life and war

I love vintage Ukrainian Christmas ornaments. The ones I have are Mercury glass. They are different from the Czechoslovakian, Polish, and German ones that I have. They are very vivid in color and so pretty. The ones I have that are my favorites are pinecones and owls. And their glass is thicker.

Recently I received some ornaments I ordered from the Ukraine – Chernivtsi which is the other side of the Ukraine from where Putin has started to invade – Kyiv.

Those poor people in the Ukraine. I feel these are last ornaments I will have direct from the Ukraine for quite a while.

More war. The world doesn’t need that.

Pray for the Ukraine.

1 thought on “life and war

  1. I am so upset for those people. My prayers are for them and for the craziness to stop. God bless them, all.

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