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from the past: same words still ring true with politics

I wrote this in 2008. Not much has changed except my State Senate and State Rep districts and where I call home:

Politics fascinates me. It’s like watching a bad reality television show in secret: you just can’t help yourself sometimes in the guilty pleasure of it all. Will the bachelor or bachelorette get their dream mate and a ring of super sized bling? Or in this case, will the candidate survive?

Election Day 2008 is already shaping up to be one of those election seasons like no other. Is it merely a case of desperate times mean desperate measures?

What do I know? The full complement of cute buzzwords to nowhere including:




I know the definition of these buzz words, but what do they mean to me in this context? As in me, one ordinary American voter? What change, solutions, and experience will a candidate bring to my life to rock my world?

I have asked that of several dialing for dollars telephone solicitors for U.S. presidential candidates and they have all gotten downright agitated with me. Why was I questioning the word from on high? Why couldn’t I just accept the platform?

What platform?

Buzzwords are not platforms. They are buzzwords. If you want my vote, here’s an antiquated idea: earn it. Tell me how you, the candidate, are going to make a difference in my life. What are your positions on issues important to me? Will you remember my name just like those millionaires funding your flight time on private jets?

But does anyone give me answers? No. I just get more spin and more regurgitated political rhetoric spiced up with au courant jargon. And repeated requests for money. Just because.

Well now, I might purchase perfume “just because,” but I don’t believe in purchasing elected officials like a random pair of shoes.

Here’s an idea: why don’t candidates pay the American people to listen to all of the rhetoric and spin we are all going to be subjected to between now and November?

Getting down to it more locally and regionally, I am also in a politically irreverent state of mind, and perhaps am adding a dash of political inconvenience as well. I am being asked to choose both a state representative and a state senator with my vote, along with a U.S. congressman whom I chose not to put up top with the 2008 Presidential Follies.

With regard to the U.S. congressional race for the 6th District, I am going to come right out and say it: if it is like last time, I am taking two ibuprofen and calling it a day. Period.

Next we move onto our state races. I will be curious to learn who the contenders for state representative are in my district. At this point they all seem rather invisible. But since I am not sliding on glossy candidate advertisements by my door, as of yet, perhaps I am secretly grateful to be blissfully ignorant of all candidates at this point.

With regard to our state senate race for our senate district: we know the players, haven’t even reached primary day yet, and already it’s amusing.

As Pennsylvanians, we are most fortunate in our state races to have buzz words and phrases to delight and assault our senses, as well as the aforementioned presidential buzz and spin. Spin-buzz like:

Life Long Party Member Experienced Focused Independent! More signatures! Oh goody, more excuses to be politically inconvenient and irreverent. Thank you, thank you, thank you. (After all, during election season we are all Bill Mahers on this bus, aren’t we?)

Let’s start with “life long” political party affiliations. I’m not sure that is something to brag about, is it? And to be honest, who hasn’t thought about switching their political party affiliation once in a while, and how many people actually have switched their party affiliations?

And then there are my other favorite political buzzwords: “experienced, focused, independent.” Wow, what three utterly fabulous, completely subjective, spinable words. Well, as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so pass the hand mirror so I can have a look-see.

How about something else I have seen two or three times now? The issue of who had more nominating petition signatures? I have to ask: why and how is that crucially important to my decision making process?

What do I want from all candidates? More substance and real solutions to real issues. Don’t just tell me what the issues are; tell me specifically how you will solve the issues without creating new issues. Also resist the urge to tell me I should vote for someone just because they are of my own political party. That is sort of reverse psychology for voters who think.

Above all else, if you want my vote? Earn it.

~ BY ME 2008

And yes, I am still as irreverent about American politics.

I am still as irreverent about political parties.

I know the New World order only thinks I am picking on them, but this has been my opinion for many years.

And what is still one of the most important things today to me and other voters? If these politicians want our votes they need to earn them. And it’s not about pandering to certain political factions or special interest groups or Facebook groups with no basis in reality.

talk of the town

One of the great amusements is why some people are essentially obsessed with me. Not being egotistical, they are.

