburg.

This is the freakiest big brother is watching you thing I have gotten in quite a while. Allow me to quote the mailing:

Public records indicate that you are eligible to vote in the upcoming election on Tuesday, November 7, 2023. Who are you vote for is private, but if you vote is a matter of public record.

We’re sending this mailing to you and your neighbors to share who does, and does not vote in an effort to promote election participation. While we have hidden the name and street address of your neighbors, to protect their privacy, these are their true voting records.

We will be reviewing these records, after the election to determine whether or not, you joined your neighbors in voting.

~ Gail L. Kitch, Board Chair, Center for Voter Information

They have a website. https://www.centerforvoterinformation.org/

I vote every election cycle. So at the letter at the opening of this post, it’s my name at the top, and my name at top of voter chart, so why they’re sending it to me I have no idea. And it’s none of my business if my neighbors do or don’t all vote every election. For the most part they do.

But to get a piece of mail like this is something that makes you feel like your privacy has been invaded even though the fact that you vote, or don’t vote is indeed a matter of public record,

So what am I supposed to do hobble around after surgery to all of my neighbors and knock on their doors and say hey are you the one that only voted for this election and are you the one that missed that election?

In my humble opinion, this doesn’t encourage anyone to vote this is like a visit from big brother you can do without so Gail Kitch whoever you are you can fuck off.

And yes I did just curse.

dear congresswoman houlahan,

Dear Congresswoman Chrissy Houlahan,

I called your office today. Like any other time I have called since you’ve been in office, you have wonderful staffers in DC. Then listen and they are polite and then what will happen?


The same nothing that has been happening since I first voted for you for your first term which began in 2019. I used to think it was just me and I don’t call very often and I’m not anybody important. But then I discovered that people who should be important get the same treatment.

I took the picture above here in October 2018. I was so happy to meet you at this event. I was happy to vote for you the next month. I was thrilled when you were elected. I’m not some big campaign donor I don’t actually donate to campaigns. I vote for people whom I can believe in or whom I think I can believe in.

Sadly Chrissie, I don’t know if I believe in you anymore. How can I? You are so removed from your average constituency and that’s me. I’m not a big donor I’m not some big swinging political dick in Washington. I’m just one of the people that has voted for you twice.

But you kind of keep letting us down, Chrissie.

Like I said, when we call your office, they listen. But nobody ever falls up unless of course it’s to get a Robo call for a Townhall meeting or something. And then there’s your Townhall meetings which are scripted and you can’t just ask a question it has to be screened, doesn’t it?

When we try to reach you, it kind of just circles. So like I said, you’re out of touch with your constituency. You don’t even get how here in Chester County we are not only plagued by the pipelines, but we just had to beat back the concept of a hydrogen hub too close to home a few months ago.

So imagine my surprise when you send me a newsletter this week proclaiming to me that hydrogen hubs are fabulous. So allow me to quote my friend Ginny Kerslake:

These PA hydrogen hubs are cloaked in secrecy and greenwashing.

Impacted communities here in southeastern PA are especially being kept in the dark on MACH2 which will mean more dangerous pipelines through Chester County and possibly power plants. And the executive who was at the helm during the disastrous Mariner East planning and construction is leading this project.

I know Ginny has written you to on this topic. And she has the background and chopsticks presser so far better than I do. But have you ever read the Robert Frost poem The Road Not Taken? Here allow me:

The Road Not Taken 


Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both

And be one traveler, long I stood

And looked down one as far as I could

To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,

And having perhaps the better claim,

Because it was grassy and wanted wear;

Though as for that the passing there

Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay

In leaves no step had trodden black.

Oh, I kept the first for another day!

Yet knowing how way leads on to way,

I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh

Somewhere ages and ages hence:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

Have you ever thought of becoming the Congresswoman we thought we were voting for? Have you ever thought of being the Congresswoman doesn’t show up for strategically placed sound bites alone?

I’m really trying very hard not to be rude because I genuinely like you and I would like to believe in you again. But let me tell you the story of the election of 2022. Do you understand why so many people voted for you? Do you understand that 2022 was the lesser of two evils election all around?

