things that irritate on the highway…..

1.  Lonely billboards (just take ’em down)

2. Ignorant and offensive makes me ashamed to be a Republican billboard (and shame on Clear Channel!):

3. Wondering why Shane Victorino thinks this obnoxious billboard is a great way to say thanks. All it caused were distracted drivers because it was SO BRIGHT IN DAY LIGHT

4. Truck drivers that cut in SO close I almost see Jesus and not on a Sunday (Tipton Trucking is from Oxford, PA -smile you are on candid camera )

1 thought on “things that irritate on the highway…..

  1. While I agree with you that most billboards are unsightly these problems are small compared to the road hazards that one faces overseas.

    Typical speeds on highways, that are inferior to those at home, are quite high say 160Kph. That’s is 100Mph. Couple that with a TOTAL lack of lane discipline and ZERO turn signal use and you get a very high accident rate. At speeds in excess of 100Mph those accidents are usually fatality accidents. I see at least two of those per week.

    My point is that things can be worse.

    P.s. My statement about inferior roads dose not include the poor conditions of the roads in West Vincent Township, thanks to the Road Master and Graft Master in chief… Ken Miller.

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