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Well we broke up with A.J. Blosenski almost a month ago and they FINALLY picked up the cans yesterday…after the regular A.J. Blosenski trash truck emptied a can that had been empty for a month so I hope they don’t try to charge us for it since we are no longer customers.

However, they have NOT refunded us for charging us the next chunk of service the same day we cancelled service. Nor have we received a refund on the many missed pick ups.

My neighborhood had a partially missed pickup again this week. So did a lot of areas. It’s like they just decided not to pick up.

East Whiteland Township actually recently cited A.J Blosenski for all the issues that their residents have experienced. Some Willistown residents have remarked that they wish their township would be equally proactive.

Meanwhile over in West Vincent it must be noted that Whitetail Disposal had their soliciting permits REVOKED. For aggressive soliciting. And they have been very aggressive. In a lot of communities in Chester County again.

And Whitetail has a history of issues as well.

So I guess the more our county and region gets overpopulated the worse the trash pick up will be.

That is the trash talk update for the week. I will end by stating no issues with Opdenaker at all so far. Everything that we are paying for is happening and the customer service is actual customer service. i’m including their website in case anyone is interested in checking them out. They might not service all areas at this point but at least they are honest about the work they can actually do and can’t do depending upon the area.

trash talking

The cavalry arrived in my neighborhood yesterday a little before 6 PM

A few days ago I wrote about the problems we’re having around here with A J Blosenski. They used to be like clockwork, no problems, and for whatever reason since they were acquired by their new corporate overlord Waste Connections, there have been growing pains. And staffing shortages and you can’t get people on the phone easily anymore and people are having a hard time all over the region getting their trash picked up.

Now, I think part of this has to do also with Covid and when Republic Services dumped our area. And when Republic left, some of us got notice, maybe a week to 10 days in advance that they were leaving, others got no notice whatsoever. And you couldn’t get anybody on the phone to talk about it and that has been a problem for months leading up to this decision by Republic Services.

I still remember the day when Republic came through after hammering us that we had to return their cans. They told us they were taking their cans back. I guess to move them to other areas but literally we watched as their trash truck picked up our trashcan garbage and all, and just threw all of it into the big back mouth of the truck. It seemed so wasteful to me, especially since a lot of us at very new cans that they had given us not that long before.

And then, even though Republic Services dumped all of their customers in various parts of our region, it took months to get them to stop sending bills which was extraordinarily frustrating. They told you they were breaking up with their customers. You had to find a new hauler and scramble to do so, yet they were still sending you a bill…for services no longer rendered.

So then post Republic break up, we all settled into a nice routine with A.J Blosenski. Then we heard about the corporate acquisition, and since spring hit, it’s been difficult at times to get the trash picked up. Some neighborhoods it was recycling like mine, other neighborhoods, it was trash, and then there were other places all together where everything was missed.

It’s been bad in East Whiteland and I know it’s been even worse in Tredyffrin, and there have even been issues in West Whiteland where they are that township’s designated hauler.

As I had indicated in my prior post, it’s very frustrating to try to get somebody on the phone. And feeling less than satisfied after another missed pick up on Monday I’ve decided to take action on my own. So I literally did Internet research until I came up with a corporate phone number for Waste Connections who acquired A.J. Blosenski.

After I looked up the corporate phone number, I researched to some of the officers of Waste Connections. I researched what their emails were and how to format them. And then I called and had a really nice conversation with a woman down south in the executive offices. After my conversation with her I sent my email outlining all the things that had me going wrong in my neighborhood. They told me that they would make it right.

Yesterday at a little before 6 PM, Waste Connections and AJ Blosenski made good on their promise. They cleared the trash in my entire neighborhood.

I also learned today that hideous Whitetail Disposal has applied for soliciting permit in my township and I’m sure many others. Here’s hoping they know what no soliciting means this time around.

I don’t like Whitetail and I wasn’t the only one that had problems with their door-to-door soliciting. They completely ignored another friend’s no solicitation sign and then when she said no, they came back another day and that was part of their M.O. the last time around. I also remember they asked someone else I know if her husband was home to make the decision. Yeah just call all us ladies Donna Reed, Whitetail (said with major eye rolling.)