They can’t fit me in a neat little box they can understand, so I am bad.

I don’t see their perversions of well, life, as a positive, so I am bad.

I don’t drink their brand of Kool Aid, so I am bad. And above all else?

I have no real desire to interact with them, so I am extra bad AND a threat.

Why am I a threat? Because I don’t see their narrow view of the world? Why is that bad? Why does everyone have to think the same? That is so Stepford Wives of them, a reference they don’t understand.

They say I am “hiding” but I take to Twitter? News Flash, I have been on Twitter since the beginning, and choosing not to associate or interact with people is not hiding. None of us are expected to interact with everyone, that is a ridiculous and infantile notion.

You see, a lot of these people are the armchair tigers, the keyboard warriors who spend their lives pouring over the words, actions and deeds of others and spouting verbal diarrhea to boot. Why on earth do I or anyone sane want to hang out an have a conversation with them. And why does anyone have to?

Conversation. That’s a great idea….but not with the perennially self righteous. They are not interested in what you or I or anyone else has to say unless it’s reverberating off of their echo chambers on social media. These people are super upset to find themselves blocked by my blog’s Facebook page. Life is not a Cheerocracy, I can choose NOT to respond and how to express myself.

I can also choose with whom I am connected to on any level. I choose not to be connected to these people. Besides, they aren’t in the least interested in a conversation, they just want to perform a beat down so why would that interest anyone?

Yes if they want to say I am an ogre with purple hair and green skin, I can’t control that. But I can control whom I let into my world. They are not value added. On any level. Don’t want to know them.

My blog is libel say they? Honeys, that thing called the First Amendment is not subjective. Rights are not subjective. They do not have a right to tear me up, down, or sideways. Mind you these are the kinds of people that send comments into this blog that I am a fat slob, a bully pig, Far left gross lib, oink oink brainless monkey, commie, Marxist, Socialist, etc., etc.

I mean oh come on really?

One woman here, just one woman, i.e. me. I don’t get it. I don’t have to be like them and they don’t have to be like me only we all have to be like them? Very confusing.

And these are the people that regularly doxx and more others, but if you point out something THEY said publicly on their social media like Facebook (ya know that little wee globe) or said publicly in a Facebook group, chicken little the sky will fall in? But hey I am just yakking smack, right?

Ok pretzel logic.

You have to understand that most of these people who have a jihad out on me are super public in what they do, like and dislike, so if they didn’t wish to be discussed, why do they do what they do?

To my readers and friends who are so kind with regard to me, I am sorry they then rail against you with full blown word salads. I also know sometimes they just rail against you not having to do with me. Face it, these people just rail. It’s all do as we say, not as we do, right?

It’s kind of like dealing with the people who were looking for secret messages in Beatles albums way back when, and playing songs backwards. They will undoubtedly rip this post apart looking for hidden meaning or interpretation, bless their hearts. WWJD? Not my department, only God don’t like ugly is the refrain of the time in which we live.

How truly bizarre they are.

Enjoy the embedded videos.

file under clear cutting is never a community hit, billboard company

I do not like billboards, I can’t even pretend to think this abominations to our landscape are okay.

East Whiteland is one of many communities in the region who was in the opinion of residents bullied into billboards.

Start at 14:55

Soooo….you can imagine how upset residents near the site are that the billboard company did some clear cutting of trees etc?? Ummm don’t recall clear cutting in the plan??

Here is a statement from Scott Lambert, Chair of the East Whiteland Board of Supervisors:

 A statement pertaining to the Catayst tree removal On the evening of June 30th, a resident with a keen eye notified the Township that extensive tree removal had been performed around the Catalyst billboard site situated along Rt. 202 and Conestoga Road. The resident provided disturbing pictures of the tree’s removal.

