prayers for michelle

I have this amazing friend named Michelle (she is the blonde on the right in the photo contained within this post – the brunette on the left is my friend Sherry).  She is one of my heroes.  She lives every day with Multiple sclerosis. She doesn’t whine about it, she just lives and is truly amazing and inspirational a woman.  For those of you who read my breast cancer blog, I have written about Michelle before here and here. Michelle writes about her journey with MS on her blog ms social.

She told us recently that she was pregnant and all of her friends are so happy for her as she will be an amazing mom.

However, right now she is in Pennsylvania  Hospital with severe preeclampsia.  She is in-patient for the next several weeks.

She sent me a note that she gave me permission to share on my blog.  I will share a little bit with you:

It’s been a whirlwind few days. We went in for our regular midwife appointment tues morning, and my bp was 160+/90+. We were sent to penn hospital. Bp kept rising, and I lost count at where it ended up.  I’m admitted w /severe preeclampsia.  My immune system is rejecting the placenta.  The baby is ok. ….We just don’t know….As we wouldn’t really know if this was a “normal” pregnancy either. So I am being optimistic….Prayers welcome of course! Love u girls!

So this is an unusual post for this blog, but because this blog is so widely read, I am asking for prayers to be sent out into the universe for my friend and her baby.

Can you guys do that for me?  Again, Michelle is an amazing woman and a very loving friend.  And we all feel a bit helpless here and this is what we can do for her: send out positive thoughts, prayers, and wishes. So I hope you will join us.

Michelle Ma belle?  My money is on you.  Love ya!

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