the funny thing about asking questions about horse rescue…

This is a happy horse I photographed this summer as it was playing with it's handler while getting a bath

This is a happy horse I photographed this summer as it was playing with it’s handler while getting a bath

……The funny thing is this….a lot of people are talking.  And yesterday I found a fresh ad on Craigslist dated 12/1/2012 so I tweeted it out at a couple folks on twitter to ask if THEY knew what was up and was there anything to this whole drama unfolding in Glenmoore. Funny thing is by this morning the ad had disappeared.

However, I found yet more ads today, dated 12/2/2012 and here is a screen shot:


So I am going to ask again if there is something to all of this? I do not know much about running ads on Craigslist other than whomever it is has a serious enough issue to keep doing this, so is this indeed a case of where there is smoke there is fire?

Is it time for people other than LAPS to not only do a throrough inspection of this place (or places because if it is a rescue there could be a couple locations where rescued critters are, right?) and check out where these horses are coming from, going to, vet records, reputation the vets checking these horse out, etc?? When horses are rescued and then adopted are their rules? Do they stay in Pennsylvania or do the go to lots of other places?

And since I can find no non-profit status on Off the Track Thoroughbred Rescue how do donations work?  I rode a little bit when I was young, and what I learned quickly is horses are expensive.  Proper care is expensive. So if this is an active rescue, how does it function?  Small animal rescues are expensive enough to maintain, so how does this work?  Do they use another non-profit as a pass through kind of arrangement on donations?

They seem to be linked with a horse rescue lady named  Barbara Luna   and a 501(c)(3) non profit called Turning for Home? Now Turning for Home is described on their own website thusly:

tfhTurning For Home

Developed by the PTHA in May, 2008, Turning For Home is Parx Racing’s retirement program for its Thoroughbred horses who can no longer race, due to injury or lack of ability. Our mission is to provide humane and dignified retirement for any horse stabled at Parx with a trainer based at the Bensalem track for at least six months of the year. To date, we have helped over 825 horses into new careers through rehabilitation (including veterinary care and even surgery), then careful adoption to approved-only homes.

So does this rescue pay other rescues to help them out? Do they support the smaller rescues financially ?

I am really trying to to be respectful of the owner of Off The Track Thoroughbred Rescue because she is a mom and apparently a cancer survivor too.  So Jessica Troxell Basciano, I don’t know you, am not buying or rescuing a horse, but I would like to know why someone is posting ads on Craigslist about your horse rescue? And is your rescue a non-profit or applied for non-profit?

Are people upset at your rescue unfairly or is there sometihng to this? If you are not a non-profit , what do you get out of this personally? Satisfaction of doing the right thing for at risk horses? A paycheck? The warm and fuzzy aroma of horses in a clean, hay filled barn?  What???

a happy and well fed and cared for barn cat loving life

a happy and well fed and cared for barn cat loving life

I am trying to be fair here, and I found her name on the Internet attached to the name of her rescue and whatever the other name she used to go under is.  She put herself out there publicly with the whole rescue mission.

If she is in over her head because face it, animal rescue is hard, hard, work, she knows she can go to the big ones for help, right?

Honestly, I am just a person that likes horses and believes in animal rescue.  If someone is taking the time to post on Craigslist again and again and again, is there something to all this?

I know from dog and cat rescues that one of the problems in PA is companion animals (which I would also consider horses to be) are property.  Like a sofa or lawn mower, or as a dog rescue pal once said “an ear of corn”.  And the thing I do know about horses is they come with a heck of a lot more paperwork, so horse rescues have to keep meticulous records or should, right?  I also know that horses have to be transported with care, they aren’t like a dog or cat r rabbit that can go in a travel crate in the back of a car exactly are they?

People are very leery of what happens to horses when tracks and big stables, etc are tired of them.  See this article on the Humane Society Website from this past June.  Also check out this post on Throughbred Confidential, and the following links from the New York Times.  The New York Times seems to write a fair bit about horses….

Rescuing Horses as Industry Bides Its Time


Published: November 1, 2012

….Instead, Jones will make and take dozens of phone calls from like-minded thoroughbred advocates on the lookout for former racehorses that have landed at auctions and are en route to slaughterhouses in Canada and Mexico. When they are found, she will call their breeders or former owners in the hope they will send a trailer or some money to help find the horses a safe home.

Some have been horrified to learn of their horses’ fate and have helped immediately. But many more, Jones said, have declined to help at all.

Just two weeks ago, eight horses were discovered in a kill pen in Ohio. One of them had raced 12 days earlier at nearby Thistledown, and another had earned more than $217,000 in his career. Jones mobilized a rescue through her Facebook page…..Slow or injured horses do not stay on an owner’s balance sheet for long, and only a handful of horses possess the rare combination of regal bloodlines and proven talent to assure a career after racing. In 2011, for example, 1,861 stallions covered 35,391 mares in North America.

So where do the other former racehorses go?

Hard numbers are elusive, but 138,000 horses were sent to Canada or Mexico in 2010 to be turned into meat for Europe and other parts of the world, according to a Government Accountability Office report.

Advocacy groups say up to 10 percent may be thoroughbreds.

Bronx Rallies to Save Mysterious Horse Left in a Condemned Stable


Published: September 20, 2012

It has been the Bronx’s own heart-tugging Black Beauty story: a lonely horse desperately in need of rescue.

So began the campaign to save Rusty the horse.

That effort reached a peak on Thursday when a state legislator and more than three dozen residents and animal lovers rallied in front of the run-down stable on Pelham Parkway South. As the news cameras rolled, they waved signs emblazoned with slogans like “Stop Horsin’ Around, Save Rusty.”

But from inside the stable, where the horse remained, there came not so much as a neigh for its own cause.

Four police officers stood guard during the rally to deter anyone from approaching the stable to peek inside.

Rusty is a mystery to even those who want nothing more than to save it. The residents and animal activists at the rally did not know its age, whether it was male or female, or how it came to be living in the stable, which has no posted name but was once known as Bronxbuster.

Even the horse’s name is a question mark — Rusty is a nickname bestowed by neighborhood children because the animal has a reddish-brown coat and “lives in a rusty stall,” said State Senator Jeffrey D. Klein, who has emerged as one of the horse’s most vocal advocates.

BreakdownDeath and disarray at America’s racetracks

Big Purses, Sore Horses, and Death

Large payouts to owners make it profitable for owners to field thoroughbreds that are past their prime, sometimes with fatal results.


Published: April 30, 2012    254 Comments

As he trained for his first race, at Aqueduct Racetrack in Queens, the 3-year-old thoroughbred Wes Vegas galloped on the track most mornings and had two timed workouts. But his handlers also prepared him in another way: In the month before the race, records show, he received 10 intravenous injections of potent drugs for pain, one the day before he ran; two injections of a drug for joint disease; corticosteroid injections in his two front ankles; a sedative; and an ulcer drug.

For all the preparation, that first race, on March 3, turned out to be his last.

As he approached the first turn, Wes Vegas broke a leg and had to be euthanized.

A week earlier, another horse, the 4-year-old Coronado Heights, who records show had “early degenerative joint disease,” suffered a fatal breakdown at Aqueduct after receiving 13 injections for pain and cartilage damage in the month before his race.

Since a casino opened at Aqueduct late last year, offering vastly richer prizes, 30 horses have died racing there, a 100 percent increase in the fatality rate over the same period the previous year. Like Wes Vegas and Coronado Heights, many had been injected repeatedly with pain medication in the weeks before their breakdowns, according to a review of veterinary records by The New York Times.

