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A word about blogging.  I have noticed some people take themselves waaaay too seriously about it.  A member of a group I am part of asked how many times a day people posted.  The answers went back and forth and back and forth. One person kind of put me off with a comment that they “have a business to run” so they only post in “x” manner.

Wow? Really? Does that mean my time is not valuable or I am a lousy blogger because I post when the spirit moves me?  Usually I post here or the breast cancer blog. Sometimes I still blog over at Save Ardmore Coalition.  But only when I feel I have something to say or add.

I think that is the best way to blog.  If you are a true writer and student of life, you will always find things to write about.  I think that keeps the content more real and readable too.   Blogs are ultimately the discretion of the writer/creator and if you are going to blog, in part you have to listen to your inner voice.

What moves you?

What inspires you?

What do you want to talk about?

Mind you I say this as someone who has been at this for years.  Maybe my way doesn’t work for others.  But it works for me,  and I have the readership and followers to prove it.

However, my last word is this:  I blog first and foremost for myself.  I do not ever blog to merely please an audience.  I appreciate my audience, do not misunderstand me, but writing is something I do indeed do for myself first, because much like photography it brings me pleasure and personal satisfaction.

Blogging is pretty mainstream now and quite individualistic I think.  I do not think there is a right way or a wrong way as long as you are being responsible.  Of course, depending upon the topic responsible is somewhat subjective, isn’t it? But that is a broader topic for another day.

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