new life for an old barn

It used to be a big red barn. Marooned on the corner of Planebrook and Swedesford in Malvern. I have posted about it before.

Well look at it now. It has been completely restored and adapted to office space. I am not crazy about the brown siding, because I loved the big red barn of it all. but I applaud whomever bought it and gave it new life.

“that” stretch of swedesford road….


swedesford 3So these are just a handful of snap shots taken quickly as a passenger in a car of that stretch of Swedesford Road that seems frozen in time and fading fast.  I would really like to take more photos, as I find this all fascinating.swedesford 6

Anyway, any knowledge which can be shared of the farms, or anything else right here would be appreciated. The history is so rich and with each farm that fails or development that breaks ground, more bits of Chester County disappear. I know you can’t save every old house, but it would be nice to have photos and bits of the history….

swedesford 8

swedesford 7

Swedesford 1

swedesford 2

swedesford 4

Swedesford 5

ghostly neighborhood


This is something I have been curious about. I think I have mentioned it before- this abandoned neighborhood on Swedesford Road.

This neighborhood fascinates me. Time has stood still, someone must have bought it. Anyway it’s like a ghost town.


One of my regular readers wrote to me in an e-mail just now:

Those homes are the former staff homes for Church Farm School when it was run as a farm too.

The land behind them is part of the new 700 plus acre Chester County park whenever they make it useable.
It was part of the large development deal for Church Farm after the original developer (forgot name) lost money and bowed out.

The county park is another story. It’s been in ‘development’ for years. Apparently no money.

Meanwhile, a whole generation has grown up without being able to use it as a park.

Another Chester County boondoggle.

So I guess this was part of that Rouse deal back in the day then? So if municipalities own the park land, who owns these abandoned houses now?

Ok keep those e-mails and comments coming this is fascinating stuff!


adaptive reuse?

Will the big red barn on the corner of Planebrook and Swedesford in East Whiteland rise again?  In February I was wondering the fate of this really big, red barn, and look at what I snapped yesterday:


So nice to see since an apparent adaptive reuse in progress, especially East Whiteland seems to have preservation issues (as in actually seeing that things are preserved).

Things I do not like in East Whiteland right now include the closing of the movie theater in Frazer for a used car or car dealership, the replacement adult whatever toy store next to the King Street Grill, the closing of Newbury Gifts  in May and the Wedding Touch closing on April 27th.

The commercial district of East Whiteland along Lancaster Avenue is a hodge podge, and if they cared, it could at least look better.  If all these “high end” stores are either in the Vahalla know as Uptown Worthington (whose advertising on their website is well worth mocking it is so absurd) or coming to Uptown Worthington, hello, has anyone looked at Route 30 as it runs through East Whiteland?  What is decent is drowned out by seriously ugly so why not improve it?  Why not attempt to attract other than car dealerships, mobile home parks, self storage and adult novelty stores? And yes I know those aren’t the ONLY things along Route 30 in East Whiteland, but that is what the public perception is.

Soon Uptown Worthington will be as crowded as Mall World in Exton so why not start thinking about giving people attractive shopping alternatives and fix it up on Route 30? To me it just seems to be common sense to draw on the popularity of Uptown Worthington and Mall World in Exton and to make the in-between look better and have stores people would like to patronize, preferably independent retailers and not more big box stores. I am not saying some new urbanist fairy tale of a walkable business district (it would never happen safely here), but a more cohesive and better looking few miles.

Also on my wish list for East Whiteland? I would love to see Linden Hall and Loch Aerie preserved too.

I would also really appreciate  it if Whitelands Chiropractic on the corner of Church and Lancaster in Frazer would trim the complete bent elbow of hedges so drivers could see better from both roads.

Business districts are important.  Uniformity and neatness and design of business districts are equally important.