(Read the entire article HERE – they do talk about PA. And read the comments)

Is it getting so bad for these magnificant creatures that every time we see a horse transporter we have to wonder if those are horses going home or off to become dog food or people food in other countries?

I am also interested in horse rescues that people love.  Like Last Chance Ranch in Quakertown, PA.

I think horses are a victim of this current economy just like people and abandoned dogs and cats.

nonprofit or not?

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  1. As long as there is a market for horse meat (and there is) this will always be a problem. There is a time and place for slaughter, but it must be a humane path — that is not the case. Go to New Holland any given Monday and follow one of these trailers to the slaughter houses. Now there’s a story waiting to written.

  2. Please email me your phone number and I will call you to set up a time to talk. You are MORE than welcome to come by my farm at 261 Fairview Rd. anytime and see the horses and I can answer any questions you may have. Hope to hear from you soon, Jessica

    • So Jessica are you are saying you will let anyone who is interested inspect the farm you have in Glenmoore and anywhere else you may have horses elsewhere? The thing I know about rescue of smaller animals, is that there are often animals offsite what is known as the main site due to space constraints or a need for special fostering. Pardon me for sounding a little suspicious, but if you have nothing to hide, and you have put this rescue out on the Internet why not just answer all the questions in the comment? You could also leave me your phone number to call you. Thanks for replying

      • Anyone can come to my farm, anyone can see my bank statements, anyone can ask me anything. I have nothing to hide and have done nothing wrong. I love what I do and have helped many horses. This family is bitter bc I told their daughter she could no longer be part of my rescue as she was doing thing that I do not agree with and do not want around my children. They are the ones that keep posting all of the Craigslist ads. You can be skeptical, I get it. But why is it that the people who actually do the wrong thing are not questioned but the people who do the right thing and give up everything to help these creatures are put under the spotlight. Why is it that these days being a good person is a bad thing. My phone number is 610-220-7718

      • So you’re saying that just one person who doesn’t like you is doing all of this? I am skeptical because it seems a little extreme. Because there’s also the other comments I found on that horse bulletin boards site I don’t know what else to call it. So you’re saying you have every medical record and every bit of paper for every horse you have ever rescued? Are you a nonprofit status in any form? Are you paying for everything yourself or are people giving you feed and whatnot for these horses? I know from dog rescue how expensive this gets , so I imagine when you supersize it to a horse all these things are really pricey. Jessica as a blogger I tend to try to put my information out there. So I am very glad that you’re commenting and becoming part of the record. It does help. So you are also telling me that there are no problems at all? And what about that rescue you were involved with before this rescue? Are they one in the same? Now one of the things I heard about in your favor is you work with kids on this stuff. Where do the kids come from? Are you using at use risk kids that say might have community service to work off? I know people in nonprofits to do that, they give these kids a second chance and they get credit for it.

        Thanks again for your reply

      • I will answer all of these questions on the phone, I have a barn and household to run and can not sit here answering all of your questions. Again, I will answer them over the phone so call me at 610-220-7718 if you want answers.

      • LOL Jessica that is rather funny and I don’t think you realize it! Do you presume that I sit home all day blogging and knitting socks?

        Again I appreciate your taking the time to put your comments on the record, although I must admit it may leave me with more questions now than I had before.

        Have a great day!

  3. I can tell you it is not just one person who has had negative experiences with this rescue. She can be referring to any of a number of people. Thank you for asking these questions in this forum. Often you feel isolated in your experience and when you find that there are people from all over Chester County in the same shoes it helps you to realize it’s not just me!

  4. Please ask Jessica about Oxford Farms, where she gives her horses to 2 young woman there to be sold! I have one of those horses! He was sold off of Craigslist for a low amount, which is a flag to kill buyers! Ask her how he got there, when he was at her rescue!

    • Lisa – get a life! You are just a drama queen and you all just kill what good there is being done with these horses. I am sorry, Lisa, but you just spread bad karma on the farm and we’re all glad you’re gone. And, Lisa, have you ever met a KB? I have. Have you ever taken a horse/pony directly off a KB’s truck? LOL – YOU haven’t! But, I have! Have you paid the bail on any of those horses you have? NOPE! But, I HAVE!

      As Jessica says, “But why is it that the people who actually do the wrong thing are not questioned but the people who do the right thing and give up everything to help these creatures are put under the spotlight.” The direction of this blog string is SAD – why is there not a focus to outlaw our horses from being transported outside our borders for slaughter? Why are these barns allowed to over breed to a such a point that so many horses/ponies are going to slaughter – why do I constantly see the rescues being slammed (Before you start, I get that there are many scams out there – WOW! Shocking! There’s scams everywhere! – Do your homework before you spout off!)

      Is the writer of this blog just bored enough to slander someone’s name and reputation, but too busy to actually GO DOWN TO THE FARM? I think so. I think you should have taken Jessica up on her offer to visit before you wrote your next line about the subject – that’s what writers do – RESEARCH!!! and, not from your computer chair!

      Unfortunately, there are too many negative Internet trolls out there and have nothing better to do than drag other peoples’ names and reputations through the mud.

      WELL, I’VE HAD ENOUGH! Get your facts straight before you go spouting off – And, Lisa – have a nice life.

      • Yo Alice/,

        My patience is wearing on the horse crazy of it all. I suggest you dial it back a notch. You ask Jessica how patient I have been with all this . I have slandered NO one, I found ads on Craigslist and started asking questions.

        As a matter of fact ask Jessica about the comments of hers I HAVE NOT published as of yet. Your comments might actually make me reconsider THAT.

        You want to leave a comment, fine. But here is the 411: you are not going to threaten me or anyone else, capice?

        What I am told is horse rescue is a dirty business.

        Have a nice day

  5. A friend contacted me when she saw this blog posting, as we adopted a horse through Jessica’s rescue. I felt the need to respond, as the negativity regarding this wonderful rescue has spiraled out of control. I have only had a positive experience with Jessica and Off The Track Thoroughbred Rescue. I have followed the rescue after my adoption, and know other individuals who have adopted horses through her as well. My heart is breaking, as I see all the good work Jessica has done to promote a healthy, safe, and positive environment for these horses, and in finding a loving family after the track. Jessica has followed our adoption, and continues to keep in touch. She truly cares about each and every horse that spends time in her care at the rescue. It sickens me to read all of these accusations. I am disappointed in the negativity on this blog, and expect you will contact Jessica personally as she requested.

    • Anonymous aka ip address (or may I call you Christine?) Are you threatening me or am I merely misunderstanding you? I merely asked questions and posted what I found ON THE INTERNET. How is that negative other than you do not like it? I have made every effort to be very balanced with what I did not know before I asked my questions was a VERY hot topic. How the heck was I, someone not riding or involved in the horse world supposed to know this was so hot a topic?

      I have not “attacked” Jessica, I have asked questions and I have also asked her questions. I have had a very positive dialogue with her via comments thus far. I welcome comments on both sides of this issue, and if you had a positive experience, I am REALLY and TRULY glad to hear this as this is about the animals. It might be my first rodeo when it comes to asking questions about a horse rescue, but it is not my first rodeo when it comes to animal rescue. I am happy to post comments about people who have had positive experiences. It shows both sides of an issue, it is how positive discussion comes about.

      Where I am concerned is all I did was ask a few questions as bloggers are wont to do for something I stumbled upon and it is like this whirling manure tsunami has erupted and no one can tell me why? If you are happy with this rescue, and are a horse person is it possible they might need some extra help?

