stolen horse alert! have you seen caz?

IMG_20131113_182052This comes to me from a friend in neighboring Berks County.  A horse was stolen out of a barn where people she knows keep horses and has asked people to spread the word.  The two photos were accompanied by this information:

Hanoverian Stallion Black  16.3 hands taken from 19 Featherhill Road in Lenhartsville on 11/13/2013 between 10 and 3p.m 

Caz has a full white blaze one white right sock and one  left white sock.

Any information regarding this contact Trooper Beck at the Hamburg State Police Barracks located on Industrial Blvd  Hamburg Pa   610-562-6885

We do believe that the owner of the property one Mervin Z Martin  alias Martin Mervin  whom owns Martins Harness in Ephrata  whom currently is in  Berks County Prison regarding this issue knows where the horse is as do those whom worked with him to participate in the theft of Caz .

Any and all information is greatly appreciated.  

There is a court docket. (MDJReport MZM) .

This is just weird. And awful.  Anyway, if you have seen this horse which apparently the owner has raised from a foal and is heartbroken, please call police as per information provided. Apparently this gent is no stranger to court system given what the court summary says?

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  1. The owner is Dawn Coffey whom manages the barn and lives on the property. FYI I didn’t think you were firing it out that fast and my horse is also boarded there

  2. Hello, one year ago when buying a Hanoverian gelding I stumbled on a PA Hanoverian with same name & bloodlines but different age as the horse I bought. I kept the advertisement. As part of confirmation of my horse’s identity and transfer of ownership we did forensic DNA and obtained signed affadavits. But all 3 horses are remarkably similar. That horse was named Denato sold by Triad Farms in PA – advertised as a DeNiro son. Just sharing in case its relevant.

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