Pursuant to previously signed documents with 202 (L)East Whiteland Land Holdings LLC (Catalyst), no trees were to be removed without prior review and approval from the Township. This was a point of extensive conversations during the initial review process and an element of the project which the Board carefully negotiated in order to minimize impact to the site and surrounding properties.

I notified the Board, Staff and Solicitor that I wanted to conduct a site visit Friday morning to view, document, and secure the site from further ecological damage. Despite being a holiday weekend with a skeleton staff, I was joined at 11:15 am by our Codes Department, and our Township Engineers from ARRO – who had a representative drive in from Reading to assist with the information gathering. Members of our Codes Department then notified the Chester County Conservation District and PennDOT of the incident. At the site, we observed topped trees, extensive pruning, and complete removal of trees and vegetation – not only along Little Valley Creek but also on the steep slope areas leading down to the creek from the approved construction area. At this juncture, the township solicitor had not determined if the could be temporarily pulled and all work stopped. We proceeded with an action plan and received a commitment from the Catalyst site manager for the following:

1) No additional tree or vegetation removal would occur until Township approval had been granted

2) All earthwork and debris removal would cease until all stakeholders had input on an ecologically safe removal plan

3) To protect the Creek and stabilize the site to prevent erosion of the now barren slope, especially with the forecasted weekend storms they were to install erosion control devices (such as silt sock) as directed by our Engineer by the end of the day (This was completed).

4) All engineer costs related to this issue beginning immediately are to be paid by Catalyst.

Following the initial site visit, the Township hired an arborist to assess the physical damage to the trees and determine the potential monetary value of the trees that were trimmed or removed.

On Friday July 11th, the Board of Supervisors, our Solicitor and Staff met to discuss our response and on July 12th the Township sent a notice of default to Catalyst pursuant to the terms of the lease .

The township provided Catalyst with six conditions that must be met to cure (remove)the default, including a $151,000 penalty, plus an additional $15,000 for expenses incurred by the Township. Additional details regarding the conditions of the cure were read into the record during the Board of Supervisors meeting on July 13th. Should the conditions not be met, and payment not made by September 12th, the lease is terminated and the Township will demand Catalyst remove the sign at their expense will be found in default and will be terminated.

More information on this subject is available by viewing the July 13 2022 EWT Board of Supervisors meeting

~ scott lambert chair of east whiteland board of supervisors regarding the clear cutting by catalyst/east whiteland outdoor

I will update this post with the meeting video when it is available. In the interim take a good look at those photos. Way to go East Whiteland Outdoor LLC, way to extra stick it to the community and now what? I hear East Whiteland Township isn’t pleased either, are they?


not a fine chester county tradition: demolition by neglect

105 S. Whitford Road 7/13/22

Recently I wrote about two historic houses within close proximity to one and other on S. Whitford Road in Exton (West Whiteland Township.) I am revisiting it today because I just don’t understand no matter what the municipality how this is OK.

I am also including the rotting historic farmhouse with a fabulous probably rotting barn behind it at 310 Lancaster Avenue in Frazer (East Whiteland Township) which I have been writing about for years (like the Joseph Price house at 401 Clover Mill Road at the corner of South Whitford in Exton, West Whiteland Township.) 310 Lancaster Avenue is the Clews & Strawbridge property, which if I recall my research correctly is three parcels under the same entity name.

Historic farmhouse at Clews & Strawbridge 310 W. Lancaster Avenue, Frazer (East Whiteland Township)

What is interesting about the Clews and Strawbridge property is I found a website today for self storage units there. I hope the storage is an inside the historic farmhouse given its dilapidated condition.

What I don’t understand with this location like the other two in this post is why people can’t take care of them? Why the demolition by neglect? And these are hardly the only examples in Chester County, either.

Joseph Price House 401 Clover Mill Road,
Exton (West Whiteland)

The Joseph Price House at 401 Clover Mill Road is so sad. That is a magnificent property, and it appears to be on still buy two old men in Ambler. I think at least one of them used to live around maybe? I also know they have had offers for that property for restoration/preservation but in this case it’s demolition by neglect meets greed isn’t it?

