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Keyport, NJ

Sandy destroyed so much.  She is like the Katrina of the Jersey shore.  I have a lot of friends in New Jersey, especially North Jersey.  One of my closest friends in the world just buried her mother and lives in Holmdel.  Her entire town is without power. I have friends in Hoboken, Long Branch (and communities around Long Branch), Summit,  Jersey City, you name it.

One of my friend’s daughter’s friends, a sweet girl named Brianna has sent me a couple of photos of Keyport, NJ.  Have you ever seen a boat on what appears to be a bridge of some sort?

Brianna texted to me “It’s been rough over here.  I know a lot of people in Keyport and 75% of them have lost their houses. It’s so sad.”

Very grown up and sobering words from a young girl who should be with her pals at a Saturday night football game or a dance or even hanging at the mall instead of watching devastation all around her.

If you want to help and give to the Red Cross text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10. Or Call 1-800-435-7669.

I am sure there are other groups you can donate to who will be sending aid to NJ, just make sure they are legitimate.  We all learned from Katrina that when disaster hits, the scam boogers do too.

I see the photos of Avalon, Cape May, Ocean City, and Stone Harbor where I spent a lot of time growing up. I cried like a baby when I saw my friend’s grandmother’s house on Chelsea Place in Ocean City weathered the storm without any noticible damage…and when I saw what the storm did to the road and bridge between Avalon and Stone Harbor.

We were so incredibly lucky by comparison.

To my Jersey girls (and guys), hang in.

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  1. So terrible! These images just shake me to the core. Our hearts and prayers go out to those who lost everything. Just donated to Red Cross – it felt great.

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