more trash talk

Well we broke up with A.J. Blosenski almost a month ago and they FINALLY picked up the cans yesterday…after the regular A.J. Blosenski trash truck emptied a can that had been empty for a month so I hope they don’t try to charge us for it since we are no longer customers.

However, they have NOT refunded us for charging us the next chunk of service the same day we cancelled service. Nor have we received a refund on the many missed pick ups.

My neighborhood had a partially missed pickup again this week. So did a lot of areas. It’s like they just decided not to pick up.

East Whiteland Township actually recently cited A.J Blosenski for all the issues that their residents have experienced. Some Willistown residents have remarked that they wish their township would be equally proactive.

Meanwhile over in West Vincent it must be noted that Whitetail Disposal had their soliciting permits REVOKED. For aggressive soliciting. And they have been very aggressive. In a lot of communities in Chester County again.

And Whitetail has a history of issues as well.

So I guess the more our county and region gets overpopulated the worse the trash pick up will be.

That is the trash talk update for the week. I will end by stating no issues with Opdenaker at all so far. Everything that we are paying for is happening and the customer service is actual customer service. i’m including their website in case anyone is interested in checking them out. They might not service all areas at this point but at least they are honest about the work they can actually do and can’t do depending upon the area.