slipping into uneven mediocrity

1Redhound Grille used to be one of our favorite  places to have dinner. From when it first opened on Paoli Pike until a few months ago it was always fairly flawless.

Not anymore. It’s like a hound that has lost its scent.

Once again this evening the service was awesome and the food was off. Things too salty, not cooked right. Just off.  At least this time we did not smell shellfish gone bad coming out of the kitchen.2

So I’m thinking they need to decide what they want to be when they grow up. Do they want to just be a local taproom, or do they want to be a restaurant? Or a hybrid combination of both?

It’s a little hard to tell.

And while they aren’t the most expensive place on the planet, they aren’t the cheapest, either.   And it is getting annoying going in and ordering dinner and it is too salty and not quite right.3

They advertise they do catering, but with a kitchen as currently uneven as theirs is, file under save your money.

Tonight they were rocking another odd fossil crowd with a band called Zoot Suit.  It was the second time we had the misfortune to be there when they were playing. They are as inconsistent a cover band as the food currently coming out of Redhound’s kitchen.  Zoot Suit has a following, which has now surprised me twice. But if you don’t like the band, you can always go see one of the band founders impersonate Ben Franklin – a freakish sort of sacrilege. But hey, cover band and cover historical figure impersonator…I guess it all makes a weird sort of sense.

Anyway, I liked it better when there were fewer theme nights (bingo, quizzo, karaoke) and they were just the Redhound: good food, good drink.

I don’t know why or where Redhound fell off the awesome train, but I wish they would get it back.   They just keep missing the mark.  And they truly have terrific staff and a great atmosphere.   That is what has kept us going back to give the kitchen another try.  But we’re not going again for a while.  It’s like throwing good money after bad.

4 thoughts on “slipping into uneven mediocrity

  1. I was floating around the internet and did a search for Redhound Grille and came upon your blog. Your disappointment in the establishment is confusing, your words contradictory. Shellfish gone bad? Really? The misfortune of being present when a specific band is charged with entertainment for the night yields the fact that you do not follow the FB page, web page, or chalkboard info that is readily available and current. Food not cooked well? Honestly? Did you finish yours? I have, gotta say it, never had neither poor service nor food which was over priced or tasted poorly, let alone too salty. Adding salt to the delicious fries makes them even better! I hear the train a comin’! Right on time at the Redhound Grille.

    • So you were floating around the Internet like a heat-seeking missile? i doubt you just stumbled upon this blog post. Someone sent you to write this comment as a rebuttal to my review, which is fine, I really don’t care. My opinion stands and I have dropped enough money in that place since it opened to be able to have this opinion.

      Until a few months ago it was one of our most favorite places to go for quick bite. And then it started to go downhill. And yes, the food has not been very good the past few times we have been there. As a matter fact it’s kind of been awful. But we kept going back because it was one of our favorite places and we kept saying “oh they are just having an off night.”

      And yes I’m one of those more recent visits we did smell bad shellfish coming out of the kitchen. There is nothing like that the odor of it.

      As for finishing the food they put out, truthfully even when the kitchen was good you couldn’t. The portions are very generously sized.

      There is a lid for every pot, and a restaurant for every person who wants to go out and spend money. But until they get the kitchen back under control I won’t be going back. And I am entitled to my opinion, even if you disagree with it.

      Thank you for flying with ChesterCountyRamblings

      • Yes, I found your blog after searching around. I was not sent to your blog, sorry. I was just surprised to read of your opinion about Redhound when each and every one of our visits have reflected fresh, abundant portions. Perhaps we only agree on the good service for now and you are entitled to your opinion.

      • Sorry your comments are a little too pointed, and too long to just have “stumbled upon this blog” as you claim. But in the end I don’t care. I write this blog because it’s what I want to do, not because I have to do it to please everyone. Please don’t act like you’re giving me permission to have an opinion that differs from yours, it’s a bit ludicrous- In truth I don’t even have to publish any of your comments if I choose not to.

        As for your comment about generous size portions, it doesn’t mean the food is perfect because the portions are generous. It just means they give you a lot of food.

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