  6. I think it is disingenious for Jessica to say it is simply sour grapes from one family. I too have dealt with Jessica Basciano.
    This is my story:
    In August of 2011 we met Jessica at her barn in Glenmore. My autistic child had saved up enough money to purchase a horse and Jessica had one listed on DreamHorse. The barn was filled with children and chaos. Three horses we saw looked extremly ill and she explained that she had just rescued them. My child fell in love with a horse that rode, walk, trot, canter around the ring with no issues at all. We gave Jessica a $500.00 “donation” and picked up my daughters horse the next day. We bought a tent to sleep next to her horse in the round pen that night. We were told to take our time introducing him to other horses. The next morning it was obvious the horse had a serious issue as he was dragging his foot behind him. After much back and forth between myself and Jessica she finally agreed to take him back and have her vet look at him. She wrote me a check and took the horse. The next morning she stopped payment on that check. We had this horse in our possession for less than 24 hours. She stole $500.00 from a handicapped child. Worse than that, she endangered the life of my child. She has no remorse or regret. She has used her children and the children who hang out at her barn as protection. She is manipulative and dishonest. Being a mother, a cancer survivor and a horse rescuer doesn’t make one a saint. Nor does it excuse the horrific things she has done to children and horses alike. I have personally contacted Barb Luna at the racetrack and she was as unconcerned as Jessica. This lead me to believe this is bigger than a rouge horse rescue. The horse I purchased from Jessica Basciano is named “Making Tracks” and sold fro $300,000 as a yearling. I am pretty certain his owners never expected him to end up as a pawn in shady horse trafficing. I gave up on ever seeing my daughters money but, I will never give up on trying to put a stop to this “horse rescue”.

  7. @ Carol, you have lied about Making Tacks for the past year. Your husband knows the truth as does the vet. I have all the records and texts between us. Your story changes every time you tell it too.
    I am not the one who brought up that I am a mother and cancer survivor so I certainly don’t think that makes me a saint. What I do know is that all of you are sitting behind your computers instead of helping the horses.
    I am done with all of this. If you are out to help the animals, horses, dogs, cats whatever then do it. I do a good thing, the people who have problems with me are people that I did not approve for adoption or I found the horses in poor condition. I then take them back and get them healthy. Do any of you do that??? Don’t think so. Keep on typing while I go find another horse a loving home.

    • Jessica, My husband does know the truth as do your bank and mine. I chose to move on and not pursue the issue because I thought perhaps you were in finacial trouble and that was why you stole from my child. I have not now nor have I ever lied regarding what you did. My question to you is does YOUR husband know the truth? Is he aware of the late night visits to Laskos farm and all the horses there that are not being cared for properly? Is he aware of all that you are involved in? Is he fooled by your self-delusions? I have the cancelled check Jess as well as a copy of your texts to me…do you still think it’s wise to call ME a liar? I have proof of your dishonesty. Do you have proof of mine?

  8. Ok people, I am stepping back to ask that everyone post responsibly as this is a heated topic. As a cancer survivor, I really would prefer to leave that whole discussion out of this topic as it has no relevance to horse rescue. Surviving any kind of cancer is a really big deal and we will leave it at that.

    I am almost sorry I asked the questions about the Craigslist ads. I had no idea this was so heated.

    Jessica do you need help? If you need help, feel free to post what you need. That way people know.

    I will also not take being threatetned in any way lightly. Just putting that out there generally, not aimed at anyone in particular.


  9. I would like to ask Jessica why she allowed an injured horse to ship over 1000 miles without any shipping protection on his legs? She says she is all for the horses, but I witnessed a horse, by the name of Wildcat Lake, ship out at midnight, from Oxford Farms, without any shipping protection.

    A horse with injured legs being shipped so far without any support for those injured legs. No horseman or woman with any common sense would have done that! In fact a horse with no injuries wouldn’t have been shipped like that so far way! He was shipped from Oxford to Oklahoma! Wildcat Lake is one of Jessica’s rescues that ended up on Oxford Farms.

    I called Barbara Luna of Turning for Home Rescue who gives Jessica these horses and voiced my concerns! Barbara told me Jessica was not to be giving these young woman at Oxford Farms any of these horses! They are suppose to be cared for by Jessica and adopted out by Jessica! i was also told by Barbara Luna that the reason that Wildcat Lake was even there was because Jessica was hiding this horse from “some people.”

    After voicing my concerns I received a Facebook message from Jessica and what I got was the most immature babble I have come across! I will send you this conversation and you can post it for the whole world to see, as I have saved it! Instead of handling it in a mature matter, that most people who are responsible for a business or rescue would do, I was called a liar and basically a bad mother! I would love to know what my so called bad “mothering” has to do with this horse shipping like he did? Also why ship him so far? Couldn’t a more local adoption taken place?

    • Again, Lisa, get a life! That horse Wildcat Lake was NOT injured (how would you know anyway???) and was fine to travel, per a VET! Why do you continue to smear others’ names and reputations? IS NEWARK THAT BORING?

      • I was once told there is nothing sadder in life than a person who is 100% convinced and only 10% correct. I would hope that a young woman under the age of 30 would have enough common sense to check the obvious. If several well respected horse women with YEARS of experience are telling you there is a stench associated with doing business with a certain farm…perhaps they have some insight you are lacking. A word to the wise….bringing a water pistol to a gun fight is counter productive. You are in over your head.

      • Wildcat was recovery from a bowed tendon that was healed. He had all the proper rest/recovery needed per several vets. He had finished up his pasture rest. I have vet records I will gladly show anyone. and no Lisa I could care less about your taking a stand in court it was about the farm manager and owner nothing about me other than be filmed feeding my horses. I wasn’t even there so whatever 🙂 my last post I’m.done. also homy reputation already be smeared when I keep to myself? I don’t flip horses or anything they are all with me except for wildcat who like I said before was adopted out. Last post I’m busy I actually take care of my horses, have a family and work full tome.eep smashing me on blogs Idc likebi said anyone can come see the horses 🙂 I’ve had several visitors come over the.months and come.spoil the horses 🙂

  10. According to Jessica, everyone is lying. She is such a great person because she “saves” all of these poor horses, i.e. collects a check of $2000 per horse, kicks the horse in a stall/field no matter the severity of injury, doesn’t touch the horse until she has an interested ‘buyer’, then if all goes as planned with the naive soul of usually a young rider, proceeds to sell the horse for another ridiculous amount of $$ while making it out to be as though the horse is sound and has been in training. Not to mention, in most cases, she does not even give any papers, therefore can come back and take the horse after it is sound and cared for, to then resell again. Furthermore, a large amount of the horses she has taken in are killed due to the fact that Jessica does not have the space or money to properly rehabilitate them (aka they need time before being ridden, i.e. won’t sell quick enough).

    Jessica is such a wonderful person, that in fact, she does nothing for these horses whatsoever, but sits on her plump ass teaching her children (who are so protected from the awful monstrosities of life) that everything she does is the “right thing to do”. Therefore, the other poor minors who act as slaves to her little grimy operation, are the characters who ‘care’ for and ‘train’ the horses. Thus meaning, the ‘rescue’ is run by a bunch of 17 year old goons, while Jessica pockets check after check.

    • Ok “Resolution”, easy now. How do you know what she gets paid? Is there proof of that? I ask because I do not know and have not seen anything like that on the Internet. I do not know how rescues that are not non profits get paid in fact, so it would be helpful if someone could explain, ok? Is it like being a foster parent and people taking care of rescued horses looking for forever homes get “X” amount of dollars towards care? And what do you mean 17 year old goons? Are things happening to people that the police should know about? And I would ask again that her children and things like that be kept out of it.

