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Has anyone else noticed that now it doesn’t seem to matter if you put yourself on do not call lists or not?

I get a huge amount of unsolicited telemarketing calls even though I am registered on and Pennsylvania’s do not call list. It is truly annoying at times that the calls persist even if we take the time to register on state and federal do not call lists.

A lot of the calls are with prerecorded messages you can’t get off your phone line once you answer the phone. Other calls are what some people call “India calls”, because they are originating from call centers in India and other and the Philippines and other quasi Third World countries.

I am not trying to slam Third World countries, but I’m tired of the calls aren’t you? And these telemarketers are among the rudest when you ask them to put your number on their do not call list.

From weird credit card solicitations to today’s solicitation which is supposedly senior citizen discount grocery cards or somesuch nonsense, it seems that putting your phone number on do not call lists doesn’t matter.

Last time I checked into Pennsylvania’s do not call list on the state website, I believe they now said they only updated their files quarterly. I have no idea what the national do not call list does. I just wish if they were going to put effort into having a do not call list that it actually meant something.

Today’s caller amused me because it was a 917 area code yet they called themselves “neighbor”. Today’s caller irritated me because it’s a repeat caller.

2 thoughts on “not my neighbor

  1. I bought a newer Panasonic land line that blocks 250 numbers. I get as many nuisance, spam, spoof calls as anybody else, and there is a measure of gratification in being able to block the calls.

    • LOVE that idea. gotta get one! the telemarketers on the cell phone are awful too, one at 3:27 a.m–immediately thought family emergency and was up from then on…

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