Today it looks like some kind of cheap roofing material was being thrown up to cover the holes in the roof and some of the porch roof. So is that because they’re trying to sell it or is there actually still a tenant/caretaker living there? There used to be but the more it deteriorated, people just wondered but Loch Aerie had a caretaker living there as that was rotting up until the end. And Loch Aerie is a prime example that restoration and a viable adaptive reuse is entirely possible. Loch Aerie went from a proverbial lump of coal for decades to a glittering diamond.

And the farmhouse at 105 S. Whitford is also legitimately historic. It’s even recognized by West Whiteland Township as such. It was part of the Oaklands estate. And was it also not once also a family home to a very popular former Chester County State Representative?

When I went by both houses along South Whitford Road today I was astounded by the condition of the property at 105. The farmhouse looks sad but not completely dilapidated yet. But give it time because if no one pays attention it will get that way.

Demolition by neglect is an old unpleasant thing in so many communities. A few years ago you even saw foreclosure versions of that when banks would come in and take over the properties and just leave ghost houses, or whatever the correct nickname was.

I don’t know what the future holds for that farmhouse but shouldn’t it matter somehow? Shouldn’t the condition of the property matter somehow? And that’s the whole thing: you get that not every historic house can be saved or every old house or every beautiful swath of land, but this whole demolition by neglect and chest high weeds thing is ridiculous. Don’t the people that live in the area already matter? Shouldn’t these property owners at least be respectful of the township in which they have these properties?

It’s just that in spite of how difficult Pennsylvania seems to make historic preservation because they just don’t offer nearly what a lot of other states offer, there are people who still want to restore these properties. It would just be nice if there was more restoration and less demolition by neglect.

bless their hearts, fan mail (they shouldn’t have)

I so look forward to my fan mail! It’s so delightful the way todays “conservatives” and “Republicans” react to criticism or something they don’t like, you know like famous 6th District Congressional Candidate Guy #whereisGUY Ciarrocchhiiii? Yes I added some letters to his name, it adds a creative touch (You’re welcome Guy!)

Please note I put “conservatives” or “Republicans” in air quotes because essentially they aren’t either. They are a gene mutation and actually don’t understand what it is to be either. These are the people killing the Party of Lincoln one piece of nastiness at a time. These are the people who think every kind of phobic is o.k. and what happened January 6, 2021 was just a harmless parade.

Well I don’t believe today’s fab fan mail came from any candidate or their campaign, but it was in response to my post miles to go before we sleep.

Imagine this: they called me a pig. So imaginative, and why just the other day I was just a fat slob! And Oh they use my entire name like that is supposed to intimidate me, and they list an email address I don’t have. Gosh, they are so original!

Please note I edited their name. I can actually do that. Here was their eloquent message:

I am a bully pig and liberal moron and I am supposed to sit around all day and eat and get fatter. Bless your heart for caring about my well being!

It is a toss up if this writer was male or female, not that it matters.

It’s kind of funny, isn’t it? They are completely unable to have a conversation so they do this? And mind you, these are the people whole live in moral fear and indignation over drag queens. Imagine what their children are learning at home?

This is the world these people live in: we must see things their way, repeat after them. That’s it, that’s all. Gosh ummmm…. NOPE.

Once again I marvel that people like this spawn.

And I am actually not so liberal. But socially liberal to these people (or just having a brain and using it) is like walking the earth with a green head and purple tongue. And hey they also like projecting and calling random good people racists too. They are just so original they need that paper gold star they envy that first grader for. Oh and yes, lest we forget, these are the people who complain about bullying in school. Can you imagine? (drip, drip heavy sarcasm intended.)

What evs.

Hide in the shadows, take nasty predictable potshots at me, threaten me, harass me and what will happen beside law enforcement eventually coming a calling in your direction? People will stand up to you, and that includes actual conservatives and true Republicans. Not because I am so important, or important at all, but because they are tired of what you haters represent and the fact you are the ones ruining this country.