No, I’m not going to play for the other team, but I’m trying to wake you up before you have your next election to run. Right now you’re losing people and more every day, especially with the hydrogen hub that is only going to benefit the same people/kinds of people who put the crappy pipelines to Chester County. Would you also seem oblivious to, and you serve our district.

Your people seem to think that we’re just going keep voting for you because you’re a Democrat.

You are indeed, totally greenwashed at the prospect of this hydrogen hub. If you’ve done research surely you can see hydrogen hubs aren’t actually really clean energy?

All hydrogen hubs are is danger on many levels wherever they are shoved, and profit for others NOT in the communities where they are shoved.

So the bigger Democrats threw you a bone and let you play Vanna and turn those letters, right?

Houlahan Announces Hydrogen Hub in Southeastern Pennsylvania
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Washington, D.C., October 13, 2023

If the original Chrissie returns in time for the next election, happy to vote for you again. But you have to prove you are not the congresswoman in the golden Democratic cage first. And sometimes when the little people call, they actually expect you to respond yourself.

I actually had a similar conversation years ago with another Congressman who once held this district. And I was nobody important. I was just a constituent. Same person I am today except the difference was this Congressman listened to all of us. He came to our community events, his staffers really listened and looked into things when asked. His name was Jim Gerlach. Personally I miss him.

Be more like Jim. Also be your own woman again. Not the unapproachable, overly handled woman your constituents no longer recognize.

It truly makes me sad to write this post. But I don’t get what you don’t get about how your constituents actually feel about hydrogen plants and hydrogen hubs.

Thank you for your time. There is no need to reply, because I know you won’t anyway.


So you know I’m pro-farmer as in real farmers not faux farmers. And something no one has picked up on this election season is there is not one, but two farmers running in East Goshen Township for supervisor.

One we all know because he almost lost part of his land to eminent domain (Pete Hicks) for the path to nowhere and the other is the farm next-door farmer neighbor and friend (Sean Ellsworth).

I think this is awesome and if you are in East Goshen I think you should vote for


It would be nice to live in a world once again where the thought of more farms, less townhouses and farms, less apartment buildings was a better plan. Now, these two men can’t unring any development bells already rung, but because their business is farming, they have a greater appreciation in my humble opinion of what’s important in Chester County.

Preserving what made Chester County Chester County is what we have to do before it is lost forever.

People, this is what I’m talking about. These are two men who were not politically inclined, but who have stepped up to run for supervisor because they see change is needed. The impetus here was East Goshen Township failed eminent domain attempt. They can phrase it however, they want in the township building and that they “unwound“ it, but that will never ever change what those supervisors did in East Goshen.

So these are gentlemen who already lead busy lives who are stepping up to the plate for public service because they know it’s the right thing to do.

#vote #farmertakeover

the ultimate nancy drew mystery is ALWAYS politics

Well it’s a good thing they can’t take away my choice for political party in Chester County, I suppose. Because I am of a mind to “tease out” some more…..it’s generally speaking not helpful for a woman to be a tease, but when it comes to politics, perhaps there are exceptions?

Let’s start with by laws. Local chapters of political parties are supposed to post them. The current Chester County Democratic Committee Secretary is Alex Teplyakov, right? This is the officer responsible for producing the by laws, correct? The NEW CCDC website does NOT post them, as a matter of fact the new website is so dumbed down third graders might take offense, but hey maybe that is me just taking issue with assuming the Democrats at large in Chester County are sheeple and will all do as their told. (Didn’t work so well for the Chester County Republicans when they were leading the county, did it?)

Anyway, anyway, there is the OLD website buried within the new website. I find that both sloppy and a goldmine. Let’s begin with the last publicly published by laws I can find from I guess 2019?

So has young Alex Teplyakov ever actually published the current by laws? Are there current by laws? I mean what are the current by laws? I hear that is a burning question often asked all over Chester County by Democrats in various areas? Is it is a state secret? Are the by laws in witness protection?

So since the by laws are not posted any longer on the sparkly new dumbed down website is this a consciousness of guilt to REMOVE the by laws if they were already and previously posted? I am telling you this is indeed a Nancy Drew Mystery The Mystery of The Disappearing By Laws

So was no longer having by laws on the new website voted on? Or were new by laws never actually voted on or approved? I got my paws on proposed 2023 by laws, but what did the state actually say and is the Chester County Democratic Committee actually adhering to what the state committee actually dictates? I mean isn’t this a case of what the state says goes? I ask because I do not know, hence the questions. So what did the state Dems actually say??

