new life for an old barn

It used to be a big red barn. Marooned on the corner of Planebrook and Swedesford in Malvern. I have posted about it before.

Well look at it now. It has been completely restored and adapted to office space. I am not crazy about the brown siding, because I loved the big red barn of it all. but I applaud whomever bought it and gave it new life.

4 thoughts on “new life for an old barn

  1. New life for old barn! YES. This barn was built by my third great grandfather and was so sadly neglected for many years. It sits by the house known as The Sign of the White Horse or White Horse Tavern (thankfully cared for and loved). Last Fall my brother, sister-in-law and my husband were privileged to be shown the interior as it was being restored. Great job by the owner- who happens to be from England where things are kept, treasured and restored to use instead of being torn down.
    I’ll be anxious to see the interior as finished on my next trip to Penna. Thanks for noticing when good things happen in Chester Co.

  2. I saw this the other day and say Bravo! to the owners.

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