talk to management…oh wait, that’s me!

Today has been a day of mansplaining and complaining because I spoke my mind, and in the lovely little minds of people I don’t know…complained. Yes, yes it is Mansplain Tuesday!!!

Well so what if I complained even if I don’t see it that way? My blog, right? As my friend Michael said (male and enlightened and he has an awesome wife) why does it matter if I want to point out something obvious? (This one mansplainer didn’t like contrasts in frazer.)

Womansplain time here: my blog.

And no I am not talking about comments left on my post meanwhile in exton by my dear friend Barry. I don’t agree with everything he wrote to me, although I do agree with most of his response to another person I know. And Barry’s comments are not obnoxious, they are thoughtful even when I disagree. (Oh and he also has a truly awesome wife).

My friends Michael and Barry are polar opposites politically, yet they share something called manners and they can have an actual conversation. They don’t speak down to me or any human being, they don’t mansplain.

As for these commenters I am about to post, they can’t have a conversation. They ironically accuse me of complaining yet what are they doing? Why complaining about my purported complaining, but because they mansplained it all so obviously, it’s ok. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Womansplain time: still my blog so you don’t mind that I block you, right?

Yes, I did. Life is too short for trolls. It’s why a lot of newspapers no longer allow comments online. I think that these darling trolls will probably be upset. Pish posh.

You don’t have to read what I write, you can just skip it, but you don’t…you have to mansplain. Darlings keep your mansplaining within your own four walls.

I don’t have to be your cup of tea or anyone else’s.

Kiss kiss from the Sarcasm Society.

Thanks for stopping by.

5 thoughts on “talk to management…oh wait, that’s me!

  1. Whew, when I read that headline, I have to admit I got a bit nervous. Thanks, little lady…HAHAHAHAHAHA! (I’m such a nitwit!)

  2. Oh, come on! Face it! You are terse and consoling, witty and sarcastic, insightful and boring, informative and impractical. You can anger some and help others. SO WHAT!

    You can also tell mouthwaters stories of the best places to have dinner, and where to get the best desserts and ice cream. You know where the best old and new antique shops are that would leave you in awe and/or you leave with a lot less money that you intended to spend.

    You are observant of the environment wherever you go but not necessarily pleased with what you see.

    It is JWill’s observation to only see and read what he considers negative … and decides you are obsessed and your blog is full of complaints. Nothing else.

    It is a shame that he can only read the complaints and obsess over them.

    • He always maintains the option to not read the blog. Yet, he does read it and has to comment.

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