Here is this draft by laws thing from at some point this year I guess it was?

Can we talk a smidge about these new proposed 2023 by laws that no one is quite sure are approved?

SECTION 3. General Disqualification. No person shall be eligible to hold any CCDC position who:

….b) has entered into an agreement with an opponent or opponent(s) of the Democratic Party to support such opponents;

….“ The County Chair and County Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer need not be members of the County committee at the time of their election”

SECTION 3. County Chair. …… shall see that all orders, resolutions and the Bylaws are carried into effect and performed in a lawful manner…

….SECTION 6. Conflicts with Endorsed Candidate. Where an elected or appointed Zone Leader or Assistant Zone Leader believes that they cannot support a duly endorsed Democratic candidate for personal or professional reasons, that Zone Leader or Assistant Zone Leader shall resign their leadership position upon submitting a letter of resignation to the County Chair within ten (10) days after the Nomination Endorsement Convention where the candidate was endorsed. The Zone shall elect replacements of Zone Leader or Assistant Zone Leader in accordance with Article XI, Section 2.

~2023 draft CCDC By LAWS

Truck to drive through these, anyone? Go through entire document. One thing that is astounding is NO definition of “opponent”. Opponent could be the garbage collector. Ambiguities in this construed against the drafter, right? Could we not hypothesize then that some of the emails that have leaked out penned by Grandma Charlotte violates things and makes HER an “opponent” of the CCDC who needs replacing? (Hey kids, have at it, right?) So to my mind that charming excerpt in Section 6 basically means if you don’t endorse or campaign for who we want you to endorse you’re a goner? How is that legit, legal, ok with state Democrats?

Soooo…for the proposed by laws whom is the author? Is it the current CCDC Solicitor Elizabeth Swain?

I am of course wondering as are many how Ms. Swain can be the solicitor of the Chester County Democrats AND a committee chair? Shouldn’t it be she is either ONE or the OTHER but NOT BOTH? I am not a lawyer, and I don’t play one on the Internet BUT one I know said a lawyer can’t represent the client and also be a potential witness and what do people who know election law think or whom are lawyers? I mean isn’t that just kinda sorta an untenable conflict that doesn’t work?

One of the things bugging me is although the CCDC proclaimed THIS below on their old website, which kind of flies in the face of Grandma Charlotte’s new world order doesn’t it?

Chesco Dems are always looking for passionate, committed people to seek public positions. We recruit and train the highest caliber candidates and provide logistic support to their campaigns. As a Democrat, have you ever considered running for office? Or do you have a Democratic friend, family member, or neighbor who you think would be GREAT for one of the positions on this year’s ballot? We look forward to hearing from you.

Or at the municipal level, contact your local zone. Remember that municipal and school board positions often open up due to resignations, and then the seats are filled by appointment and/or at the next election, so it is good to be prepared.

OLD CCDC website https://ccdcdev.wpengine.com/how-do-i/run-for-office/

I mean they SAY they want people to run, but if you aren’t decreed okay by the controlling cabal then where are you? Example number one is a woman who SHOULD be on November’s ballot, Magisterial District Justice Paige Simmons. Ginny Kerslake also comes to mind, who is an amazing woman. She literally has everything they say they want, only she terrifies them essentially for having a brain and a spine and isn’t afraid to show it. Danielle Friel Otten also comes to mind, which is why they are perennially passive aggressive with her and always trying to primary her with temporarily bright shiny objects…err candidates. Or another recent example would be when Libby Madarasz was going to primary Theresa Hogan Santalucia in West Whiteland. No one else had stepped up, and it was enough to make Saint Theresa of West Whiteland come up with “health reasons” to not run again didn’t it? She would not have survived being primaried by ANYONE including Jo Ann Kelton who MAGICALLY popped up seeming like minutes after Libby Madarasz was going to run and said SHE was going to run for Supervisor in West Whiteland? Are we all that naiive that Ms. Kelton popping up was just a coincidence? I think not. I think that was contrived and I am allowed to have that OPINION, yes? Mrs. Madarasz yielded gracefully to Ms. Kelton who does have experience as a current Zoning Hearing Board, a former Planning Commission member, and a long-time committee person for the West Whiteland Democrats. But Ms. Kelton is in her 70s so will she have the stamina for being a Supervisor? Not my township, and hopefully she will be better that Saint Theresa, right?

