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Posted: Tue, Jul. 3, 2012, 7:28  PM

Eat locally: Farm fresh fruits and veggies from your own  ZIP code

By Carla J. Zambelli

Seasons evoke memories.  Summer evokes hot days and a slice of juicy  watermelon, slightly warm from being recently picked; juice trickling down your  chin from a local peach; mouth blue from blueberries; fresh picked tomatoes  waiting for a salad.  In addition to the many taste delights of fresh local  produce, many are finding plenty of other reasons to put locally grown produce  and other items on their tables.


The current economy is pushing people to look for alternatives to the  increasingly enormous supermarket chains. In addition, food that is locally  produced is not only fresher, but often less expensive because it doesn’t travel  great distances to get to market.


People are also growing increasingly aware of the effects of chemicals and  pesticides, which also causes people to seek alternative food sources. There is  something to be said for being able to check out who is producing the food you  put on your table.  Ever notice the increasing number of those little “Buy Fresh  Buy Local” bumper stickers? The website is a wonderful  way to do some exploring of all the varied local alternatives – it’s also not  just produce any more.


If you grow it yourself you can choose to be pesticide free, and many of  these farmers and producers at these local markets also strive to pay attention  to pesticides and chemicals, and in many cases are truly organic growers.  (Organic growers go through a certification process and you can learn more about  it and even find farms on


Many have also chosen to start growing their own food in addition to  patronizing local farms and markets.


Community gardens and local farm markets  are also community builders. These days, we often don’t have time for our  neighbors, and farmers’ markets and community gardens are old-fashioned  throwbacks to a simpler time. Given the popularity of markets and community  gardens, many people seem to like the healthier ways of eating and  socializing.

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