      • Why is it that a positive comment that was meant to be private isn’t yet this person can hide behind the blog. Coward. If you know so much and know me so well then say who you are.

      • “Positive comment that was meant to be private isn’t” ??

        Jessica, I have no idea what you are referring to as I was not asked to make any comments on this thread private, nor would I necesarily do so. I understand your knickers are in a twist and you are feeling attacked but I have been blogging for a long time and a lot of times people choose a semi anonymous handle because they are afraid. Do people have a reason to be afraid? If they do not, you will find they come forward. I applaud the fact that you are standing up in your own name, but the reality is not everyone will do that. Sorry.

  11. Why would you give the IP address for Chrisitne who wanted to stay anonymous on this blog and not put the IP Address of “Resolution” on there. I think that it’s only fair.

  12. Sometimes you have to ask yourself if you are not distorting the truth to fit your own Self- aggrandizement

    I’m going to dissect this law and make sure you are punished to the fullest extent, because you are a “Criminal”!
    !! Knowingly and intentionally selling a lame horse is against the law in Pennsylvania and you’ve sold so many, I know in the excess of 5 people who have come forward!!!

    • I just want to be repaid all of my investment w/this individual and be done. She is mickey and her first concern is profit not the horses. She has sold lame horses all over the east coast. Aiken, SC is one buyer, another is in Wheaton, Va. The state of NY a resident sued her in small claims court and she gave back half the money!!! I believe her family now rents that ratty farm out to the OTTB in Glenmore for their overflow. Atleast they did in the past. Horse Sellers are a different breed!!!

      • Id also like to get from OTTB a copy of their Non profit designation as I made a contribution and never recv. my receipt for such. Regardless of the amount!!!

    • Well, she buys them all out of NEW HOLLAND SALES on Monday and puts them on the web the next day

    • I want to Thank you for posting this. It is not a decision I came by easily. There are a lot of horse people in Chester County that are incredible!!! They put forth the interest of their horse above all else. My issue is not with this type of individual. My concern is with the alledged individuals whom say they have the horses best interest, and yet their motives are purely profit driven. I personally witnessed an individual alter coggins report dates. I have spoken with individuals whom were sold lame horses for profit. This is criminal, period end of story!!! Some were actually put in the hospital w/cracked ribs. They were all off the track TB’s. Not necessarily from your story. But the 2 individuals have a history together. And you know the old saying, lay with dogs you come up w/flee’s. Well, the flee’s seem to all stay together. Im also aware thta these individuals have been shunned by the local horse community and can only survive on out of towners and unsuspecting 1st time horse owners. It’s very frustrating to sit back and watch these individuals get away with paying no taxes both on a state and federal level. Half these farms are not insured properly, and are not equipped to train or instruct new and unsuspecting students. Their stories are based on Fiction!!! And if they were ever brought ot court for criminal activity Im certain justice would be served. In the meantime, the horses suffer.

  14. Hey Jessica, why don’t you stop worrying about an IP address since you’re so busy running a barn and household and just answer these questions. No answers will state the obvious.
    -Per Carol’s post from earlier today, does your husband know the truth?
    -Weren’t you evicted by the daughter of the so called bitter family because you were in default of a contract for non-payment among other reasons?
    -Weren’t you also evicted by the other farm in Phoenixville shortly after that which you also leased for non-payment as well?
    -Did you not have on your website that you were a non-profit organization for a very long period of time AND collect money from people under that premise when in fact your organization has never been non-profit ???
    -If the answer to the previous question is yes, isn’t that criminal??
    -Did you not in fact take that down only after people caught on to it and someone apparently advised you that you better do so?? hmmmm, wonder who that could have been (your boss perhaps)???
    -Who is your boss???
    -Why don’t you answer that earlier question about Oxford Farms and your affiliation and explain how so-called rescue horses end up there to be SOLD on Craigs list???? Isn’t this supposed to be all about ‘adoptions’ to good homes????
    -Is Oxford Farms an APPROVED rescue facility??
    -How do you sleep at night knowing what you did to that poor autistic child??
    -Did you really stop payment on that check AND take the horse back too???
    -So is it true that Barb Luna apparently knows and is also aware of the wonderful facilities at Oxford Farms and has approved this facility since she knew of wildcat being there??
    -Finally, why does it seem there’s so many different people reporting similar things, they apparently can’t all be crazy.
    Hey Frank, good luck on getting that receipt. She posted anyone could come to her farm and see her books, I’m sure it’s in there just make an appointment.

  15. I am confused. If Jessica is NOT running a non profit rescue…did we ‘BUY” a horse from her? I have papers stating my childs $500.00 was a “donation” to her non profit rescue. I would like the horse I bought returned to me. My daughter never intended to just give Jessica her birthday money with nothing in return. She gave her $500 for a horse. Where is her horse Jessica?

    • Hi Carol. I can’t answer the question about the nonprofit status. I can tell you I searched the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s searchable charitable database and came up empty. However, in all fairness, not everything shows up on that database. Especially if someone is applying to be a nonprofit and is in the application process. With some nonprofits I have also seen while they are applying for their own status a sort of pass through relationship. Aren’t the people who provide the horses to this rescue a nonprofit through the racetracks? Would they have your donation? Did you get a receipt for your donation? Was it a cash transaction or did you pay by credit card or check? There could be a simple explanation for all of this, but it is up to the rescue owner to tell you what that is.

      • Perhaps there is a simple legal answer to this but, for the life of me, no answer will ever satisfy my need to know how a mother could do this to a child. My understanding from Jessica was she recieved this horse from another rescue. It appears that it’s quite common for injured, “unsellable” horses to pass from one “rescuer” to another. I tried to get answers from Barb Lunas organization to no avail. I have a receipt as well as the stopped check. It was a cash transaction and the reciept shows the money to be a ‘donation’ and non refundable. I am, a year later, still waiting on Jessica to explain how she took a donation for a non profit that wasn’t and isn’t legal then took the horse back and kept the money. Does the application process take years? Is it even possible to GET non profit status if you’re in the middle of civil and criminal court cases over your involvment with horses? If in fact anyone with simple typing skills can get non profit status for a ‘horse rescue’ that would explain why people like Jessica Basciano go into this ‘rescue’ business……racket. Just one womans opinion.

      • Carol, I can’t answer your questions, but I can tell you the Commonwealth of PA has a big old part of their website devoted to chaities and non profits.

        It is called the Bureau of Charitable Organizations – some info is below, or you can just call them up and ask them your questions: 207 N. Office Building
        Harrisburg, PA 17120
        P: (717) 783-1720
        P: (800) 732-0999
        F: (717) 783-6014


        Registration Information for Charitable Organizations

        The Solicitation of Funds for Charitable Purposes Act, 10 P.S. Section 162.1 et seq ., requires all organizations soliciting funds for a charitable purpose to register with the Department of State’s Bureau of Charitable Organizations before they solicit contributions in Pennsylvania unless they are specifically excluded or exempt from the Act.

        The Act also requires solicitors to register prior to soliciting for charitable organizations in Pennsylvania, and fundraising counsels to register prior to providing services related to solicitations in Pennsylvania.

        A “solicitation” is any direct or indirect request for a contribution where a representation is made that the contribution will be used for a charitable purpose. It includes, among other things, oral requests made in person, by telephone, radio, television, or other communication media; written requests; and sales of advertising space, chances, food, magazines, tickets, or other items of value.

        A “contribution” is any promise, grant, or pledge of money, property, or other item in response to a solicitation, including the promise to pay for a performance, event, good or service.

        Charities OnLine Database:
        * 10,135 charities and 504 professional solicitors and counsels
        are currently registered with the Bureau.

