nothing says history like a slots parlor in valley forge

George Washington played the one-armed bandit here? Ick on ick on ick.  In the shadow of some of our most important history on both a local and national scale, there is now one of those blasted “casinos.”   It opened on Saturday and we happened to be stuck in traffic next to it as the police (or was it state troopers?) directed traffic into the site.  Butt ugly about sums up the “architecture” , not that I expected anything less than atrocious adjacent to King of Prussia Mall.

I remember when King of Prussia and Valley Forge were a lot more farm and field than concrete and stucco ick.

So they are talking about all the jobs the casino has brought thus far- great if you are in a service/retail  industry  I suppose, but I still feel in the end this casino will end up being more Atlantic City and less Shangri-La or Nirvana.  It is only a matter of time before we hear stories of kids left in cars while parents gamble, etc. 

These casinos are proven to attract problems and gamblers alike.  What ultimate impact will that have on our region and Historic Valley Forge?  That remains to be seem.

I still think somewhere George Washington is rolling over in his grave.