miles to go before we sleep.

It is a valid question to ask a Republican candidate like Guy Ciarrocchi or any candidate where they stand on what happened January 6, 2021.

Candidates who do not answer that clearly, or try to create a smokescreen by telling you where they were but not where they stand and then pander to local extremist groups, or attacking local residents and women like myself are NOT fit for serious consideration as a candidate for public office either local, state, or federal. Electing them means as a region, state, and country we will all still be at risk.

Extremism in politics is ruining this country. It doesn’t really matter which side the extremism comes from, either.

When you watch snippets of video inserted below, remember the people who are part of extremist groups and running them on Facebook like #AnonymousAda Ada Nestor who actually was there in DC on January 6th, and she still doesn’t get it, does she? I mean do we really think that people like her actually understand that they could’ve ruined their entire lives being down there on January 6, 2021?

Remember other political candidates in Pennsylvania like State Senator Doug Mastriano running for Governor, who had buses for purported “patriots” to go and be part of the assault on our nation’s capital, and who now is trying to pervert history and the story of William Penn and why/how he came to Pennsylvania and can you believe it?

I mean face it, William Penn and his followers came to this country to escape people like the Mastrianos of their day. ( )

So #whereisGuy on January 6th for example? Where is Oz? Where is Mastriano now?

And then there were people who committed a crime who are committee people for the Republican party? How are there not laws to prevent that? The Republican party in particular is all gung ho about election integrity and so on and so forth, so how can they trust people who essentially got caught with essentially their hands in the cookie jar?

Also to be noted is the fact that the Republican Committee of Chester County shares events via their social media that extremist groups are holding and how is that OK? Are we to wonder now that the new regime which just threw out the old regime is going to be worse than they were?

Politics is national, but it’s also very very local.

There is a lot to think about between now and November, but the most important thing I can impart to all of you right now if you have to get out and vote. It is our civic duty to protect our region, state, and country from these people.

Here is a snippet of a closing statement I took today. I watched part of the January 6 earrings today and it was very hard to watch. why it was hard to watch is because of everything you learned about that day and leading up to that day.

And for those of you who like to send threatening or menacing comments or worse, just remember law-enforcement does follow this blog. I am just one woman with an opinion and it’s my first amendment right to speak my piece.

survey says?

Study for March, and done for decades, right?

There is that moment when you think certain factions must be exhausted, they can’t possibly find anything more to complain about. But now it’s an academic survey (or two, right?)

I made the mistake of asking what the big deal was. I saw this on a Facebook page. The folks on the page made me notice an academic survey was an issue that I didn’t know was an issue in the first place…..back down the rabbit hole…you know the drill they want people to know it’s an issue, but only if you agree with them….

What REALLY made me notice was WHO had ratcheted up this issue in the first place:

Ada Nestor is like West Chester’s own Marjorie Taylor Greene.  Except she tanked in her election. She wanted to be on the West Chester Area School Board. Appears to be desperately seeking relevance she is still at it. Here is an #AnonymousAda refresher (screenshots courtesy of WCASD Constituents) :

So of course because I asked what was so bad about the survey they posted which is anonymous and seemingly optional I should probably post the screenshots taken of it:

The study for March in the letter screenshot OPENING the post is not for the survey in the screenshots, it’s another one done by The University of Michigan. It’s part of the Monitoring the Future Project.

Also see:

Monitoring the Future (MTF) Public-Use Cross-Sectional Datasets

The Monitoring the Future: A Continuing Study of the Lifestyles and Values of Youth annual surveys were designed to explore changes in important values, behaviors, and lifestyle orientations of contemporary American youth. The surveys began in 1975 with 12th-grade students only. Eighth- and 10th-grade student surveys were added in 1991 under the title Monitoring the Future: A Continuing Study of American Youth (8th- and 10th-Grade Surveys) and, in 1996, the designation “12th-Grade Survey” was added to the titles of the subsequent 12th-grade surveys. When examining the issues covered by the series, two general types of tasks may be distinguished. The first task is to provide a systematic and accurate description of the youth population of interest in a given year and to quantify the direction and rate of change occurring over time. The second task, more analytic than descriptive, involves the explanation of the relationships and trends observed. Each year, large, distinct, nationally representative samples of 8th-, 10th-, and 12th-grade students in the United States are asked to respond to drug use and demographic questions, as well as to additional questions on a variety of subjects, including attitudes toward religion, parental influences, changing roles of women, educational aspirations, self-esteem, exposure to sex and drug education, and violence and crime – both in and out of school. In each grade, students are randomly assigned to complete questionnaires with a subset of topical questions in addition to a set of core questions on demographics and drug use. For a guide to the questions asked each year in each questionnaire, along with their subject areas and variable names, users may refer to the question indexes under the For Researchers section below.

For more information, visit the Monitoring the Future Web site .

Years Produced: Annually. Note: the 1975 data is not available. Data available from NAHDAP are the annual cross-sectional datasets

For more information about the MTF Restricted-Use Data, see Monitoring the Future (MTF) Restricted-Use Cross-Sectional Datasets

I actually discovered this on my own. In spite of what Ada thinks (or when she demonstrates a lack of thinking which apparently is like breathing), I was curious and wanted to check it out. But if course she has to go all super toxic and say people went to me with their panties in a bunch? Oh come on now. Really? Has she elevated me to a God status??? How amusing.