        Registration Forms and Information


        Within the Bureau of Charitable Organizations is the Division of Investigations and Division of Audits. These divisions were created under the powers granted to the Secretary, who has the authority to investigate violations of the Solicitation of Funds for Charitable Purposes Act, 10 P.S. § 162.1 et seq.

        Citizens who have complaints concerning solicitations by charitable organizations, solicitors or fundraising counsels are urged to contact the Division of Investigations/Audits:

        By Phone
        1-800-732-0999 (within PA)
        717-787-0700 (outside PA)
        or In Writing
        Division of Investigations/Audits
        North Office Building
        401 North Street, Room 212
        Harrisburg, PA 17120

        The Bureau is prohibited from releasing any information regarding any complaints it may have received or any investigations it may be conducting, except as provided by law.

      • So looking at the state’s site she’s only registered as a fictitious name. This means that:
        1. Off Track Throughbred Rescue is a fictitious name for Jesscia.
        2. The IRS and state should double check that she’s reporting all the funds she received as personal income.

  16. Where’s Jessica??? No answers to my questions??
    In your words, ‘It’s ok, No need to. Knew you wouldn’t’
    so now I guess everyone can conclude for themselves what the true answers to each one of those questions are.

    • Funny if I remember correctly she jumped right on the ban wagon when the other Chester county girl was in trouble but that’s obviously to cover up some problems of her own! I quote she stated something like we saw her in a tack shop my daughters pointed her out and said their that murder well I’m thinking in the end Jessica might be standing right next to her! Jessica is already being investigated by the same officer the other woman was investigated by. Next funny thing she has a paint horse online that for a lot of money and I remember just last yr pictures of him rearing bucking and flipping over but now he is kid safe and could actually bring a kid up in the show world hmmm I don’t think so he may make the child end up in the ER but that’s about it! This lady is a fake she has been stealing everyone’s money because she is not a reg no profit organization plus collecting 2000 a horse hmmm she probably has made 100k just this year can’t wait till her children find out the really truth about their own mother! Guess karmas a bitch

  17. Think we hit a nerve ?? Seems fraud has been.committed due to the fact in the Commonwealth she or anyone cannot solicit for non.profit funds without a 501C3. Applied status remains seen as documented above we cannot locate that she in fact did Apply–but we have documented proof that she took & cashed a check ear marked “donation”

    Also TFH prohibits horses on craigslist- then there is gross paperwork errors – if one even.gets paperwork- then the lies……. …

  18. I would like to say that I believe most horse rescues are doing a fantastic job with saving horses! I would also like to point out that with such a shaky economy, most legit rescues don’t adopt horses out that fast and have had some for years waiting for the right home.

    It just seems that Jessica and her Oxford crew seem to be able to adopt horses out rather quickly, something I questioned from the get go! Horses are not a dog or cat, but a very large and expensive animal to keep!

    So how come other rescues aren’t doing as much adopting as Jessica. Every time you look she has adopted out 3 or 4 of them!

    I’ll tell you why, because they weren’t really adopted, but sent to Oxford to these 2 girls that sell them for dirt cheap or give them away! I do question if these horses have ended up in good homes! I’m wondering if they are to ever be seen again? I’m wondering if they didn’t end up in an auction house to end up being shipped to Mexico or Canada by kill buyers? I’m wondering if they didn’t end up going to someone with hounds to be shot and then carved up for food for dogs, never to be seen again!

    Barbara Luna has said, that she knows where every horse is that has come through Turning for Home. When I emailed her in late September, she had not a clue that I had my two and asked me who I got them from. So I am wondering how many more she doesn’t know where they have landed?

    So I will end it with this, prove it! Barbara Luna and Jessica Basciano, prove you know where all these horses are! How about names, addresses, pictures and right to come and see the type of homes these horses have landed in? If you have nothing to hide then this shouldn’t be a problem!

  19. A few things are quite evident to me.
    1. Jessica is a liar and in desperate need of mental health intervention.
    2. Barb Luna IS aware there is a problem. Perhaps she has been advised by her attorney to not get involved in trying to settle this whole thing with us ‘lay people’.
    3. Jessica is a mother.

    I too am a mother as are many of the others who are posting. As much as I want to see Jess put out of business, I am having a hard time with bashing her in this manner because her children could possible see this. I am asking that we all step back and give thought to what we are doing here. Not for her sake but for the sake of her children. Lets give them the respect she chose not to give our own children. I have done all I can and will do to futher this cause via the internet. From now on I will deal directly with the fraud unit. They have copies of my paperwork and are going to pursue legal action. As I have suggested before, please feel free to email Mr. U your story and paperwork. He is interested.

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  21. as one of the “young girls in oxford” you seem to have me confused. I adopted out wildcat through Jessica’s rescue. An application was filled out, references, vet references etc where checked. I was told by vet and shipper not to wrap his legs. He was ready to be started lightly under saddle. I’ve been working closely with my vet on him. I have never sold or given away a horse on craugslist. The other two I got from Jessica are staying with me forever. You need to get your facts straight before you go smearing other people’s names. I simply took in three horses from Jessica. All my horses are on strict vetting and farriwe schedules. Utd on everything etc. I privately rescue horses and don’t ask for donations. I suggest you stop smearing my name. How about you come down and fork out some money or help me care for them if you think you are better than everyone? Like I said get your facts straight before you bash people. you are trying to ruin a good persons reputation.I’m my seven years of horses I’ve only sold 3 horses and adopted one out. I am supposed to be rehabbing/training but end up keeping horses. I currently have five horses and two ponies all rescues. so again why are you smashing me??? Your twice my age? Where do you find time for all this?? This will be only time answering to this gossip. Just because I took horses in from Jessica doesn’t mean I am selling horses dirt cheap on craugslist or whatever you are accusing her off. You can ask anyone who has asked to buy a horse off me I will tell them every little detail about a horse!!!! I have vet records etc. Idk why I am botherig responding to this bs but get your facts straight!!!!

    • Dear christina/ /,

      Who are you talking to and who are you threatening? If it is me I suggest you have a care. I wrote about this because of ads I saw on craigslist, not because of an overwhelming desire to own a horse.

      I wrote about this topic, I have moved onto other topics and for a topic that is purportedly such a “non-issue” it seems to be a problem. I don’t even know that I am familiar with Wildcat, unless it was a horse talked about in the nine thousand comments on these posts.

      If you took in horses on the up and up, have all the records, have those coggins things people talk about and so on and so forth you are good, so why respond to anyone anywhere in a threatening matter?

      I have been patient with people on both sides of this issue and have tried to be fair to whomever this Jessica is. As a matter of fact at her plea, I did not post some comments she left when obviously upset.

      • I am not threatening anything I’m trying to post my story. I’m getting thrown into this drama when all I did was take in three horses from her. All my horses are utd I pay for everything. I’m being made to look like a bad person because I took horses from her. In the end ots the horses who suffer. I don’t know the drama or what’s goog on with off the track rescue. And no my posting was to Lisa dimayo who is bashing me all over the internet. It was no way threatenigg anyone I’m saying Lisa can feel free to help me care for all the horses or pay some bills if she feels she can do better. I do this all privately on myoown time and with my own money. I don’t see why Lisa dimayo feels the need to throw me in with this. I am not affiliated with off the track other than like I said I took in three horses one of which was adopted out to a home wtth a contract and a proper application procedure the other two are with me. so where she gets this that I am taking horses from this rescue and selling them dirt cheap or giving them away is beyond me? Could you clarify where you get your information Lisa? I’d appreciate you to stop bashing my name all over the internet thanks

      • I am sorry chestercountyramblings I don’t do blogs I was simply sent this link. I guess it sounded as though I was talking to you but my postings are toward Lisa

      • Dear Chestercountyramblings,

        These ladies are in a snitch, because I took the stand in court yesterday and that is all that this is about. As for me smearing their reputation, from what I have heard through the grapevine, it was smeared long before I ever came into the picture.

