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So I decided to try a couple of new plants. A echinacea (cone flower) I had never tried before and hummingbird mint (agastache).

The echinacea is called “Merlot” and the agastache is called “summer glow”.

Both are supposed to clump and be fast growers and attract hummingbirds and butterflies. The agastache is supposed to be a terrific companion plant to Nepeta (cat mint), but since it’s a little crowded already where I have clumps of Nepeta, I decided to try these two newbies together in their own spot. They like similar light and so on, and the colors are complimentary.

Overall my garden is doing quite well this summer,with a few hiccups here and there. Right now my Black-eyed Susans and phlox are going aging busters and it has been an awesome year for zinnias!

My hydrangeas are kind of messed up after the brutal winter we had. Some are blooming, but some will not this year I think due to the beating some took with snow and ice.

It has been a great season for roses, but one rose bush got a wicked case of black spot and some kind of mite and dropped leaves like crazy. I cleaned up around the bush, gave it a bit of a prune and new leaves are sprouting.

One plant giving me worry is a new Japanese Maple. I think it is called “fire glow” but I can’t remember. It was going like gang busters and all of a sudden almost overnight it’s leaves all dried up. Not wilted, dried up. I am afraid I didn’t water it right because I do not believe I planted it too deep. I hope it makes it.

Anyway, that’s how my garden is growing. Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. I found that my hydrangeas that bloom on old wood did not do well this year. Few, small blossoms. New wood blossoms were great, Especially my Annabellas. Herb

    • My friend Teri’s Annabellas are blooming like crazy in her garden too! Mine did not bloom because I almost lost them in the ice, but have recovered nicely

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