Once again we have to ask these Stepford Wives for Totalitarianism why is everything nuclear warfare instantly and why do their rights matter more than everyone else’s? Ada acts a very angry woman and you read what she writes about “they” will “wish” they had voted for her and this “war hasn’t even started yet.”

Can we have an anonymous quiz about these people and how all they are interested in is personal glory and tearing up communities over their bullsh*t?

I still do not get what the big deal is. If you don’t like it, your kid doesn’t have to do it. But what is wrong with the questions? Too personal? Kids shouldn’t know what politics their parents discuss? It’s bad to say your parents are immigrants? Parents do not want to be outed as grooming their kids to be their little soldiers instead of being free thinking human beings on their own?

How I look at this survey is life today is very different than the Donna Reed lifestyle of the 1950s. The study is anonymous. It is data gathering but NOT FOR the West Chester Area School District. It’s sociological research. Again I remind these people, that someday people will study in school what we are living through right now. I wonder what future generations will think of the modern years of democracy at risk? What will they think of how a global pandemic was treated? Do none of these people have any intellectual curiosity whatsoever? How will history relate this time in our lives right now?

I am actually trying to get information from Research Professor to gain a better understanding of the March survey because I don’t see the survey as a big deal to have another Waterloo over. But I bet given the ruckus Ada is making they don’t want to speak with anyone. I am happy to share what they tell me IF they even respond.

Anyway, sign me tired of these people and their constant haranguing of everyone and everything. They are tearing our communities apart, and I resent that. I remember the days when you could disagree and have a conversation and actually work together to get things done. With these people, it is like a community cancer. All they do is destroy. They aren’t about anything other than just getting their own way and being the loudest voice in the room. It’s why people won’t run for office from either political party, it’s why they are leaving office. From the most local level, to Washington D.C.

And then there are the two screenshots to follow. And it makes you wonder.

Above are comments left somewhere (not sure where) that were deleted seems to explain one of the surveys and why it occurred, so why were they deleted? Two separate surveys in WCASD and they have made a mountain out of a mole hill with reasonable explanations?

The one I posted screenshots of I am told was made by a student at Rustin from an AP class so it was a student peer study then? It was voluntary and anonymous but not required so what is wrong with a STUDENT project?

The Michigan study is separate and in March and has been done for decades. It’s about drugs and alcohol- so they combined the two surveys without having all of the facts, when it’s two separate things?

Aren’t all of you tired of these people destroying our communities? Aren’t you tired of these people foisting their ugliness and vitriol on everyone?

I know of course because I wrote this, they will start the next round of nastiness towards me and whomever else disagrees with them. But I can’t help but wonder how history will reflect upon them?

Try to have a peaceful weekend.

what is a public vs. private post exactly on facebook? especially when it comes to politics?

I was waiting for one of these threatening comments on the West Chester school board candidates post. I don’t even know who this woman Suzie is. But she is referring to these PUBLIC photos that people, MANY people have taken screen shots of including the ones I have shown again below to illustrate. I did her a kindness I did not have to and have not disclosed her email address. Technically I was under no obligation to do so, as she wrote to my site.

Suzie is fussing over screenshots of PUBLIC Facebook posts. Note the little globe. And these are SCREENSHOTS to show origin of a PUBLIC post.

Please note, I did not post photos of her family, private life, or kids. I only posted PUBLICLY posted things.


Suzie, your posts that you created personally were PUBLIC posts sharing a PUBLIC post. That means they are PUBLIC. If you go to the bottom of the originating posts from the Chester County Coalition of Republican Women you can see the “shares”…It is a public post and you can see who shared it depending upon their privacy settings. YOU had your settings for these posts as PUBLIC which means ANYONE can see them. Those you have different privacy settings you can’t see and that is why there is this nifty bit of verbiage: “Some posts may not appear here because of their privacy settings.”

The other screenshot, also a PUBLIC post I guess has you in it, but again, don’t know you, so I can’t say you are in the photo for sure. Photo was posted PUBLICLY without attribution, so your issue my dear is with the person who POSTED the photo PUBLICLY and she posts pretty much everything PUBLICLY.

Oh and Suzie? I called the Republican Committee of Chester County. Spoke to someone pretty high up. They remarkably did not know who you were. We had a great conversation. I used to be a Republican, and I still have plenty of Republican friends. I owned what I had written about and why. They agreed the school board races had gotten beyond nasty. I told them that if your gals Ada Nestor and Stacey Whomsley had been part of the Purple People Eater Political Party I would still feel they were BAD candidates and the WRONG choice for school board on the West Chester Area School District. We had an awesome conversation, actually.

But Suzie? If you do not wish people to screenshot and share your posts or share posts others share publicly including photos? You need to change YOUR privacy settings which you can do from post to post to either be friends only or friends except (and exclude people). As long as that LITTLE GLOBE appears with regard to Facebook, it is a PUBLIC post. Just like if you do not make your Instagram and Twitter accounts private, everything you post is PUBLIC. The last screenshot is an example of choices for PRIVACY settings on Facebook posts. I hope this clears it up.