        As for “Alice”, don’t presume to know me. You don’t know what I have done in past years nor do you know what I will do in the future. If you did you would know that I just help bail a horse on EOTL last night! So I think you really need to think and get your facts straight before speaking!

        I will say for Christina that at least she has the guts to use her own name, unlike “Alice”, who could be “Alice in Wonderland”, for all we know. And Christina, how did I know the horse was injured? You posted it on your postings that he was. As for the vet that okay’d him to ship without wraps whose the vet, because I want to make sure I never go to him/her!

        I think these two “ladies” doth protest too much!

      • I think it very funny that never once did I mention these girls names, until my next to last post. So smearing their names all over the internet? How so? Never once did I give their names and I still haven’t said the other girl’s name, who I believe is the mysterious, angry “Alice”.

        Funny how everything was very quiet, until today. The day after the court appearance…hmm. As I said. They protest too much!

  22. Actually Lisa i could care less about these postings. Wildcat and this blog have nothing to do with me other then speculation which i’m not going to waste my time over. So please i didn’t even know this blog existed until today nor would i have posted had you not inferred i was Alice. Which by the way i’m not. I wasn’t angry yesterday and i’m not angry today. Honestly i could care less. I know i’ve done nothing wrong nor did yesterday have anything to do with me. Have a great evening 🙂

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  24. Where’s Jessica ?? In response to Jessica’s comment dated 12/3, seems to me a ‘Coward’ is one who apparently posts things to various people than begs that each one of them not disclose that information to anyone else simply so that you can try to manipulate your tangled web of lies and still remain anonymous. So sad…. Still so many questions that were never answered and as we all know will NEVER be answered. Hey Frank, have you got your non-profit donation receipts yet? Almost that time of year to file your taxes so you will be needing those. Hey, anyone have any idea how that horse Wildcat is doing? Still very interesting that horse was found a home which just happens to be more then 1300 miles from PA.

    • No, I have not received a receipt for my donation. While it was only a $100.00, there was a commitment for the same monthly donation on an ongoing basis.
      I stopped when I didnt receive the 1st tax deduction form.

  25. Wow, …all I can say after reading this as well as the string of comments is “Wow.” I am an animal lover, horse nut and big proponent of adoption and this breaks my heart to think that there is something fishy going on with this “rescue” group. I really hope that this is not the case, but after reading all of these heartbreaking stories by people apparently scammed by Off the Track/Turning for Home makes me think otherwise. How someone can pose to be a non-profit rescue group if they really aren’t operating as one is beyond me…which is sounding like the case since donors/adopters are apparently not given tax deduction forms or adoption paperwork.

    Ultimately for me, it comes down to the horses. Maybe this “rescue” group was started with the best intentions, but got too much to handle? I’d like to think at least that their intentions were not malicious. After all of the horror stories I’ve heard about some horse “rescue” groups being a front for horse trafficking for meat, I’m really disgusted and HOPING that this is not happening here in my own back yard!

    Also the sad thing is, if this really is an elaborate scam for profit by the owners/operators, they’re not only hurting horses, they’re hurting families, too. I hope karma catches up quickly.

  26. Honestly I think you should leave Jessica alone as in you know nothing about her or her business. Stop asking questions because know one cares about what you think. I have personally adopted “2” horses from Jess where I got to ride and view both the facilities where she keeps the horses. She is doing nothing wrong by helping to rescue horses that have know where to go. I’m sorry but what do you do again? Probably just blog about other peoples lives because yours is so boring. Just so you know the track gives her anywhere from 1000 to 2500 depending on the horses injuries and needs and the money runs out quickly and once its all gone all the money comes out of her pocket so please get your facts straight before assuming things.

    • Hey there Katie ( IP:,

      I am *THRILLED* you adopted two horses without issue (as in the right tattoos, those coggins things, health records, etc). Thank you for confirming the money she recieves from that Barbara woman at Turning for home and since you know so much is that for each horse that comes in?

      Just so we are clear, are you threatening me, or are you just ignorant? Because last time I checked the First Amendment afforded me the opportunity to have an opinion in this country among other things. And so you are correct on your gross assumptions, this all statrted because of ads someone else left on Craigslist. So you viewed both Glenmoore and Oxford? That is terrific!

      My life is far from boring, but oh I so appreciate your concern.

      And here is a little helpful 411: if Jessica is so strapped for cash and has to pay out of pocket, even more reason for her to become a non-profit, yes? Because non-profits can apply for grants, right?

      Thanks for stopping by!

      • Thats perfectly fine that you ask questions or whatever your doing but u dont have to harass and write 5 blogs on someone. SOMEONE ELSE obviously left it on craigslist and it should stay on craigslist this doesnt need to be drug out. She doesnt get the money from Barbara they used to be partners and now they split up she gets the money from the track. Honestly if your that worried about it why dont you get important people involved instead of just writing it over this website.

      • Dear Katie,

        I must have missed something. Who is being harassed except me by you? I have asked questions, brought forward things I have found that are PUBLICLY available on the Internet. I am not the originator as this stuff is already out there or are you not understanding that?

        So you are saying if someone sees weird posts on Craigslist they should never, ever say anything? Interesting.

        You refer to “Barbara” ? Is that Barbara Luna who runs the nonprofit for the racetrack? So you are saying that this woman doesn’t just do stuff for Turning for Home she was partners with this Jessica? Is that what you are saying? Because the money that is supposed to come for the rescue horses doesn’t come straight from the track it comes thru the non profit the track started isn’t it?

        What important people are you referring to? The media already lurking and taking in every comment you leave? Or someone else?

        And might I add that you seem remarkably well versed for someone who merely adopted a couple of horses from off the track, so are you in fact someone who has a role with them?

        Your comments seem to raise more questions and isn’t that interesting?

    • I have read this entire blog and I have yet to see anything untoward or unfair coming from the blogger. When several people file lawsuits and several others claim to have had less than stellar dealings with a particular “rescue” I would think any and ALL horse lovers would appreciate someone asking questions. Sadly, I personally know a lot about Jess and her “business”. That is exactly what it is for her, a business. The fact that she is dishonest, doesn’t follow the rules and takes advantage of people is bad enough. The fact that she steals from children and has zero concern for the welfare of the horses is simply tragic. I am happy for you that your adoptions have worked out so well. If you could please share with the rest of us how to get our coggins and vet records it would be much appreciated. There are at least 4 families trying desperatley to get paperwork on horses they have adopted from Jess. I have 2 horses that I love dearly and I know how exspensive they can be. Perhaps you can also explain how the girls who, by their own admission, work for Jessica out of Laskos farm in Oxford can afford to keep more than 12 horses? Unless the Oxford school district suddenly started paying bus drivers a six figure salary, they are either getting money from Jess or worse, not caring for these horses properly. If this isn’t enough to make you want to ask questions consider this:…..Jessicas carefully build house of cards has been built on the backs of teens and young adults. There are no recognized horse owners, barns, trainers or adults to “help” her with her rescue.

