ghost houses of swedesford road: more photos

The other day I wrote another post about the ghost houses Swedesford Road and how they continue to deteriorate .

A reader sent me photos. Looks like late fall or winter before snow. And I thought I should be clear that these USED to be owned by Church Farms School but now? Some developer or commercial real estate entity. No clue who.

Is this demolition by neglect? Well what do you think? Sure isn’t preservation is it? Wouldn’t you think West Whiteland would want these structures secured?

It is a shame that they’ve been allowed to rot. Now what?

1 thought on “ghost houses of swedesford road: more photos

  1. Everytime I drive by those old Church Farm houses I can’t help but think “what a waste”. They are really neat old places. Especially the bigger one that’s there. I always wanted to see inside them, even if it’s in a dilapidated state like they are now.

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