dolls…oh my

DSC_0009DSC_0027I am not a doll collector. I have a china doll my mother made for me when I was little which I kept and she lives in a box somewhere, but that is about it.

So my better half comes out of the basement today with a box of dolls. I swear you never know what lurks in basements or attics.  Anyway they belonged to my late DSC_0030mother in law.  Her parents had bought them on trips for her between 1933 and 1939.

Some of them are a little too bride of Chuckie for me.DSC_0007

If anyone out there recognizes any of the dolls , let me know.







3 thoughts on “dolls…oh my

  1. They are quite collectable and off of here we can.lead to reputable dealers. There is a huge market for the aunt Jamima dolls

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