Since Whitetail Disposal first broke into this area, what I have noticed, is they leave cans in the middle of the road and they often leave bits of trash in the middle of the road. I always hear about people complaining that they have missed pick ups, and that they are sloppy and inconsistent. Their average rating on Google reviews alone is 2.6 stars out 5. On the Better Business Bureau website also bad reviews. I also found a curious thing on the Attorney General’s website for PA:

Whitetail Disposal is only applying for permits to solicit around here again because of the problems A.J. Blosenski is experiencing which is kind of like what Whitetail Disposal reviews are like all of the time. My opinion is they are like opportunistic parasites.

So today A.J. Blosenski was featured on NBC10 news with Deanna Durante. It was an honest reporting job of what consumers are experiencing.

I will continue to give A.J. Blosenski a chance. I am not going to say I am not frustrated by the issues that they have been having. But I’ve been reading about people talking about Whitetail disposal for a couple of years now and they have these problems all of the time, so I will stick with who I know at this time.

whitetail disposal needs to dial the door to door sales behavior back a few notches, or get out of our townships.

As my readers will recall I wrote about Whitetail Disposal a few months ago. It concerned their door to door reputation during COVID-19.

When Whitetail Disposal showed up at my door last summer. The guy was clean cut and neatly dressed. No complaints there. He was easily identifiable as one of their employees. No complaints there. But when a homeowner (me) says she is uncomfortable with a door to door solicitation during COVID-19, and you should leave and here is what you shouldn’t do:

1. Don’t tell the homeowner you aren’t doing anything wrong. You are by arguing.
2. Don’t keep standing there waving your badge and saying you have a permit to solicit when the homeowner has asked you to leave. That’s called trespassing.
3. Don’t go to leave by cutting through people’s properties to get to other properties, that is still trespassing

I wasn’t the only one who had this experience and I went to my township and so did a lot of other people. A lot of people called my township out of concern. Aggressive door to door solicitation is bad enough in regular circumstances, this was during full-blown COVID-19.

One of the things that bothered me the most about Whitetail doing this during COVID-19 is if you said no to one person soliciting, a lot of times another person showed up a day or two later. When a homeowner says no, no means no and you market on a list that it’s do not solicit.

This even came up as a topic for discussion at one of our township meetings. (See East Whiteland 9/9/2020.) I would say their company rep was a smacked ass on that Zoom meeting. He told them everything they wanted to hear as far as I’m concerned how they do better and they do this and they do that but what do they do really if they keep sending reps back to places they were asked not to return to?

Flash forward to literally 10 minutes ago. I have to tell you even I am astounded by the brass balls on these people at Whitetail as they showed up on my street…AGAIN. And the neighborhood text chain went off immediately when they started door to door (a young woman with long dark hair, black t-shirt ) and I said to my neighbors I know exactly who it is and NO you don’t have to open your door to them —-it’s probably that trash company Whitetail…and sure enough it was.

This time it was a young woman with dark hair probably I would say early to mid 20s I’m about 5’ 6” so I would say she was probably close to my height.

When she got to me I was holding my phone, and I think she thought I was recording her but I wasn’t. Not that I would be outside of my rights to do so on my own property and on a public street.

I asked her what she was doing here. She said she was from the “trash company.”

I said which trash company.

She said Whitetail.

I said to her you already solicited on the street and she said “oh well we come back every year.”

I said everybody on the street asked you not to come back. Not you (her) personally of course but whomever was soliciting at the time. And I also said I went to the township about it, so again please tell me why you’re back here. She did not have a response to that question.

Next she said to me “well we have permits.” I said I am aware of your permits . But I am also aware of the fact that if residents ask you not to solicit them and you come back repeatedly that becomes a problem for your permits.

(I did not point out my no solicitation sign which is out plain as day.)

I told her to leave my neighborhood. (Yes I actually did because I was definitely pissed at Whitetail’s disregard for my neighborhood and the neighborhoods of others.) And because I was holding my phone and because she wasn’t sure if I was recording her or not she left.