Other things I am curious about are the values documents on old website, but not new. Is the committee in it’s current executive iteration actually living their espoused values?

And why is there a new treasurer? I thought Ms. Baxter was doing such a wonderful job?

Look at this point, people could sit with a magnifying glass to Sherlock Holmes the Chester County Democratic Committee. It seems fraught with issues, doesn’t it? Kind of sad since they worked so hard to attain their majority?

Final thoughts? People are correct that politics did not cause Danelo Cavalcante to escape from prison. However, there are indeed potential political consequences.

I am but one woman, one voice. The Chester County Democratic Committe and their they can do no wrong cheerleaders have fingernails all poised to claw at me at every turn and why is it so bad to ask questions?

People, I do not pretend to know everything, but I am perennially curious about the inner machinations of politics. That is as American as Apple Pie. That’s how this country was founded.

Inconvenient Democrat, signing off.

oh charlotte, please…..

Nothing like a good e-mail to get the juices flowing. I will leave this as it is. Y’all can decide if you will be Dumbocrats and sheeple and dig CCDC Chair Charlotte Valyo’s pretzel logic or will you stand up, look at your by-laws and ease your Grandma and her flying monkeys into party retirement?

What does the email say? I am including verbiage in case screen shot is not clear and Chesco Dems? “Bubble” well….:

From: Marcy Cornell office@chescodems.org
Date: Fri, Sep 22, 2023 at 3:35 PM
Subject: Retention Explanation
To: Marcy Cornell office@chescodems.org
Cc: Charlotte Valyo chair@chescodems.org

Dear CCDC,

I apologize for yet another email. I am receiving questions regarding retentions. Some information is being shared that is not complete nor necessarily factual.

1) Retention is not an election. Court of Common Pleas Judges are elected once, for a ten-year term. After ten years, they are placed on the ballot for retention. The purpose of retention rather than running again is to remove politics from the judiciary. Once elected, judges are to make decisions based on the law and facts, not on political affiliation or political views. There is no red or blue, they are to think black (robes). This process was written into the Pennsylvania Constitution to ensure the independence of our courts.

2) Judge Carmody and Judge Hall will both age out before their next term ends, which will open up two seats for us to elect our candidates. This also makes it unlikely either would run for a higher Court seat.

3) Judge Carmody and Judge Hall are not extremists but are moderates and have earned the respect of their fellow judges and the legal community. I have spoken with our Democratic Court of Common Pleas Judges, most of our judicial and county candidates, and Democratic attorneys in Chester County. All unanimously support both judges and have only positive things to say about both.

4) If these judges were not retained what would happen?

a. The Chester County Court of Common Pleas would lose 2 judges, burdening an already overburdened Court.

b. Governor Shapiro can appoint attorneys to fill judicial vacancies, but this requires approval by the Republican controlled State Senate. The likelihood that the Republican controlled Senate would vote to approve Democratic judges is very low. Therefore, we will either have no appointments or two Republican judges who could be and probably would be younger and much more conservative.

c. If two Republican judges were appointed, both would be running as incumbents in the next election.

5) Bubbling “No” for these moderate and respected judges diminishes the effect of our bubbling “No” in the future when more extreme judges are up for retention.

6) For statewide judicial retentions, the Pennsylvania State Committee is bubbling the Democrat up for retention as a “Yes” and the Republican blank.

7) Based on the information above and following the lead of the Pennsylvania State Committee, CCDC will not be bubbling in a recommendation for retention for the Court of Common Pleas.



to be a democrat in chester county is like a game of project runway: you’re either in or you’re out

Things I learned from the Prison Board Meeting yesterday: If you can’t be a rah-rah Democrat, keep your mouth shut.

News flash: I was an inconvenient Republican before this and you all liked me well enough most of the time except when you decided once in 2013 I was a Tea Partier.

