contrasts in frazer

There had to be brand spanking new apartments built and perched on Lancaster Avenue in Frazer.

They look like every other No Tell Motel architectural style apartments that are going up everywhere.

But one would think they would care about other housing that’s pre-existing along the same stretch of highway right?

Here is your contrast below. The photos of certain houses, which are apparently also cloaked with invisibility. It’s a shame those renters can’t live in thought to be swanky apartments, or even properties that are maintained decently, right?

5 thoughts on “contrasts in frazer

  1. Your obsession with finding a way to complain about so many facets of this community is fascinating. I’m sure you’ll find a way to spin this comment into some sort of deep rooted attack when in all actuality this is a simple observation into the reality you’ve chosen to subscribe to. It seems as if you were presented the most perfect scenario on the planet your still find something to complain about

    • It’s not an obsession it’s an observation. And you don’t know me to make such presumptions and basically I just think you’re an asshole

    • What is wrong with pointing out something obvious? Also, it is clear that we have many issues in chesco, most of them related to either irresponsible development or slum lords. Does this hit close to home for you?

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