ghost houses of swedesford road continue to deteriorate

In 2019 I wrote about the little houses along Swedesford Road that just sit and rot.

We passed by them yesterday in the car, and one looks like the roof has completely caved in on. I wasn’t able to get many photos so I just clicked a couple with my phone.

These are sweet little houses. They used to be faculty housing for Church Farms School I believe years ago. And when you think of all the crap that is getting built in the category of new development even just up the road, it’s almost wasteful that these houses were never fixed up and had people in them again. I still think if any of them were salvageable and they were stored them they could sell them and families would move in there.

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2 thoughts on “ghost houses of swedesford road continue to deteriorate

  1. I totally agree. It makes me so mad that the school (I’m assuming they own the property) can allow this to happen. Not only is it wasteful, but it is an eyesore and dangerous as well. I have often wondered why anyone let this happen.

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