really, tredyffrin?

Is this letter at bottom of post  a threat?

Here are the mainstream media reports that made people talk :

Tredyffrin zoning hearing board member not guilty after police are a no-show at her trial

Published: Sunday, August 26, 2012

Charges in Chesco dropped when officer fails to appear

Philadelphia Inquirer August 30, 2012

By Richard Ilgenfritz

Here are the posts which were probably the impetus of this letter below:

Police Department Provides Press Release re Clerical Error of Police Officers

9 thoughts on “really, tredyffrin?

  1. Sure it’s not West Vincent? FYI: Google Tacie’s Cafe and tea room, then Coventry Enterprises LLC. (we believe Clare Quinn is the new operator at the former Coventry Tea Room in South Coventry).

  2. Wow indeed. JDB is right on the money. These blogs are a haven for cowards, namely the anonymous posters and you bloggers who allow the postings without any verification.The National Enquirer has higher standards than chester county ramblings or community matters.

    • With all due respect , you can kiss my ass. I am entitled to my perspective and allowed your opinion to post. I am not hiding who I am, and I am also a writer. If you do not like this blog don’t read it

      • Really classy lady here. Thanks for the enticing offer, but I’ll pass. Your site is a forum for free speech, but you promote gossip, false accusations and idle speculation.

      • Everyone, meet Brian Holton. His e-mail is and his IP address shows as . Brian seems to have an issue with not only bloggers but women.

        My blog is not a site for “gossip”, idle speculation, or false accusations – I can direct you to such blogs if you would like. I am told you are a supporter or something of John DiBuonaventuro.

        Here’s the 411: I published your comments because you took the time to write. But have a care, Mr. Holton. You wouldn’t want the perception out there that you have *issues* with women and that is what is shaping up via your own words.

        I don’t live in Tredyffrin (thank God), so when you verbally harass me with your comments it may turn out differently if you persist. Find another sandbox to play in, you are not welcome here. And so we are clear, you are not welcome here not because you have a differing opinion but because you are rude and abusive.

    • Not only is this letter a by JBD a disgrace to good government by using the power of his office for a personal issue (where he defacto speaks for all other supervisors, the township manager, etc.), but JBD has also sworn an oath to support, obey and defend the Constitution.

      Anonymous blogging is a constitutional right and JBD could care less about his oath where he gave his word – which obviously has no honor.

      I blog under an anonymous name to make that very point, though everyone in my area (LM/Radnor) who reads the SAC blogs and MLMN knows exactly who I am.

      I speak up load and clear in LM and Radnor township meetings and will email commissioners at the drop of the hat with my actual name.

      Still, many people are understandably fearful of government and I respect their right to blog anonymously.

      The founders of this country also feared government – even the one they formed. That’s why they wrote under assumed names as they hashed out what type of government to form in newspapers in what became known as the Federalist Papers.

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