consumer watch: a “real simple” rip-off at bed,bath, & beyond

A Real Simple RIP-OFF: Don’t buy the Real Simple slimline hangers on sale at Bed Bath & Beyond!

I have now bought two packs from two different Bed Bath & Beyond stores  and did not get complete hanger packs both times!   And hangers were broken!  I  do not have time to go back to the store and chase this so I get to eat a loss because their products are deficient. In my opinion, this product has problems because again, I purchased the slim line hangers from two different stores.

This second package I opened had not only broken hangers, but hangers that didn’t even have the metal hook part!  Save your money until either Bed Bath and Beyond takes hanger packs that are incomplete or partially broken off the shelves or until Real Simple puts their name on a better manufactured product.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford to just throw money away because it has a “Real Simple” on the label.