it’s simple: save wildflower farm.

I make no secret about how I feel about the nasty NOFIMBY neighbors of Castlebar Lane in Willistown.

NOFIMBY = No Farm(s) In My Back Yard.

These people treat their neighbors horribly. They have waged a campaign of terror against the Heenans. The Heenans crime? They came to Willistown with a dream: to create a beautiful small farm and grow flowers.

I have written about this several times now. Truthfully, I am somewhat astounded at how hate for their neighbors drives these NOFIMBY neighbors. How their hate for farms in a township that grew on farms seemingly drives them. I mean what is the public supposed to interpret from their actions? Apparently they would prefer a townhouse development or some other form of plastic mushroom development instead of a FLOWER farm?

Of course I am also astounded that I still don’t see Willistown Conservation Trust coming to the defense of Wildflower Farm, aren’t you? But given how many great swaths of land are in play in Willistown in general these days, I wonder what they are doing? How can they stand idly by and not truly take a stand for small farms at least?

But I digress.

Wildflower Farm needs our help. Please write to Willistown’s Township Manager Sally Slook at

Please tell Willistown to amend the zoning so farms and agricultural uses of land are protected. It also can’t hurt to tell the township that you specifically support Wildflower Farm and the Heenan family specifically.

I will also point out that Willistown Township has been very supportive of Wildflower Farm. This crap is NOFIMBY neighbor driven IMHO.

See this piece in Vista: Neighbors Continue to Sow Seeds of Discontent in Malvern Couple’s Wildflower Farm




Here is what the Heenans would like all of us to know:

5 thoughts on “it’s simple: save wildflower farm.

  1. One might be a tad bit suspicious that these neighbors are being led by the nose by elements that are connected to developers. Let’s see how they like 90 townhomes and all the traffic a development like that will bring.

    • Exactly, Mike.

      Some of them would think it’s great. But otherwise, they would just move – not caring about how it got ruined, never making the connection.

  2. It would be helpful if the particular zoning ordinance that is the problem would be specified. They are in RU zoning district that is a minimum of 4 acres. Farming is permitted and protected. Is it the home business ordinance?

    • Cindi, thanks for taking an interest in learning more. Sections 139-12 through 139-15 are primary sections at issue. There are a number of violations of state law throughout those sections, among others.

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