It’s a shame the Island of Misfit Toys doesn’t have room for all of you.

Kiss kiss haters. God don’t like ugly.

miles to go before we sleep.

It is a valid question to ask a Republican candidate like Guy Ciarrocchi or any candidate where they stand on what happened January 6, 2021.

Candidates who do not answer that clearly, or try to create a smokescreen by telling you where they were but not where they stand and then pander to local extremist groups, or attacking local residents and women like myself are NOT fit for serious consideration as a candidate for public office either local, state, or federal. Electing them means as a region, state, and country we will all still be at risk.

Extremism in politics is ruining this country. It doesn’t really matter which side the extremism comes from, either.

When you watch snippets of video inserted below, remember the people who are part of extremist groups and running them on Facebook like #AnonymousAda Ada Nestor who actually was there in DC on January 6th, and she still doesn’t get it, does she? I mean do we really think that people like her actually understand that they could’ve ruined their entire lives being down there on January 6, 2021?

Remember other political candidates in Pennsylvania like State Senator Doug Mastriano running for Governor, who had buses for purported “patriots” to go and be part of the assault on our nation’s capital, and who now is trying to pervert history and the story of William Penn and why/how he came to Pennsylvania and can you believe it?

I mean face it, William Penn and his followers came to this country to escape people like the Mastrianos of their day. ( http://www.paspotlight.org/2022/mastrianos-penn-charter-day-takes-a-christian-nationalist-turn/ )

So #whereisGuy on January 6th for example? Where is Oz? Where is Mastriano now?

And then there were people who committed a crime who are committee people for the Republican party? How are there not laws to prevent that? The Republican party in particular is all gung ho about election integrity and so on and so forth, so how can they trust people who essentially got caught with essentially their hands in the cookie jar?

Also to be noted is the fact that the Republican Committee of Chester County shares events via their social media that extremist groups are holding and how is that OK? Are we to wonder now that the new regime which just threw out the old regime is going to be worse than they were?

Politics is national, but it’s also very very local.

There is a lot to think about between now and November, but the most important thing I can impart to all of you right now if you have to get out and vote. It is our civic duty to protect our region, state, and country from these people.

Here is a snippet of a closing statement I took today. I watched part of the January 6 earrings today and it was very hard to watch. why it was hard to watch is because of everything you learned about that day and leading up to that day.

And for those of you who like to send threatening or menacing comments or worse, just remember law-enforcement does follow this blog. I am just one woman with an opinion and it’s my first amendment right to speak my piece.

support freedom of events at the chester county commissioners meeting july 14th.

The rallying cry of local fake conservative extremist groups this summer is drag queen bingo. They object to a fundraiser which hasn’t even been formally announced yet. I wrote about it last week. (CLICK HERE.) this event is not compulsory for anyone. If it’s not your jam, you don’t have to go. You can stay home. It’s pretty much that simple.

So now all these multi phobic individuals are taking their insanity to the Chester County Commissioner’s meeting this week.

There is a county commissioners meeting Thursday July 14, 2022 10 AM at
313 W. Market Street West Chester. It should be the 6th floor, but just ask inside the building. You can also Zoom it. (If you follow the embedded link it should take you into their page on the website so you can access this information)

Don’t let these people be the voice that decides what is right for everyone in our community, and that’s what is at stake every time they start about something . They always want to be THE voice, to project THEIR twisted belief systems and phobias on all of the rest of us. I don’t know about you, but they don’t speak for me, they don’t support me, they don’t pay my bills. They are welcome to their little twisted views in their little twisted sub-communities of equally twisted people. But they do not, and should not, speak for anyone anywhere. They represent what is ugly in this country.

They don’t understand that a drag queen bingo fundraiser or drag queen story time for kids at a library isn’t a threat to society or democracy that THEY actually are. Every day, these people say they represent the freedoms that our forefathers fought and bled and died for, yet every day they try to undo all of those things.