I am who I am. So now the Chester County Democrats perceive me as public enemy number one for being essentially an inconvenient Democrat. Like I said before it takes me back to 2013 when it was declared I was a tea partier.

Yesterday I offered public comment at the beginning of the Prison Board Meeting in West Chester:

Well then when the rest of public comment rolled around up popped two ride or die Democrats who not only seemingly leave no room for independent thought as well as no room for anyone to challenge the machine, which was rather ironic considering who one of the speakers was and how she was treated in the past by this very county party and I supported her. That is kind of sad, right? I think so.

Now while I respect these women for speaking on what they believe to be true even if people disagree, I don’t respect misquoting me from the same meeting barely an hour before if that. And the passive aggressive “teased out” of it all made me laugh out loud and if I open my mouth for public comment anything, I do my homework ahead of time.

So I offered rebuttal. I do not like being misquoted or a victim of a sniper attack from other Democrats because they think people owe abject loyalty to political parties at all times no matter what even if that kind of makes something more of a cult instead of a functioning political party:

So I have been thinking about this. What does it mean to be a Democrat in Chester County if they attack you for being independent minded? Doesn’t that make them everything they said they wouldn’t be when they took majority in Chester County?

I point you back to JudgeGate from the spring 2023 primaries.

And speaking of JudgeGate will we have StateRepGate again next primary season? Seems like Grandma Charlotte erstwhile head of the Chester County Democrats is at it again? Just visit this website to see. Now this is a person who ran unsuccessfully for Downingtown Borough Council in 2015. She’s part of Mid Chesco Dems, AKA where some of Grandma Charlotte’s filing five came from when they did Paige Simmons dirty in May. (Which was withdrawn in June.)

So unlike others, I pay attention to whom decides to follow me on socials, especially if they are very chirpy. All of a sudden this new Chesco Dem was following. So I kept an eye peeled. And she is running for State Rep. She is a Democrat. She has headshots out there and then there is her Twitter handle and her friends announcing on message boards that she is running for State Rep. That would put her in Legislative District 155, or Danielle Friel Otten’s district.

It doesn’t take new math to figure out this chick has her eyeballs focused on Danielle’s seat, does it? It also doesn’t take much of a reach to figure Grandma Charlotte Valyo of the Chesco Dems must have her paws in this somewhere, does it? So they are gearing up for more Dirty Dems Primary Tricks Done Dirt Cheap, eh? And it’s not like they haven’t done this before, right? I will say sorry if I am wrong, but past being prologue and all say I am right, doesn’t it? We have recent shenanigans and then the others they have primaried against Danielle Otten like Rose Hogan Danese.

Oh and I mentioned JudgeGate in the spring primary, but there was another JudgeGate this summer wasn’t there? Something about just endorsing current sitting GOP judges? Kind of funny after they went after a fellow Democrat who is a Magisterial District Justice who was looking to run for Common Pleas in the spring?

And now this other thing related to that – a rumor of planning to do the sample ballot to the entire county on behalf of CCDC leaving judicial retention question blank? Supposedly local areas/zones are losing their minds because they want to vote NO on the Republican and Indie candidates there, because well Democrats are supposed to elect Democrats, and Republicans wouldn’t support a Democrat, etc? But Grandma Charlotte supposedly thinks this might still achieve retaining the Republican judges? Now to be honest, I have Republican judges I will vote for, but I don’t run the party and that is my personal choice as an inveterate ticket splitter, so Grandma Charlotte are you all there? Je ne comprends pas.

All this strife and controversy from within the Chester County Democrats since Grandma Charlotte Valyo took the wheel, isn’t there? Does she think it’s Phoenixville Country Club or something? She and her hubs were on the board during that whole space oddity of the bailout of that club once upon a time, right? I mean for what the bailout was, isn’t it still surprising that is not a public course since government monies from Schuylkill Township bailed them out? We the people and all that jazz?

The Chester County Democrats always SAY they are different from the GOP but when they do the same stupid tricks now that they are in power are they actually different? Inquiring minds want to know. Want to know what I think?

