ghostly neighborhood


This is something I have been curious about. I think I have mentioned it before- this abandoned neighborhood on Swedesford Road.

This neighborhood fascinates me. Time has stood still, someone must have bought it. Anyway it’s like a ghost town.


One of my regular readers wrote to me in an e-mail just now:

Those homes are the former staff homes for Church Farm School when it was run as a farm too.

The land behind them is part of the new 700 plus acre Chester County park whenever they make it useable.
It was part of the large development deal for Church Farm after the original developer (forgot name) lost money and bowed out.

The county park is another story. It’s been in ‘development’ for years. Apparently no money.

Meanwhile, a whole generation has grown up without being able to use it as a park.

Another Chester County boondoggle.

So I guess this was part of that Rouse deal back in the day then? So if municipalities own the park land, who owns these abandoned houses now?

Ok keep those e-mails and comments coming this is fascinating stuff!


5 thoughts on “ghostly neighborhood

  1. We, husband, brother and sister-in-law, have been curious also. Appears to have been a nice development, built to blend in with surroundings and doesn’t seem run down or neglected. Why? is a good question.

  2. I encourage you to stay on this story. It is a disgrace that the land was purchased by the County for a park around 1989 and it remains with minimal facilities. The County seems to continue to buy open space but can’t make this parcel user usable. It would be good to ask the County for an explanation.

  3. the split levels used to be the Faculty houses for Church Farm School, thats right…sad to see them sit vacant Faculty families are now housed on the main campus on 30. The brick home (larger) was the Headmaster’s home. Church Farm was all cream color with brown trim back then and truly a FARM.. Agree, we beat back the Churchill mini city, the County stepped in and bought some for parkland and there it sits. They put in all those trees along swedesford that they fail to maintain so they die (our tax dollars?) and nothing more. The rails to trails that is now expanding west thru this land would sure be alot nicer with a real park and amenities, like restrooms…..

    • They finally got restrooms! I noticed them the other day, they’re by the park parking of church farm school rd that goes from 30 to swedesford. Its within site of the CVT

  4. Not sure if my other reply will post or not, they finally put in restrooms right near a parking lot off church farm school rd that cuts from 30 to swedesford (not a dead end anymore). Shaping up to be a nice addition to the CVT

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