#BREAKINGNEWS thank you kevin mahoney and penn medicine

Thank you sweet baby Jesus, Penn Medicine CEO Kevin Mahoney, and Penn Medicine. They are literally saving Chester County and her residents.

I am very grateful and I am sure lots of people are breathing a sigh of relief. Tower Health screwed us when they shuttered two hospitals in 2021.

So Kevin Mahoney is the reason Penn Medicine at Valley Forge exists even if I don’t like that campus particularly. Mr. Mahoney is also the reason Chester County Hospital was saved. My sources tell me that he loves Chester county and he used to be on the Tredyffrin Easttown School District school board as well.

What this means is Penn Medicine is acquiring Brandywine Hospital from Tower Health. And Penn Medicine is saving our VA hospital.

Hopefully this all moves quickly because I had a friend who went to the ER at Chester County Hospital recently and it was as crowded as well, Walmart on Thanksgiving for the pre- Christmas sale. Paoli was a zoo too, and they ended up at Bryn Mawr. If this had been something like a stroke or heart attack my friend might not have been so lucky.

So turn all your glasses over for luck Chester County that this goes smoothly. Yes turn your glasses over. A wise older woman named Sherma told me that years ago.

Thank you Penn Medicine, now if you could please do something about your phone system it would be terrific.

Read more about Kevin Mahoney here:

Kevin Mahoney, MBA

@kevinbmahoney on Twitter.