I think power always corrupts and political power is no different. I think with every leadership change with the Chester County Democrats there is not enough cleaning house of deadwood and the past people who made local paper headlines are still too involved in the running of the party and I am allowed that opinion. I think independent thinking is discouraged and everyone is supposed to walk lock step with whatever leadership is word salading that day, week, hour.

So am I surprised that the claws came out at me at the meeting yesterday? Nope. The Chester County Democratic Committee is like Project Runway: one day you are in, the next day you are out.

Obviously I am out. I was ok to Democrats as an inconvenient Republican, but I am not ok as an inconvenient Democrat. Thanks kids, duly noted, and perhaps Independent is in my future except then I lose right to primary voting.

But their nasty Project Runway behavior seems to be constant and can it be said only pet committee people and zone folks aren’t harangued? I point you to the pet squad of Mid Chester County Dems in particular. Freedom, fairness, opportunity is somewhat subjective with Grandma Charlotte, yes?

I am beginning to feel like the Chester County Democratic Committee want us to be like 1950s housewives: obedient and silent. Sorry doesn’t work for me. And aeresol hairspray isn’t environmentally friendly and went out with Barbara Hafer circa late 1980s- 1990s.

I have a theory. I think there needs to be new leadership with Chesco Dems and a housecleaning of old leadership hanging about. They have become so much like what they criticized and replaced that if that doesn’t happen, mediocrity will reign supreme. Without change there will not be growth. And Chester County Democrats need to grow away from all the current petty bullshit. And there is too much petty bullshit which comes from the top as acceptable behavior. They will have kittens over my opinions on this and I will get nasty comments, but so what? I became a Democrat because I thought they would actually live their mission and they are not. It’s that simple.

All Democrats are not welcomed equally is the clear message. Individuality is not welcome. And they tell their committee people whom they want endorsed. There really is no natural selection, it is pre-ordained.

And I am not letting the Republicans of Chester County off of the hook, either. Most of what CCDC is playing at is out of the age old playbook of the RCCC. It’s all stupid, kind of like their QAnon Princess West Goshen Republican Committeeperson Ada Nestor and her latest obsession: saying Chester County is a Sanctuary County. And also saying that Chester County Prison doesn’t work with ICE. The prison follows the law, they work with federal officials…they have to. And then there is the latest fakakta lawsuit. And the fact that they try to hide it, but still very much cater to extremism groups including those poorly disguised as suburban moms like it is totally normal for a soccer mom to show up at school board meetings in a gas mask, right?

I guess I am waiting for Chester County Democratic Committee and the Republican Committee of Chester County to stop acting like teenage mutant ninja turtles with vertigo and blindfolds. Both parties need work. But the Chester County Democratic Committee should be ashamed of themselves for becoming exactly what they said they wouldn’t when they attained their historic majority. Here’s an idea Chesco Dems: ditch current leadership and their gross and continual stupidity and try to keep your majority because after all, elections are also like Project Runway: one day you’re in, the next day you’re out.

Those who want to tell me how wrong I am? Save your breath. You will need it when I can say told you so, and that day is coming if you don’t get it together.

Ciao for now sports fans.

the obstacle course survived the zoning stuff in west vincent for non-profit events?

Trying this again. THIS is a share of a public post from a public Facebook group or page. I can SEE this is a nonprofit event. What I do NOT understand is why events are still happening here? I thought this site was not wanted by residents and went to court etc?

West Vincent has such inept and incompetent supervisors it is worth asking, isn’t it?

People who left comments, Facebook removed the post although I was sharing from a PUBLIC post etc. I did not remove the post. I can’t figure out why since it was certainly not controversial.



And while we are at it can we ask why Facebook is on crack this morning? A public post was shared, and comments were not deleted OR heated. People were telling me how non-profit events were allowed. I was trying to understand how this happened because last time I heard about this place, neighbors were up in arms and packing meetings.

The question was in the area of follow-up on a place and issue I forgot about. So according to people who have been to non-profit events there in recent past, it seems that those kind of events are somehow allowed?

I was curious hence the question. Can’t see the place from my house but when you remember how upset neighbors were and then after a long time you see the place pop up it’s natural to ask how did that happen.

But because we couldn’t have a normal and civil conversation on Facebook, I decided to post it here. Their algorithms are fakakta.