So no I don’t have her on video but I have her car. I am sorry at this point I wasn’t close enough to get a picture of the tag. Also technically she was probably parked too close to our stop sign. I will note that Whitetail solicited a friend of mine who also has a no solicitation sign was also re-solicited. They also told Whitetail last year not to come back. Yet like spotted lantern flies, here they are again?

And I just called my township again. I just can’t believe that when they are asked not to come back they come back. I wouldn’t use them for that reason alone. People who do that have no respect for residents.

Whitetail is aggressive and as the screenshots I am including indicate, they still seem crappy.

Whomever you choose to provide services to your home is ultimately your business as the individual. But I will tell you that I am not going to have somebody performing any kind of services for me who doesn’t respect anything except the sale they are trying to close. I would never choose Whitetail or recommend them due to their door to door tactics alone, and it is my right to say so.

whitetail disposal of perkiominville, pa this post is for you.

Door to door solicitation is creepy. Gone are the days of the nice Fuller Brush Man of our grandparents’ era. A few years ago I had a very unpleasant experience with door to door window salesmen. Suffice it to say there is nothing like having all new windows and telling a salesman politely you’re not interested and then they don’t and won’t leave.

As a matter of fact the only door to door folks I have found to be polite the past are the clean water action people (can’t remember the correct non-profit name) and the Jehovah’s Witnesses. And when you tell the Jehovah’s Witnesses you aren’t interested they say thank you and leave. They might leave you a hopeful religious pamphlet, but they leave pleasantly and actually GO.

So here we are in the midst of still dealing with a global pandemic AKA COVID-19 with cases on the rise. But that doesn’t matter to Whitetail Disposal of Perkiomonville, PA. Yes, these people are #COVIDidiots:

Today Whitetail Disposal showed up at my door. I have read online posts about their aggressive door to door sales people, who even come back a second time when they have been turned down.

The guy was clean cut and neatly dressed. No complaints there. He was easily identifiable as one of their employees. No complaints there. But when a homeowner (me) says she is uncomfortable with a door to door solicitation during COVID-19, and you should leave and here is what you shouldn’t do:

1. Don’t tell the homeowner you aren’t doing anything wrong. You are by arguing.
2. Don’t keep standing there waving your badge and saying you have a permit to solicit when the homeowner has asked you to leave. That’s called trespassing.
3. Don’t go to leave by cutting through people’s properties to get to other properties, that is still trespassing

That is what happened to me today. And I do know from others in my area and research I have done that they have been cutting through people’s properties to get to other properties to solicit. If that guy had just said “thank you for your time” and left when I asked him, there wouldn’t even be this post. And I would not have contacted my township. But I did. I understand that townships have no mechanisms to put parameters on times like these because, well, in our lifetimes there hasn’t been a global pandemic. However, it does give you pause with regard to companies which want to put potential customers and employees at risk like this. Even the census takers stopped going door to door!

I had some people in my area give me a hard time locally over my opinion and experience. Suffice it to say this is MY right to tell them to leave and complain to my township is a door to door salesperson doesn’t do so immediately. I am not having them over for tea. I did not invite them over period. So it is at my discretion to ask them to leave and complain if they don’t.

If you have ever done any kind of sales you know the ability to exhibit a graceful defeat and back away means that some day that same person might well remember that moment and HOW the salesperson handled it. Seriously. I came out of the financial services industry and if you want to meet among the most aggressive and pushy breed of salesperson, it’s a stockbroker on commission. The most successful ones I ever knew were the ones who put the customer and potential customer at ease, even if it meant backing away when they were told “no”.

I have spent some time researching Whitetail Disposal and I was astounded at the sheer volume of complaints. Even on the Better Business Bureau website. Here is an array of complaints from here and there and social media:

But they won’t get my business and based upon my research and experience today, it is doubtful that they deserve anyone’s business. My hypothesis is they stay afloat by getting new business by undercutting the other companies. But they can’t seem to maintain their customer basis and it’s kind of obvious when they have employees post how wonderful they are, eh?

My final word? I actually tried to call them three times to discuss their door to door policy. But like their reviews everywhere state, you can’t get anyone on the phone.


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Amusingly, the Whitetail soliciting person did their best to stay out of range of security cameras and if they are all ok to be around, why is that?