      • Jess has been very willing to do anything for my horses and help me out with anything my gelding got very sick over the summer and she was able to help me out with previous sicknesses and injuries shes just been very honest with me I dont know about any of the Oxford farms sorry but if you know what track the horses came from most likely the track will be willing to give you the vet records most of the time she doesnt have that on hand. As for the teens and young adults that work for her they volunteer and help out because they truly care about the well being of the OTTBs and honestly I know their not older or wise but they do know what their doing and they do have experience with riding and taking care of the horses. Jess tries really hard and tries to keep her business running.

      • So Katie

        for any animal rescue, copious records are supposed to be kept on everything- animals, vet records, donations, foster situations, adoption applications and approvals.

        For most animal rescues home visits are conducted in order for an animal to go for a forever home. references are also checked. Horses are large and expensive animals and horse people tell me that they also are supposed to have identifying tattoos and these things called coggins.

        You keep referring to this off the track place as a “business” not a rescue and why is that? Is it just a business or is it a rescue?

        Also you seem to know a lot about the owner of this rescue/business so are you being sent here to speak for her at her request?

      • Carol can you please get your story straight before you start rambling off facts you know nothing about. I helped Jessica place horses over the summer each placed with the exception of Lisa’s horses(who Jessica was personally supposed to handle) on a no auction/slaughter contract. All are in great homes and i keep track of them! I don’t know where you get your numbers but both Christina and I work hard and take very good care of our horses. I have 4 horses of my own(no more, no less) and none of which came from Jessica’s rescue. They are all well cared for, well fed, and get visits from the vet and farrier regularly. I am not associated with Christina nor have i been we are merely friends who rent facilities at the same property. Jessica had no tie to the “Oxford” farm other then through myself and that was only because I rent there and like i’d stated I helped her place a few horses. It was my way of trying to help horses that i love deeply since i own 2 OTTBs myself. I felt by helping her i was giving back. I never took a dime from Jessica and everything i did was out of my own pocket. Just because you feel you’ve been wronged by Jessica you have no right or need to drag anyone else down with her. I have been riding horses for over 20 years, as well as holding positions in the Equine Profession before having kids and changing jobs. Just because you don’t know someone doesn’t make them a bad person and if you really had all of these “assumptions” why couldn’t you ask someone first. Maybe someone who actually knows something not just follows along and repeats things they don’t know as a fact just merely hearsay.

      • Hey Heather, how many horses does Jessica have in rescue now? That always seems to be contentious in these comments, so it would be *nice* if someone could set the record straight, ok? how many rescue horses are on Fairview in Glenmoore, how many are on Lasko Farm in Oxford, and are any being fostered for Jessica elsewhere and if so how many places and how many for what grand total? I would really like to know because there seems to be so much back and forth on that alone. that and how the horses are paid for and supported? And if there is no non profit and people give in donations are you all counting that as income or what?

      • So you are the person renting the field behind Christina? Well, nice to finally meet you, Heather. I didn’t realize you were also involved in this ordeal. 🙂 Funny how many people are crawling out of the wood work now. Of the several horses in the field that you claim to rent… you say 4 belong to you..the rest are what…… strays? You, Christina, Alice…whomever have all ousted yourselfs. I have never once spoken anyones name other than Jessicas. As far as Jessicas ‘tie in’ to Laskos farm…well there IS a paper trail…an adoption trial and a photo trail that says otherwise.
        If you and Christina are friends…care to tell the world what happened to Lucy? How many horses did you move this morning before deciding to claim innocence? As far as how well your horses are cared for….I can only go by what I see with my own eyes, Heather. I happen to be well versed in what I can and can not legally say Heather, so be fair warned, before you choose to come out swinging make sure you have your legal boundaries in the forethought of your mind. My facts, my story and my covictions are all based in reality. Yours appear to come from pure emotion. A trait that seems quite common in Jessicas ‘friends’.

      • As far as numbers on her farm i have no idea. I haven’t inquired about what she has or how many. On the oxford farm there are no horses fostered or owned by jessica/off the track thoroughbred rescue. I do believe Christina has 2 she adopted herself and i have none. Honestly I don’t know much about jessica’s rescue on the inside. I just knew the arrangement we had and that was it. I never inquired about how she managed to afford everything on her end. That wasn’t really any of my business. I was solely to work with and place horses in good homes with a contract. I wish i could help and clear everything up. Jessica is a good person and really truly does mean well. She also works really hard. That much i can tell you from working with her.

      • Carol. Really? The response isn’t emotionally driven at all? your making alot of accusations on little knowledge. As i stated i OWN 4 horses. 2 OTTBs(one of which i got off the track 6 years ago and the other 1 1/2 years ago, both from their trainers directly), an appaloosa, and a Shetland pony. The facility is a boarding facility so that should answer your other question. Not sure when the last time you visited was but the property is private and it’s clearly posted. If you have visited then you would know my horses are in great shape!

        As for how many horses iv’e moved this morning before claiming my innocence…None. My trailers in storage and hasn’t been moved in about 2 months. You can have what ever “adoption trail and photo trail” you want but it’s all pretty much going to line up with what i’m saying about the happenings in oxford. I also don’t run on pure emotion, there’s no need for it. I haven’t gotten nasty or snappy(though i’m sure you’ve read it that way, I really haven’t). Unfortunantly when you right people get to take things their own way and don’t always read it the way it’s intended. I’m merely trying to inform you but you seem close minded and set in your theories. I know all to well that no matter what i say your going to believe what you want wither it’s true or not. If i had something to hide would i be posting or hiding?

      • Oh boy…so you have never adopted a horse from Jessica? Wow! Then she is lying about you too! Does this one woman known no limits at all?? And after you were so kind to help her with placing a few of her horses! I wonder if she is blaming you for Mula as well??? Maybe you should check into that!

  27. Hey Heather? The openess or lack thereof, of my mind is not an issue. Honesty and an ability to prove what one is saying is paramount to this discussion. I have not nor will I ever say anything I can not prove. Keep that in mind.

  28. Interesting post Heather, I could swear I saw your trailer that used to have temp paper plate from DE parked right down by your field, it is the one by the pond, right?, one month ago, not two. If you, in fact, only have four horses, why are there more than four in your “field” as of this am? If taking care of them, feeding, vetting, watering, farriering, how in the world do you do that when you only show up to the farm a couple times a week? Also, if you live in PA, why temp plates from DE? Are you following another’s lead and plating your vehicles and trailers out of the State in which you live? Last time I looked, the “No Trespassing” signs on the property had been removed, so therefore no longer considered private.

    • @carol: can you please email me. I would actually like to talk to you.

      @cb: my trailers temporary tags were from de because thats where i bought the trailer. Dealer gave me t-tags so i could get it home and have the trailer transferred and get pa tags. it has pa tags and inspection so since you,know so much why didn’t you know this? It’s had pa plates.since oct. As for never.being there thats such.a lie. I’m there every morning and in the afternoon. If i can’t make it for some reason i make sure someone is there to take care of my horses.

      • Sorry Heather. Must not have been your trailer I saw in photos moving horses in November if in storage. When I was out there in September you certainly had more than 4 horses in your field. Strays, as Carol posted? Heard you brought in 4 more horses in December. If, in fact, you are not in the business of selling adopted horses, why was I given photos of you transacting business in loading horses, handing off papers, and sending innocent “buyers” on their way. Might I remind you, misrepresentation and sale or “giving away” as you state, unsound horses is a crime. CB

    • CB. I did move a horse in November but umm… November was 2 months ago. In September i did have 7 horses but September and January are not the same months. I also thought as of yesterday AM you had a count on my horses? Hearing something and seeing/knowing something are two different things. I parted with 3 horses in the middle of September but after that no horse that is owned by myself has left the property. I didin’t say i never owned more then 4 i simply stated at this time i have four horses. Just because you hear i brought in 4 more do you have proof? Were you there to witness it? Do you know for a fact those are my horses?