I don’t object to people living their lives however they are most comfortable, I object to THESE people in these EXTREMIST groups telling all of us how we should live, and how we should collectively believe their twisted gospel. And remember, politicians like Guy Ciarrocchi support these people/groups and panders to them. As a related aside, this is also why it is so important that people vote this coming November and understand who the candidates really are and their platforms.

Our rights are not subjective.

You can also contact the commissioners via email and phone, but if you do have time to go and support the library and people planning this event and a small business called Stolen Sun Brewery please go.

Phone: 610-344-6100

Marian Moscowitz
Michelle Kichline
Josh Maxwell


guy ciarrocchi attacks women who disagree with him

Maybe I should call this post “why Guy is not my guy“.

Guy Ciarrocchi attacked me personally on social media. Why? Because I called him on his duplicitous behavior as a political candidate.

What? Would I lie?

Guy and his campaign have decided to attack me, a woman, over my opinion. I had absolutely no idea I was such a threat to bad political status quo. It’s fascinating. I think he’s a turd and he is threatened.

So what’s next Guy? Harassment? Doxxing? But I bet you won’t get your hands dirty with that you’ll just send people after me. And I’m not being paranoid, I’m being a political realist in today’s political environment. I’m just a person who didn’t drink your Kool Aid, so I must be attacked.

Let’s begin with the fact that first he was running for Governor and now he’s running for Congress. What’s he going to be running for next week? And speaking of McCarthy, McCarthy’s got nothing on him it’s all Pravda in his book isn’t it?

Guy has had ants in his pants to run since he worked for Congressman Jim Gerlach. Only he’s not Jim, he’s not capable of being Jim and if you were a Republican looking at him as a candidate, that’s exactly why you shouldn’t vote for him.

I have Republican friends who told me how he was so wonderful and this is who I should vote for in the fall. Well Republican friends, he attacks women who disagree with him, so how can you trust him with the best interests of women in the six congressional district?

He can’t agree to disagree, he has to be an attack rat. He didn’t like it that I asked about his affiliation with extremist groups like the Stepford Wives for Totalitarianism. Apparently he has a very thin skin when pressed about that issue.

It’s also amusing to note that he and his little social media wombats LACK reading comprehension. I didn’t ask where he was on January 6, 2021, I asked where he stood on January 6, 2021. As in where does he stand on the assault of our nation’s capital? (and he actually did not answer that.)

Guy panders to extremism and most simply distilled down he is only running for Congress to benefit himself. There isn’t an altruistic bone in his body. He is a political wannabe.

I am entitled to my opinion as a U.S. citizen and a voter. Apparently Guy Ciarrocchi thinks my rights are subjective. He defends people who are political extremists and who have (for example) cost school districts all over his district excessive amounts of money over their shenanigans, so way to go Guy supporting fiscal responsibility. I guess fiscal responsibility is something that’s subjective in your worldview, too?

So as the campaign rhetoric starts to ratchet it up just remember this is how he treats women who disagree with him. A man who does not know how to treat women is not someone who should be elected to public office. Period. Besides, a Napoleonic complex didn’t work out so well for Napoleon in the end, did it?

Guy Ciarrocchi is not a choice for Congress we should want. The I Me My of it all is his mantra. The 6th Congressional District and this country deserve better.

Guy Ciarrocchi wants you to vote for him because he wants to run for something not because he has the best interests of our congressional district in mind. It’s all self-serving on his bus. And if people are stupid enough to elect him I will be able to say I told you so.

Kiss 💋 kiss 💋 hater Guy. We’ve got your number.

while women were sleeping, pennsylvania republicans did us dirty over our rights.

Your eyes do not deceive you. Pennsyltucky Republicans in the wee hours forced a committee vote on abortion instead of settling the state budget by adding a proposed amendment to the Constituion of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that states no guarantee of any rights relating to abortion or public funding of abortions.

So they can enact a proposed amendment to the state constitution to remove a woman’s right to choose no matter what the circumstances, but cannot enact an act of the state constitution to protect our communities from predatory development and bad zoning by updating the Municipalities Planning Code?????? At least now we understand fully (like we didn’t know before right?) the value of women in the birthplace of America just after the 4th of July.

