ghosts of houses abandoned on swedesford


This is the irony of Chester County today: these were marvelous little houses that faculty and staff of Church Farms School lived in once upon a time.

Then came developers and now they rot. Day by day, month by moth, year by year. No one does anything except sometimes mow the grass.  These houses just sit there and fall apart.

But they were tough, well made houses in their day so I am guessing they haven’t rotted fast enough?

But with all the butt ugly development, these houses would have been welcomed once upon a time by families looking to live in Chester County. But oh no, along came the developers.

And they rot. And no municipality seems to care.  Someday they will be an office park or a townhouse development.

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2 thoughts on “ghosts of houses abandoned on swedesford

  1. I have referred the people collecting for the homeless at Walmart to look into these houses, as they sit there unoccupied and could be put to better use!! These were such beautiful homes when the Church Farm School faculty resides in them and they were well maintained. Church Farm School used to have a gorgeous rose garden up behind the main chapel, it was at least an acre of Star Roses, in every shape and color and throughout there were benches and seatings to rest and enjoy the fragrance and the beauty of roses!

  2. I have always felt bad about seeing such abandon of such nice homes. I believe I read somewhere e that the headmaster’s house, the really nice one, is in the natl register.i

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