      I clearly stated i adopted out horses. Last time i checked when you adopt out horses you fill out paperwork?! So wouldn’t you be verifying what i’m claiming if you have pictures of me loading horses and filling out paperwork? Some horses did require a small adoption fee(less than $300) but 95% were Free to Good homes. Misreprentation and sale of unsound horses is a crime but giving away an unsound horse with full disclosure of problems is not illegal and only 1 horse out of the ones i placed had to be given to a good home due to soundness issues. The others a good home was the only concern. I payed everything out of my own pocket for those horses and never asked for a penny, just a loving home. I was more then honest on everything i knew about each horse.

      • Heather, was informed today Lucy and Squeeky both missing. Could you verify their placements? Paperwork handed off could be bill of sale, and not the passing off of vet records and adoption papers. Been contacted by many of your “adopters” and it appears they are missing written disclosures and adoption paperwork. Would appreciate your explanation. If you were merely acting as an intermediary for Jessica Basciano, then did she provide new adopters with records, adoption papers, and disclosures after you “gave” them away? Just trying to sort out the facts. Funny thing, I was delivered photos today of quite more than 4 horses in your field. Are you subleasing? Again, just trying to sort facts. CB

    • Well that’s pretty funny. Lucy was standing in christina’s field as of yesterday morning munching happily on hay and Squeaky isn’t even a horse involved with jessica and he’s still standing in my field. I actually posted a picture of him on FB yesterday. So if he’s not there how could i take a picture of him yesterday morning? So i’m not sure who your “informant” is but apparently they don’t have any clue. As for the pictures i’d love to see them and i’m pretty sure the PA state police would as well. The property is posted and it’s clearly hung on every single telephone lining the property. There are also several no trespassing signs but apparently you’re a little blind. How reliable is your information if the person is breaking the law to get it?

      I’ve already stated the horses i adopted out went with paperwork. I have it to prove it. Jessica was to have a few individuals fill out paperwork and weither she did or not isn’t my problem that would be on her.

      As far as the number of horses in my field. It’s honestly none of your business. If they were all skeletons then i could see why you’d be making a fuss but all the horses are of a great weight, have food, water and farrier care. Maybe you should use your time for something more helpful like someone who is actually starving/not caring for their animals.

      I no longer have anything to do with jessica nor do i plan on parting with any horses in the future. The horses i have are personal horses and they are all in a permanent home. I’m pretty much done on here. I liked that the blogger is open minded and asks the questions that are going to get her the answers. You just keep asking the same questions over and over after already giving you the answer. I’ve already stated i can back up paperwork on the horses i was supposed to deliver it on. As for the horses Jessica was responsible for getting paperwork to the adopters i can’t do anything about if she didn’t. I did my part and i’ve been more then patient to answer your questions but i have 4 horses that require my attention as well as 2 children and a husband and they are much more important then continuing to play your games about information you don’t have a clue about. Once again i say make sure you have the true facts before you start making assumptions just because someone says something doesn’t make it true. 🙂

  29. I am replying to Heather and her recent Facebook postings accusing me of things I have not done!

    First of all, you are foolish to think that in this small area of horse people that you and I do not have mutual friends in the Facebook community. One which has passed on to me about the accusations involving my name!

    Second to the statement that only I and Christina knew about Squeeky, you yourself made a post a while back about him eating your aunt’s fence and barn and that you would never lease another horse again! You posted that on Facebook, where anyone could have seen it! In fact it was the young girl you were complaining about that you had at one time riding your horses who brought up Squeeky’s name on your post. Remember that? I think you better go back and get your own facts straight before accusing people publicly on your Facebook page!

    I do not care what you have or have not in your all fields. I have moved on to other things in life then what you bunch are doing!

    I have always posted with my name! I do not feel I need to use an alias, as I know what I have asked are valid questions which I am still waiting for answers on! I know what I know and have documentation to back it up, no need for me to not use my name. So you see you are all barking up the wrong tree.

    So to quote you Heather,
    “Have a nice life!”

  30. It’s amazing how well Jessica and Barb have been able to distance themselves from this whole mess. With Barbs knowledge, Jessica sold my daughter a horse without disclosing his stiffle issues. When things began to heat up and I refused to just go away empty handed, she ‘gave’ that horse to a young woman a few doors down from her house in an effort to hide it. Her and Barb claimed the horse had been adoted out and had no issues at all. They lied. He has the same issues today that he had when we bought him. That is how Jessica has been able to slide under the radar and get away with these things. When things start to look bad, she off loads a horse or horses on these young women she uses. They think she walks on water because she trusts them and tells them they are doing a great service by caring for these horses. They don’t have the maturity yet to realize how they are being used so they come out swinging and they talk…..and talk….and talk. All over facebook, the internet and to anyone who will listen. It didn’t take too much to piece the entire thing together and I am happy to say that as of this weekend I have everything I need to procede legally and with the media. I have always used my real name. As Lisa said, no reason not to…I have nothing to hide. As for the family in Oxford…in the beginning I felt sorry for you Christina and Heather but then your lies became so evident it was impossible to NOT think of you as exactly what you betray yourselves to be……uneducated puppets being pulled here and there byJessica Basciano who thinks she is untouchable because you are her shield. When one chooses to use faulty protection….one ends up in trouble. You’re in trouble Jess. It was so easy to bait your ‘girls’ and then just watch them fall all over themselves.
    To those who are asking me to post pictures, I have decided not to diclose them until we get to court. This will be my last posting here as I have what I came to find. Be well.

    • Carol I am going to reply to your comment only because I think you need to grow up and let this go. You got who was “moose” over a year ago…you do not have a life and are just starting drama. I was there when you and your daughter came to find a horse. you do not have the maturity to pick a horse for your daughter. With her riding ability I would not put her on a thoroughbred. She should be on a child safe pony, you were looking for a cheap horse and it’s totally your fault for losing money. If you wrote donations that’s your fault. Act like an adult and take responsibility for your actions. I am only standing up for Jessica about this because I think you are wrong. She did not try to put this horse off on me and hide him. I picked him, I personally adopted him. He might have a few stifle issues but I do not blaim anyone except myself for getting him. again all of you grow up and leave this woman alone. You are too prideful to accept it’s your fault so you take people to court to put the blame on someone else. I do not want to be a part of any of this because you are all being childish and need to move on.

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  32. Boy! I read these blogs pretty much keep my mouth shut but this one really is rude. One if you are looking for a horse for a special needs child ( I have a brother that is) and being a good horse person someone should have spoken up and suggested a pony. I agree a tb might not be a good choice for first time horse person. I can only read on here and see what is written but if it was me I couldn’t sleep knowing I could have hurt this child putting her on a horse not suitable and also lame.

      • Well sorry so late but I was talking about the person posting this. You know you must be a really sorry person to be as mean as you were! I really wish I was there to see what is going on, anyone that would sell a horse that should been put down pretty well sucks! Stifled no should not be a riding! Really?

  33. I have to say ” thank you” to Frank for posting about Shelley Heckles/Classic Bay Eventing /Hunt Hill Farm.. Shelley has been ripping people off for sometime now. Shelley’s “new trick” is buying draft crosses and pretending like she has foxhunted them for a year or two , when in fact, she has owned them for a week or two and does not have a membership with any hunt club. Not only is this “FRAUD” this could get someone seriously injured or killed. I hope justice is swift for her . I do, however think kharma is hot on her heels..

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