sometimes you’re in, sometimes you’re out…one day he’s ron the rep, next day he’s ron the realtor…

Ronnie the Realtor has made a Sybil-like reversal to Ronnie the Wannabe Rep again.

Yesterday we heard he was suspending his campaign. Yesterday we heard if he didn’t suspend his campaign the Chester County Republican Party was going to censure him. (Read about it HERE.)

So now it’s another day and Lil’ Ronnie has UN-suspended his campaign.

Ron Vogel Is Back In The Race For Congressional Seat By Holly Herman Patch

Posted Wed, Apr 27, 2022 at 2:15 pm ET
Updated Wed, Apr 27, 2022 at 2:25 pm ET

WEST CHESTER —Chester County Realtor Ron Vogel said this afternoon he is back in the race for the Republican nomination for the 6th Congressional District, after a 24-hour break.

Vogel, 36, of Chester Springs, said he suspended his campaign after publicity about old social media reports that were taken out of context.

“I am still in the race,” Vogel said. “I took a break to have a team huddle.”

“Team Huddle”?

Ok Chester County GOP you voted to censure him if he didn’t comply, so time to step up.

And I’m going to share some of the screenshots. These are woman hating and homophobic.

Yeah Ron, love is love if you actually know how to love. How does whom people choose to have as their life partners, husbands, wives, whatever affect your life personally?

I actually feel sorry for his family. Because I doubt any of them signed up for this.

This entire issue with this candidate shows you how weak and dysfunctional Chester County Republican Party actually is. I said already once this week that you would think they would have learned the consequences of not vetting candidates after the school board shit show as far as elections this past fall.

Enjoy your Waterloo, Ronnie boy. Or Battle of Berlin.

Somewhere, Lincoln is weeping.

6 thoughts on “sometimes you’re in, sometimes you’re out…one day he’s ron the rep, next day he’s ron the realtor…

  1. Sometimes ya just don’t know if it’s the truth or half-truth or nothing like the truth..Well, that leaves…Truthiness…..Nah..I think it’s tough to ask real people to believe his gut is telling his truthiness is the…hm…right way to go.

  2. I agree, but there are many Republicans who believe only the talking heads on fox news tell the absolute truth…no propaganda there. That could mean a majority of registered Republicans are without brains.
    The thought scares me

    • There are also a lot who are reminiscent of the party of Lincoln and you just have to hope they all find their spines

  3. You need to look into him saying the n word and sympathizing with hitler. I’ve heard it’s true and the screen shots exist

  4. He’s posting today about the holocaust and survivors. He apparently was sympathizing with hitler. What a mess. He should resign. Looks bad. The screen shots need to get out on this and him saying the n word.

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