a blogger for barbara? neigh it isn’t so?

neighHow very amusing. Is this a blog created to deflect the questions this blog and readers of this blog have on horse rescue? Is this meant to deflect from Barbara Luna and Turning for Home being able to answer questions about how they dole out horses to Off the Track Thoroughbred Rescue and this rescue’s founder/owner Jessica Basciano? Lordy,  can it be said all it does is raise more questions about how this all works and more questions on the who and why of those Craig’s List ads that started all this curiousity locally in the first place? What’s that they say about horse manure?

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     So it had been brought to my attention, that there is a lot of debate going on right now in the horse rescue world. I’m personally an experienced horse owner, and I have taken interest in rescues before. However, there has been an increase in speculations about which horse rescue is doing what- or isn’t doing for that matter. Rescues such as Another Chance 4 Horses, South Jersey Thoroughbred Rescue, Turning For Home, and a variety of other horse rescues have been touched on within the past few months.

    Another Chance 4 Horses has been in the limelight for those who taken interest in rescuing horses from kill buyers at auctions. In Theory, their Broker Owned rescue program is all fine and dandy. Horses in the kill pen at auctions get saved, a horse becomes someone’s new pet, and no one has to worry…

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5 thoughts on “a blogger for barbara? neigh it isn’t so?

  1. At the end of the day only one real question remains. With the amount of money involved, who monitors Barb Luna and Turning For Home ? There is a plethora of evidence that she isn’ doing what she says with respect to the placement of these horses. So again I say, who is Barb’s boss?

  2. Good luck with faxing, emailing or calling for Michael Ballezzi! All you will get is a very angry phone call from Barbara Luna demanding to know what you want. If she doesn’t like what you say, then she simply hangs up on you.

  3. So TJ are you making a joke here? This is serious business. Not something to kid around about. Did you mean to say Ballezzi was Barb’s boss or boyfriend?? It is not possible to get to Bellezzi through PTHA. Barb Luna fields his calls and emails. Do they not sit on the same board? We are looking for the ACCOUNTABILITY person. Not one of Lunas cronies.

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