According to these politicians, women only have value as dictated by men. Are you OK with that? I’m not OK with that, and I have never been any particularly great women’s libber over the course of my life. But I have always believed that no matter what her choice, each woman should have the fundamental right to choose what is best for them, their body, their own family.

This all took place at just before midnight last night. So as Thursday night was becoming Friday morning, Pennsylvania Senate Republicans worked feverishly to screw over every woman in Pennsylvania. If this gets passed this is something out of the reach of the Governor and a veto.

The screenshot directly above shows you how it was voted on. Those who said YEA need their offices and social media FLOODED and TODAY. As in THIS MORNING. We are the world of smart phones so use your little smart phone and look up their information and get busy. Here is the AP press release that contains a lot of salient information:

Senate GOP Advances Constitutional Amendment on Abortion By Associated Press Wire Service Content • July 8, 2022, at 12:07 a.m.

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Republican state senators outvoted impassioned Democratic opposition late Thursday to advance a proposal to add language to the Pennsylvania Constitution stating explicitly that the document does not guarantee any rights relating to abortion or public funding of abortions.

The chamber’s Rules Committee teed up the package of proposed amendments that would also require voters to show ID at polling places and have gubernatorial candidates choose their own running mates. A vote of the full Senate could occur Friday.

The Democratic floor leader, Sen. Jay Costa of Allegheny County, said he saw the abortion bill as “designed to prevent abortions in this commonwealth” while the sponsor, Republican Sen. Judy Ward of Blair, said it would simply give the Legislature power to determine abortion law.

The proposal was tacked onto a package of constitutional amendments in a bill the state House approved in December. Other amendments would let lawmakers disapprove regulations without facing a governor’s veto and have the General Assembly set up a system for the auditor general to conduct election audits.

“Our Abortion Control Act will still remain in place,” said Ward, an abortion rights opponent. “And this constitutional amendment will just go to the people and it allows us in the Legislature the ability to set these rules and laws concerning abortion in this commonwealth.”

Sen. Katie Muth, D-Montgomery, vowed that “women and their allies will not stand for this. This is a ban on our rights.”

“I don’t need a single person in this room to tell me what to do with my body,” Muth said. “I don’t.”

…The bill is in its first two-year session so must be advertised three months ahead of the Nov. 8 election if the Republican majority wants to get it to voters during the 2023-24 session that starts in January.

So if you are beyond child bearing age and have daughters, sons or grandchildren you had better school them today on safe sex and get them familiar with birth control and more because who knows how long they will even have access to that if this goes through.

If any women I know are upset by my post, hey get over yourselves because regardless if you are pro-life or pro-choice this affects women’s rights because no matter what the choice, a woman should have the right to decide what is right for her body, her life, her family.

It is astounding that we just celebrated the national holiday which is all about our freedoms and our rights, and here we are on the verge of losing them in a state that counts as a birthplace of America?

A lot of this can be laid at the feet of a female Pennsyltucky Republican named Kim Ward. Her phone number in Greensburg is (724)-600-7002 or (717) 787-6063. Be sure to give her a call.

If you want to understand how elections will have consequences, this is it. So guess what? You might have to hold your nose on voting for a couple of choices but if you don’t vote these people out of office this coming November we’re all screwed and future generations are screwed.

Do not let Pennsylvania Republicans screw with our state constitution to remove rights. It’s pretty much that simple. If our founding fathers fought, blood, and died for us to have rights, who are these turds to remove our rights? They do NOT have that right.

Get busy ladies and supportive gents, time is a wasting. #mybodymychoice

Call, write, protest, mail metal coat hangers by the bag full to Harrisburg.

I am not chattel. No woman is chattel. Enough political fuckery.

If all of our rights are not protected equally under the rule of law, we fundamentally have no rights. It’s just that simple.

PA SB 106

PA SB 956